How to Paint Realistic Fisherman on Red boat in the Beach using Acrylic

How to Paint Realistic Fisherman on Red boat in the Beach using Acrylic

hello everyone my name is John Magne Lisondra
and today I’m gonna teach you how to paint this Sunset seascape painting tutorial
with the fishermen and red boat it will not be easy for the beginners but I
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on the screen you can also see there the acrylic paints the colors the process and
in all other materials that we need for this tutorial
ok so today I’m gonna paint on a fisherman will be on the boat and
loading something and it will also again an afternoon scene and I have here a
bigger canvas now these are 40 by 50 centimeter I am not sure what will be
equivalent into inches but I think this is 16 by 20 or 24 inches canvas so let’s
repeat it will be a little challenge to arena because it will be big and it’s
big in I know that it takes me much more time compared to my other tutorials so
so if you are painting in this followed and doing and hope we can learn and you
can get something out of this okay so I’m gonna start now
ok so hopefully I can get more much fun faster and can finish it the same with
my small canvas so I’m gonna do the clip of sketching
first I ever go amber and white yeah why I’m adding white because I want it to be
lighter it will be better strong again so I have here I’m gonna do this the
rice on first so this would be the horizon it should be straight if you can
see me in the pen chimera my body or my my shoulder okay so here I’m gonna put there’s some
bugs here okay so I’m gonna put a boat here yeah but let us just do a little
sketching yeah
this is not a big boat everyone is not a big boat just a normal boat with the
fishermen here unloading something from the boat
okay and I’m gonna put some wave here like that I’m gonna put a little
reflection here some wave and I’m gonna put them the way will be a little huge
big so it’ll be a little challenging for me yeah I have know the sketch and I’m
going to stand off of course I also want to put something like a house here and
just a little far oh no no no house of the cliff and I’m
thinking to put my light coming from the right side here here I heard that about something like
house on this park lighthouse or some house here yeah
Philippine my plan just a small house and I’m not sure if gonna put some
cheese or maybe yeah okay so that will be my plan and I’m gonna start now so
everyone just sit in relax first we need to run by the way I’m
using a bigger brush is that number 11 or 12 sniper brush so I’ll be using some
blue and white okay so just blue and white yeah well they only could be a little lighter
yeah I’m not sure what I think allege a patroness but I think it takes months
much more time compared to my other tutorials I’m gonna do my best to make
it as fast as possible so here I’m gonna make the bottom light yeah just wait everyone yeah have you can still see I’m standing here
you can see my back I know so let’s bring it in so I wanted to be an afternoon scene so
on the bottom I’m gonna make this but um like an orange or yellowish so here I
have some red meat a little blue to make it purple and white beside more white yeah now this creative peace
I hope I’m not locking my weekend pass everyone I hope you can see everything and it’s still wet so it’s good to blame
I like painting a little bit and you should also play in it when it’s still
wet okay now I’m going to mix some orange so
make sure you clean your brush getting clink-clink anything we have some yellow
and red and white the tourist-oriented of course and it’s gonna put it here
yeah it’s less it’s more like flesh I’m a yellow and white and then all you have to do is just meet
the two colors so make sure that I’m is good that this part is still wet so that
we can meet those two colors Emporium port and everyone because if it’s dry it
will be a little hard you know I’m going to meet these two colors in the Papa but
you can also make like hello I’d wipe or see here I happily put blue because my
brushes I didn’t wash it well so you need to wash your brush well there I’m going to make it then we’ll make
sure that you are planing it will everyone that he cannot see some whites
background yeah I like this spending here it’s very
very smooth as you can see from orange to light yellow or something like that
but with the purple and a light blue here so that’s a very poor red blendings don’t anymore I will cover some more
summer parts here I put my orange yellow I’m gonna put
more orange here on the bottom yeah I like the bottom to be more orange
her darker horns yeah I like this and our light source will be on the right
side or something here so it will just show up in order let’s have something
back simpler it will just show up on our you know shadow so basically here I’m
going to put some shadow here yeah some casted shadow from this bowl yeah I
really like it so I think this will be a really beautiful painting I’m not sure
but I’ll do my best to make it really kit okay so we had nothing you have not
a sky so I’ll just let it wait with no just leave it dry for a little while
because I’m gonna do the ocean we need to clean our brush because it’s
important so that it won’t mix or interesting colors especially when
there’s a blue one yellow it will turn green so I have some glue and I’m gonna
put some red to make it purple okay so I have some light it’s too dark for me I’m gonna add some
white so we’re gonna be a little careful in
this part here because it should be straight it’s all right on everyone all
right so should be straight yeah we need to be careful in this part yeah so it should be straight and good
yeah so here’s a darker color purple but it should be blended everyone so that is
really rapid properly blended need to see make it clearer make it should make
sure that it’s properly and they don’t know okay yeah so I’m gonna I’m gonna
make sure that it’s straight I need to make sure I have enough left in the way
your eyes because this advantage of a bigger canvas that sorry to record you
smiling so it’s hard to finish faster Sonia venom tanco
I’m trying to I’m trying to picking some I’m struck so you can come in with over
to it well think about it get try yeah so I’m planning to make some abstract
painting in the future maybe this way okay there and then I’m gonna use some
pure blue here yeah this pure blue anyway now maybe a little purple so I’m
gonna use some red but it should be late there yeah I was
up so I really like this canvas is very
very smooth it’s bigger but it’s like the smoothness
of this one okay I’m gonna add some yellow to make some light winds yellow
and blue mix them it should be more blue everyone
yeah more blue yeah it should be lighter that’s so dark it’s okay if you cover some parts of
your skates I hope I’m not blocking your way Riven yeah yeah I split it with make it clean your
brush okay so I’m gonna use some raw umber red
and yellow yeah it’s brown I’m gonna need more
lumber and white and let’s make the Sun so I didn’t like it because it’s too
flash I’m gonna put more raw umber I want it to be dark because this listen
is wet so it should be dark so you should remember that everyone if the Sun
is wet it should be darker and try it son I mean that’s I’m white and it’s more a
zombie a lot more Gradius now you can lean it in the existing
light blue and here I’m gonna make it a little darker
it’s alright if I met blocking my way
your eyesight or something red and yellow I’m gonna make sure that I have a good
foundation so um by the way we are still doing the underpainting this is the
under painting which is figures putting some colors first some background colors
as we see it as we call it but later we’ll start adding some beautiful
details I’m gonna turn white and I’m to motor
cuz I’m gonna be in this part yeah make it a little wet everybody feelin Blaine
yeah also making adding some wet paint it helps in blending I’m gonna add a little white yeah and add more I’m gonna make sure
that there’s no white colors on it okay so here I’m gonna put also some
background on this eye down there I’m going to use some blue and remember all
right I’m gonna make it a little lighter so here I’ll be using this color
existing colors to make it a little lighter and this will be an island or something so I am using even lighter pronoun clock
because you have no blockers I wanted to be a little misty and if the object is
there also the perspective when an object becomes further it will become
later my blue angle number so do not use two dark colors everyone
and make it a little bluish when it comes to further objects like this one
like mountings make sure that’s a little bluish and like ER yeah okay we have no an island and on this
boat I’m gonna make it dark so I’ll just try to make some lumber so here is cats
so the vehicle dangerous and they’ll be using a smaller brush other try first is
number two brush the brush our mistakes can be I cannot be avoided
so it’s okay everyone who commits mistakes so it should be more here so everything so if I’m blocking the way for lamina yeah yeah very strange design the people okay yeah that’s my boy
and then I’m gonna put the fashion fishermen here but later little bit the
question because yeah okay I’m going to put first a cloud so I’m going to start
adding the clouds I’ll be using again the bigger brush it’s faster in so yeah I’m gonna put the big clouds
here it’ll be some cumulus clouds yeah I miss feeling like that so to be
communist are clouds here Camilo Nimba something like that because I want this
to be third this part and you can see Clarita the lighthouse in a small house
there something okay so I’ll be you’re seeing some low-end red more blue should
be purple and white mmm so really too late everyone I’m thinking what will be so maybe I’ll
just help the plan first here I think I’m gonna put something like this okay I’m gonna put some way so obviously first a little night there well yeah I’m thinking a little yeah I’m
planning yeah bottom big floppy love Sara yeah
I’m gonna put a little perspective on my clouds going to the faraway okay yeah I’m gonna put some perspective on this
one it’ll be floppy and dark yeah how did I Christina clouds I’m gonna put a little perspective yeah
so far okay so I’m using a big brush the because first I have make sure that the
farther it should be lighter yeah very can see perspective on the clouds I’m gonna put a little lighter here of
course I’m gonna put so so this one should be flat but more flat I have to blend a little more yeah I’m in the distance I’m going to
put some clouds there but I’ll be using a smaller personal which is the number 8
that brush it’s kinda dirty so I’ll be putting some distant orange clouds here
just a little so I’m gonna use this red yellow yeah it’ll be orange it’s too dark
oh I’m sorry I’m gonna put some weight there and yellow little dark yeah this is shall be some communist
clouds nice but because I’m gonna put that the farmer our daughter for sermon
there no but I’ll just put some light so I’m gonna put some more right here yeah and then yellow not just wipe it
yellow you can just mix scholars there so this is a distance for clouds so it
will be more light in color blending on the background yeah but sadly everyone I’m gonna put the
fishermen here so it will be covered a little bit the fishermen and other play
place for the fishermen but it’s okay it’s a little sacrifice for these clouds
but it’s beautiful the puffy clouds and it’s a little sacrifice for them yeah I
like that I’ll be adding some communist clouds understand it’ll be orange yeah I believe too much sunset but they
hate how many of the story else but I’d like to put clearly this kind of clouds
the grades for drama on my paintings yeah yeah okay yeah a little bit Scully it is
automatic okay so are you going also to put some orange under so lemme take some
orange yellow and red I’ll put it here I think that is too dark
I’m gonna put some weight money should be more veg yeah
but I just with us a little room I’m gonna put it here you can put it in the bottom but at the
edge it will make this fresh I’m gonna use some aggressive word instead all
brush so all the highlights would be on the
left on the right side I’m sorry I’m gonna put more white and yellow now they get to be more dramatic can Hey
I mean some white yellowish right here some highlights on this very near clouds
that are sad but sad to say I’m gonna cover some parts here so I’ll just put a
little later it’s a little more British well it’s
hard to blame it here there’s a little blame yeah yeah okay I had to make sure your benefits
good under school I’m gonna put lighter yeah I’m gonna plane everyone we just have to
blade it yeah so some parts cannot be hit by the
light so it should be remainder but a it’s also to put some bouncing lighten
up so I’m gonna put some white here like there Purple Heart is part so there’s a some diffuse reflection in
the back part of the clouds and it was done yeah and it’s a little Mike okay yeah okay so I need to make sure that it
looks good in the street okay so I think I’m done with the clouds of software for
me it looks good but if something else our mentor does justice I’m just happy
that it later on okay so I’m going to put some details on this part here for
them for this island I’ll be using a bigger brush to help some blue and red make some purple I’m gonna
put reporter ombre and make it a little lighter but you can use their so gonna put some
virus here yeah I think I’m gonna put some pine
trees it will not look oh my god this is bad my colors wrong
so at the bottom are blue yeah it should be like this okay this one is good just
put more blood white yeah now let’s put some wineries yeah yeah and you can also use the particle list the other brush hmm bristled brush can
use that also okay
yeah and I’m gonna put that I’m gonna use this in color is the light
blue is gray something like that I’m gonna put the lighthouse I’m gonna put
it here it should be longer blue-and-white blue-and-white I’m using
a smaller brush everyone yeah I’m going to make it a little
darker gee so very long night house I’m gonna put something up his laptop I’m square but he can use a smaller
brush if this is hard for us big brush okay put some details
okay there it is yep down tonight house and of course the house we’re gonna put
the house here it’ll just be a little house a little building next to the
lighthouse yeah I just have to take it back
but later less person highlight here some chimney okay there you go how can I delete it
dry first and gonna proceed on the sea on the ocean yeah I’ll make this ocean
rough so meaning I’m gonna put certain I’m gonna put a little crushing lips
okay so I think I’m gonna need to use a new brush now number eight flat brush so
here I have some white and mix it with the light burn purples so here yeah so I’ll just make it small
crashing waves yeah and it’s crossing here so I think this tutorial will take style
okay the dog is barking yeah so yeah like that and then I’m gonna propose awesome waves
and the distance yeah it’ll be perfect everyone okay and also here we don’t make it
straight and also some crossing whips here without crossing lips there I’m sorry for not going away I guess a little crossing waves here I know somebody stand here okay and then
we need also to put some little little little yellowish reflections on the
water so it’s really important everyone you always are orange reflection so
we’re going to use the white and orange yellow and red and the log in and white so here so here we also really put some
yellowish highlights so just a short small strokes that the father should be
smaller because I we need to put also the reflection from the yeah from the sky undisclosed or
something also here I just put a lift up yeah yeah just a little random little bit of
put some dr-dos there okay it’s a smoke you know so I’m gonna put some
reflection here first to hear some I’m darker purple red blue
red because important one to put some
reflection from this but it should be a little not so much right later those are the waves it will be yeah okay
oh yeah just a little but again holy yourselves photographs
for this one for a fine year Tito’s that is hard to you suffocate first and also
my position it’s hard because if I’m going to make it closer I’m going to
block the camera also but I’ll just liters this one is a Orden okay Matt first before I forget I’m
going to use the labor remember I’m gonna put some background color so this one first it’s not almost one hour everyone so I’m
not sure how much time I need to finish this women maybe it takes me two hours
or something more yeah so I think I’m going to start doing some sketch for the
fishermen so I’ll be your singing everyone my new brush this one here and
some remember night remember see here so it will be here trial in Madrid if
you are asking me if I prefer Ashiya per se a perverse freshman it will be hard
to put out the reference because he said object okay so here I’ll be putting it here just a neck part yeah this would be the arm the young may explain a little basically everyone if you commit some
mistakes on the sketching muscle as the proportion and we get a little fight some a proportion it would not be
perfect but okay I’m not aiming for the head I’m saying our friends of maybe you can
see it in the cover it’s very hot here yeah and I hope the preparation is good
I think it’s good okay yeah I have my fisherman
I am a goat head I’m going to retouch I’m going to know how to put some nights
on this on the lighthouse so I’m gonna use some yellow and white I’m sorry a
little yellow and red so I think we’re gonna go closer that’s not something why Pierre yes I have to blame and I have to create some vertical
strokes like this yeah
and little bluish I’m gonna mix a little fish I’m gonna put it in the book okay
and then I’m gonna make the bet I will be your seat number one minor brush and
I’m gonna have some red and white people yellow for this roof yeah and I’m gonna have some way okay and then more wine with a little
yellow okay we’re now ready for the highlights yeah I just put the highlights on the right part you don’t have to blame it
perfectly weather yeah I’m gonna put white pure white yeah yeah I think that looks kid and then I’m gonna put the house I
wanted to be White House what I like the height house because I get put beautiful
color so I’m using a light orange some parts will be blocked by some plans
or whatever yeah I wanted to be labor yeah and then I’m gonna have some lighter
bluish on this Park there
and I’m going to make it the rough to be read so I’m going to use a lighter red
but I’m going to put some rubber on it yeah Jack and then I’m going to put some light
pink there and some might yell whoa I’m gonna put a
little highlight here and then we’re gonna put some means tiny
details so rubber and rubber and blue J I’m gonna put some window in the top
of this house just just a light number and also here yeah yeah
okay that looks great here so I’m going to put start down to
put some details on the plans have a diaper cake put here tiny details okay
so I’m gonna put first some mix first red yellow a porter for the cliff so
here it’s a bit more brownish so here this will be a cliff here I heard my position there but I’m gonna put more white and
yellow now this brush is really hard but again just a smaller one there and the light has come up on the right
side and then I’ll be using this bristle toothbrush super-thin it’s too wet I’m
gonna mix four green yellow and blue yeah just yellow and blue everyone let’s
try to put some greens there and then just stopping just a little slowly and do not over to birth or assimilated yeah yeah then I’m gonna put on some red
reddish or orange color Lance now something like that just mix it with the greens okay and goodnight more okay I didn’t I don’t want this country’s to
be so bright just want to be some depth or first a little light on it I do not
go this one to great prevention for my painting is this a light part and also
this pine trees here and the light that it would be enough
for them I don’t know Esther gave much attention for my painting okay yeah so far looks good but later if I’m
gonna put four nights maybe I’m gonna put I’m not sure yet that’s all part
looks good yeah simple so it’s now one hour 12
minutes I mean we still have ways to finish this one but so far actually
looks good okay so let’s continue I’m going to do the crossing waves so I will
have this crossing waves here I’m gonna put more greens so I have here yellow
and it should be more greenish and white
blue here so we’re gonna put a little transparency
you know what I’d like to put some reto transpires in
the greenish color over there yeah and then I’ll try to put some blue this time
it will be more blueish so let’s create a little colorful frogs
here yeah
and also here so it is first being a little dark okay
and also here money quick and they also here hmm yes yes a blue color blue just create a little curve strokes here
so fully awfully when another I’m not blocking so much the screen okay there
yeah okay now it’s time to put some
highlights it’s my favorite part first I’m gonna use this color it should not
be so bright everyone yeah you just may use the purple here with white for here so it process here in this part we’re
gonna create a little waves and also there’s some some bubbles here forms or
forms solid forms but he can use smaller brush for diagnosing this I’m using
about the flat brush yeah actually they’re yesil it’s like I’m it’s falling and also here we gonna put some more yeah a little distance also here gonna put some Pablo Santa on
the bottom here so beneath but they’re not your stole light here and also here some forms or bubbles okay and then
graces again I’m gonna put some phones here Faina forms there okay and another one here I wanted to
want this to reflect because this part should be wet and I wanted to be reflect
the lights coming from this okay and also here man I hope I’m not
knocking and then here this is some bubbles and one yeah hands are here yeah you cannot see some bubbles okay then you can create more foams there when an understory would be very very
long because I wanted to be more feeling more detailed I don’t want to stop yeah sure I’ll not put more are plenty
of bubbles there yeah sorry hurt in the distant because my
position is not very good but I can manatees when he and he he Rosa you know we call it foams everyone this
white white particles of the water okay yeah okay so far it looks good yeah okay so I think I’m going to start
putting some details on my and the fishermen it’s 130 miss so maybe it will
take me two hours on this tutorial so far I’m enjoying this one okay so
here I have some raw umber blue and yellow so let’s mix for a flesh tone I’m
gonna add some red or white it should be brown
okay so here is gonna make this man brown it’s not darker one but it’s brown
but it should be dark even if this man is white because okay yeah and I want the clothes to be white yeah
and he has a jumper I’m not sure whether how what he called that particular
jumper and red and yellow it’s the whole range I’m gonna read more
hello yeah this is a yellow something and I think I’m gonna make the his
clothes white because I want this I’m going to pay to make it white it will be
really visible yeah cuz maybe block cause it’s good black or white I think
I’m gonna use white okay and black hot so here I’ll be using again this one not
do not put a pure white everyone just use this light purple so it’s your
persisting purple color and put weight on it I think that’s door yeah I’m sorry Pelican little zoom in yeah I
went to Zambia yeah well that assumed in okay and there’s a little zoom in so I can see clearly okay okay so I’m going to use a smaller brush
this is a number one liner brush and then up here to ombre and blue we seem
to be able to make it dark or look like black yeah I’m gonna put some details on the
ship under hat I hope you can still see or maybe I’m
blocking the way okay yeah that is a flat heart I also
need to put some eyes and nose or a little deters in this one now I’m ready to put the highlights so I
know not yet I’m putting first some drops blue clubs so I’m using this blue
here yeah share some blue clubs yeah okay
I’m gonna losing some remember I think this one he said he just drop
for for crops yeah okay yeah and then I’m gonna put some
highlights so make sure you clean your brush we’re going to use this white and
yellow sensor to put some highlights from the Sun so it will be here with a
make sure a brush is pointed yeah
yeah yes put your highlights on the left side there yeah and I think I’m gonna put
more white I wanted to be really really Chloe it’s okay and then yellow there yeah like the scholars and then I’m going to put a little um
tiny details for it for the shirt so here I’m gonna put some glue on the
lumber some shades I mean just shades I also need to put some shades like this even if it’s right when it goes to put
some shades okay yeah the little shades there you go and some highlights on there the neck so it will be flesh color when of course and the under here yeah I think I’m gonna put some white
lines here I really want this highlight to be
glowing because this is my main subject so I want this to be the center of mass
destruction yeah so here I’m gonna using I’ll be using
this my color for the highlights of this cup not so light but I want us to put
some night there and he wraps up role remember I’m gonna
put some darks for one brand red and yellow here I’m gonna put some tags here okay and in the Yellowstone yeah doctor or just plain evil power yeah so I have known my fisherman okay
so I need to turn back a little okay yeah so far it really looks good okay
now I’m going to put highlights on this book so it’s almost two hours everyone okay so I’m going to design I spot
wanted to be colorful and I’m gonna put red on this one I want it to be really
colorful yeah red is good so here I’m going to use this white
first I’m not using the number 8 o’clock bus yeah this is a white line here yeah I’m using a big brush everyone there then on the bottom I’m gonna use red so
red + rownumber so it’s not already won yeah I want this color it becomes life it’s a dark red solo the caller should be relatively just add
romper in it and this part should be dark because
there’s no Sun eating this for it I’m gonna use the red pure red here okay
yeah okay so and inside I’m gonna make it
dark blue so blue under amber here so other than one this part to be you
give much more attention yeah okay now I need to put some wood yeah so I’m gonna use this rubber I’m
yellow I’m gonna mix it with a red and white trade should earn his part should be
proud there okay now I’m ready to put some white
highlights for the brown so just put it on the top here except for everyone okay and then here yes it’s a little hard using this brush
but you can use the liner brush their scheme I did another round yeah yeah so far it looks like it okay I know I’m using this right here little
yellow because I’m gonna put highlights here yeah there but if I’m having a hard time using but
you can use the small brush that number one name the brush this one so maybe
I’ll just use this one for you because it can hurt using the big brush now this one is Cana comfortable so just a white line
here yeah my breath I saw sucks it’s not yet
okay and I like the Browns here miss four-legged ones for this part here this one is all around it so penetrate
this way okay yeah and this one also great perspective or thickness and then
remember okay yeah yeah so what almost to earth everyone
yeah but I think this really good yeah it’s good
I know let’s put some highlights on the red so red I’m gonna use so white and red with a little yellow so here I’m gonna make this later yeah
and read okay
and then right now it’s time for the highlights on the
underwater highlights shadows yeah everything to hear some raw umber and yellow Apple
Sider shadows here yeah you know after the colors a little
transparent but I’d like this one yeah now I’ll just call her this one but not it don’t what every one day
they’re gonna call or this one yeah yeah and then we’re gonna start
putting some reflections so I love this part here putting some reflections so
what you can see I can uh put reflections from the Honda here so here
I’m gonna put some paper yellow yeah so and apples reflection on the sky so
you’re gonna put this will be a really crucial everyone
putting reflection so I had no reference on this one so it should be really it’s
a little dangerous in okay so here have a little dangerous
because you need to to know where you what reflection are gonna put so here
I’m gonna put a little yellowish but we also need to put some bluish down there yeah I’ll be here versatile put some
reflections you create a ton more strokes like this
one it will create something like round and I’m going to make some darker color
still be more yellowish orange yeah for this one here it’s a very little darker I shall be there for everyone like a little orange it should be a little darker so reticles you can still see the shadow
here cast a shadow and I just want to you yeah we need to see the cast a shadow
here so it’s very important it should not be so light because it’s a shadow
from the water but also put the reflection on there this sound mmm what they called up a lighthouse
okay yeah you cannot see some clear reflection um not just that we need to
put bluish reflection also because this is this is against we need to make sure
that you can see this one the blue and red make some purple and white it should be visibly blue but I’m just
made vicar for a little okay I’m ready to make it is fun a
little wish so just place place this one little Anya and also here I need to make
this fun a little polish okay so I just had a little race when
I’m going to continue so here I’m gonna put more shade Starks she’s means darks
lights some DTOs so here after one burr I’ll be putting some more dark shades
here yeah
you may put a yellowish tone color yeah remember in yellow it was cover here mmm they just use some rubber and red so it’s okay to cover zap-apples here
that’s fine there
and also some red and remember when I put shades on this spot yeah I’m gonna make it a little dark I just want this really look dark okay and then I’m gonna use some lumber and
this part I wanna dark yeah and then using some blue and red to make
some purple I think I’m gonna make it more blueish and white I’m gonna glaze
here ah ha that’s too dark just cases with a little blue stone you
can smash it with your fingers there are sample of product loose in the
sky so here positive make this foolish anyway we are dealing here with the
reflection or the reflections are going to quality yeah yeah okay and then I’m gonna hear some light
Bluebird scholar or a little purple yeah
and this one also we need to put some reflection a little reflection on this
part because this should be also wet just downward strokes with some bluish
or purple color yeah here’s that part should be wet so
we’ll publish it with some colors and also here so not everything everyone again yeah
I just put a little resident lace it but I think is good if you put more No yeah today I’m gonna put some shadows
under underwater so I wanted to be more bluish brown or gray yes so here have a
possible I know why to here it’s a little shadow everyone on the
bottom of the boom yeah yeah those are here yeah yeah okay no that’s no I’m gonna make this a
little yellowish color I know I’m pink it’s all red so I’m
gonna put some white and red and I’m going to place it a little here it should be very very bright it’s why
you need lots of water to please yeah just a little everyone yeah just to
see that there’s light coming from this vault so this will be this tutorials to
be advanced so but for the beginners you can also try this one but it’ll be
really challenging for you it can be hard so yellow and white I’m gonna put
more phones I’m using now the number 2 flat brush so here I’m gonna put my
lights when this water to be really look glowing a shiny something like that I could put more phones now and this
part will be a little mister I don’t care if it’s through detox take
so long story but I think I love this one yeah I know sir this one here yeah yeah pink and we’re here so I just have to make this part lighter
and white so I want to make this parcel glowing there I like more phones yeah yeah okay I know I’m going to put some
poems on the dark part so I’m going to use this lumber red number and a white must be lighter purple turn important forms here white phones on the water yeah yeah yeah so far it’s really it looks good that’s really read okay continue let’s add more foams here just use this light purple color but
make sure that it’s not too bright okay because it’s this part you should
be dark okay here and I’m gonna do some white we should connect everything here we should connect there yeah I think I’m gonna use white yes I just used more right here make this
part glowing ya know why okay yeah I think it’s really looks good and
it’s all realistic yeah so I am now I will now start with
touching everyone so far it it it is more than two hours but I think it’s
worth it because it’s really looks realistic as
of now okay so I’m going to start now with the
Jing yeah wait for the spire to glow on this
part of Ehrenreich rolling yeah case and some darker bluish gray so
blue and warmer it’s the darker one here is make it despite our car yeah and it also here okay now I’ll be
your scene number eight but brush I’m gonna make the report abuse tone on the
Sun I wanted to be a little lighter bluish tone yeah reserved to blessed one just
glazing and then also here I’m gonna make it a
little darker yeah okay so now I’m gonna put some shades
yeah something like that and also some rocks yeah ever that will
come out to me mine what so I don’t know when the final stage so I’m gonna put
some lycra shades first who amber yellow and red so here okay I know they went here and they never say to put some years rug
here yeah okay yeah and then I’m gonna use a smaller
brush yeah I’m gonna put some tiny rocks just your server tiny brush still great
nuts okay and then you know put some highlights yellow and red I’m gonna put knife in it so just put some tiny dots there and this is come some kind of a stick okay
a mnemonic a little darker but is part here and white i went also some others of the
later okay okay everyone so I think I am done
so I finish it for two hours and I think 30 minutes so it’s getting a long
tutorial or almost three hours I’m not sure so and I think it’s worth it so I
created every night at Oriel for today I’m just wake up I have a reference on
the on-demand or the first sermon and the boat but what I changed the color it
was originally blue but now it is set to red and a lot of the things I have no
other reference like the gloves and everything here so I have to get
something out of this and I’m very happy with the result
it really looks realistic and it’s a Big Ten bus one of my first so I think I’d
like it personal okay everyone so I wanna say thank you for watching this
video today and I hope you get something out of this and my only advice is to
keep on practicing keep on painting the more you do it the more your brass
tomorrow you will know how to mix the colors that’s why I’m using limited
colors a palette because I want you to learn to know the mix and get the decide
colors you want so place it like assume comment
subscribe for videos in the future ok once again thank you have a nice thing
can be shown all the glory and honor and peace always belongs to the

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