How to paint Blonde Hair

How to paint Blonde Hair

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below. In today’s video we’re going to be looking
at how to paint blonde hair, this is just one way of doing it but if you have a pet
method, go ahead and share it in the comment section, maybe we can start a little discussion
on how to get the perfect blonde hair. Alright, enough waffle, let’s get right into
it. We’ll start with a dark brown tone. I’m using Scale Color Dubai Brown, you can
get a similar colour by mixing some xv-88 with a bit of black. For our first highlight we’ll mix in a bit
of P3 Rucksack tan, and we’ll pick out the individual hairs. We’re going for a blonde hair colour here,
when you’re painting blonde hair you want to avoid going too yellow, you’ll get a better
effect if you stick to browns and yellow ochres. So I’m just going over the whole head making
sure I pick out each hair, this model is tiny so a magnifyer is going to be a big help here. Now that we’ve finished picking out the hairs,
I’ll add some more rucksack tan to the mix and we’ll start to apply our highlights. I essentially target the centre of the hairs,
if things go to plan our final highlight is going to form a ring around around the top
of head a bit like a halo. I try to approach hair a lot like painting
Non Metallic Metals, in that I’ll use quite big jumps in colour and build up a lot of
contrast over quite a short distance, to help get a sort of shiny look. We’ll use Rucksack Tan on it’s own now, and
again try and target the centre of each hair. Mix in some Ivory, and now we’ll paint on
pretty small highlights, we’ll be adding another highlight on top of this so don’t make them
so small that you run out of space for the next one. For the last highlight we’ll use pure Ivory
and we’ll apply this as tiny little dots right in the middle of our last highlight layer. So you can see that ring forming now around
the top of the head. It makes for quite a cool effect. Alright guys so I hope you have a better idea
on how to go about approaching painting blonde hair now. If you enjoyed this, hit the like button and
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21 thoughts on “How to paint Blonde Hair

  1. I say 'the centre of each hair' a fair bit but to clarify, it's wherever the hair will be at it's highest point or where it will catch the most light. Generally that's in the centre as the hair is rounded against the head but in some spots it will be the top or bottom of the hair depending on the sculpt. Use your best judgement. Cheers!

  2. Nice tutorial, I prefer to start from a more greenish brown, but the way you explain how to highlight the the hair it is very good, using your usual easy to understand (and not so easy to achieve ), step by step method. πŸ˜‰

  3. Dude, what can I say? Made my day! My go to on blond is creamy white. Shephia wash and highlight. With creamy then mix with offhite 50/50 om highhighlights .. ur is clearly a step up! Lovly work as always

  4. I love how much you use Tchaikovsky!

    Anyway, thank you so much for your videos. Every time I watch them, it makes me immediately want to paint. Keep up the awesome content.

  5. I really appreciate the attention you give to the palette. My palette always turns into giant pools of different shades. You manage all that blending so neatly. So many YouTubers neglect this part and I think it's important to show how you're mixing rather than just saying "oh I'm using this color with a bit of this" while painting.

  6. Great tutorial, appreciate seeing your technique in action!

    What's the mini you're painting here? I'd love to get one for myself.

  7. I really like your tutorials. I really should also congratulate you on your choice of music!, Waltz of the Flowers, from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker suite.

  8. Thanks for the video. I usually stick to abstracts so I don’t have to paint people but figured I’d give an angel a whirl and this video helped a ton

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