How to Pick a Padlock?

What’s up everybody and welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority And today, we’re going to pick a lock, with these tools A bunch of picks And also I’m going to try to pick a lock with a bobby pin as well Let’s see if it’s going to work or not So how does the padlock actually work Look at all those pins over there and if we’re going to put the key in Boom You see all the pins have lined up. And if you turn it, now it’s opens. Simple Right? and we’re gonna take the key out, you see all those pins at a different level once again. Let me show you once again. When I put it in, you see all those pins are the same level again. Turn it, Boom. You see all the pins have lined up in there as well. These are the different type of tools you have I probably will be using this one for that lock, and just this one. First thing we’re going to do is grab this kind of tool and put it inside over here. I’ve actually never done this before so I’m learning with you. Then while i’m holding this sideways like that, and pushing the tension down, I got this kind of tool and what I’m going to do is just push on the first pin. You see all the way…
Then second pin.. You hear it click, then third pin. Then the first one once again. Something is missing, looks like. See it looks like all the pins have lined up. Why is it not opening. Lets figure this out. Oh Okay! All the way in and Boom! Whoa! This is actually so easy! This is awesome! You see it’s locked right now.
Let me try to use this kind of tool. Let me show you from far away. I’m just gonna stick it in like this, hold it down … And this one is supposed to just go like that, and go back and forth, back and forth. And Boom! Wow! This one is the easiest, you see the lock is open. This is so cool. Sometimes what happens is, you see this pin, has pushed up too much… And that will block it and you will not be able to open it. So what you’re supposed to do, is release it again and sometimes start over if you push too much. And Boom! This is so cool, this is so much fun. Okay, lets see how fast I am going to do this. Hold it like this and just push each pin out. Looks like they all line up except the first one. That’s it. They all line up. Now I have to go all the way to the front and pop it. Boom! Awesome! Love it! You see how it’s open now Now lets see if I can do same thing with bobby pins. I open this bobby pin up like this. I’m just going to stick it in and fold it just like this. Not too much. So what I’m trying to do is make it look like the exact same as this one And the other bobby pin, I just fold it in half. Once again, I’m just going to stick it this way. The way it’s supposed to open. And then I just gonna push it this way and try to push up all these little pins up You see it? I’m pushing it up. Here it goes Just one more over here. Do you see how they are all on the same level? Now I need to get this one and it should open. All the way in. Boom! And we open it with bobby pins! This is awesome! Did you see that? Okay lets try this again. I’ve got this bobby pin, just going to push it in through here and then we’re going to keep the tension. And this bobby pin. Boom. Goes to the top and then we just going to pull up all the pins. You see how some pins are too high? Just loosen the tension and they will fall down. That’s it. Now we gotta go all the way in and get the top one right here. Boom! And we open it with the bobby pins! Awesome! That’s so cool! The more you practice, the better you get! That’s all I gotta say.

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