100 thoughts on “How To Overcome Your Problems And Stop Worrying? | Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

  1. You are awesome Gurudev. Your every word is so meaningful. Love you so much . Thank you so much. Jai Gurudev ❤️

  2. We don't worry.You are there to take care of everything.Make a video on how to deal with others people mistakes .Jai guru ji.

  3. Thank you so much Guruji. I was feeling so low and after watching this video I am feeling so much better. Jai Gurudev ❤️

  4. Previous year i felt worried for running year, yesterday i worried for today. But still, I'm surviving. It's true that worry does not give us anything but mental ache, pangs, pressure etc.inevitable are the decrees of God. So we can not change anything. Everything will happen according to nature. What we can do is to get matched with the situation, nature and reality. And this matching power comes only when we will do practice for matching.

  5. Thanks for everything to God give us because there is lot of people do not.have what the blessing we have thanks for really nice video om shanti

  6. गुरूदेव श्री श्री श्री 800 टाइम, आपको नमस्कार, परंतु एक बात बताओ आप मंदिर मस्जिद की राजनीति में क्यो पड गये? जो भी इस राजनीति में पडे वो बाद में आ सी यू में चले गये। आज अडवाणी जी के साथ लगभग 10 बडे नेता एक सुबोरडीनेट मनिसटर भी नहीं बन पाये। अब आप इस जाल से बाहर आकर अपनी साख बचाये रखो। यदि मन बेचैन हो तो अंजना तिवारी, नगमा, डाक्टर गुरशरण कौर दयोल एंव अपोसटल अंकुर नरुला जी को यू-टयूब पर देख लिया करो। शर्तिया बात है आप कभी भी इन्सानो मे फूट नहीं डलवायेगे।

  7. That's fine we all know that we die one day….but at present how to deal with pain that health problems causes…that's what she asked…

  8. Deepika padukone also went to bangalore ashram for seeking his blessings.. When she was in Depression. His parents also had been to bangalore Ashram to meet Sri Sri.

  9. Wow Gurudev I wish every single human being can reach these inspiring words life is really beautiful and precious with all your teachings .🌺🌺🌺🌹🌹🌹🌸🌸🌸

  10. Very practical !! This Deep and profound knowledge has made so much of a difference to my life

  11. Jgd mujha ak bath bolne the aksamai jiban mai aise den aye lage 4 o or sa lok mujha marna arahe hai. Mai 2 bacho ko laka kaya karu ankha band ki or man hi man bolta gaye mara sath mare guru hai vagwan hai. Or mai usjaga sa nekal gaye. App ho guru ji harpal har samai. Love u guru ji.

  12. I had never seen Sri Sri Ravi S on YouTube until about a year ago. I was so surprised because he had been active in the world for about 2 decades. Was he mostly speaking to just the Indian continent ? I see the names on the comments are mainly also from India. What's up with this?

  13. Yo asepe a jesucristo y descanso en el jesus dijo bengan ami todos los que estan candados y cargados que yo los boy aser descansar yo soy el camino la berdad y la vida palabra de dios

  14. Jai GuruDev 💗🌹🙏🌹😍😍😄😄😁😁👌😄😄
    Yes GuruDev😊😊😄😇😇burry the worry👍😇😇😎

  15. Thanks bless you you dear suggest a mantal hospital . you are doing great man thanks nice vedio 😃🌷🌻 know what I doing something to handle my husband and I am crying all day tomorrow so what… can get me

  16. Very true. These relationships n all are stupid bondage. We should not worry bcoz of them. I was going through difficult situation really stressful, painful but members of my family were living as if they don't care, they were attending functions, parties, they were doing their daily routine properly, my brothers n their wives were looking and ignoring me. That day i realised this relationship, family bondage are all nonsense. As long as there is some benefit people will keep contact. When u become useless, they would avoid u. This is sansara. Being in maya, u can't win against maya. So stay away from emotional vampires, emotional traps. One day they talk nicely, second day they won't even recognize u.

  17. Guruji you have given me the best medicine what I was needed.I don't need to experience the above in practice but from your wordings itself I am cured.What a remedy?
    Love you.
    God bless you.

  18. i went to the crimation ground for whole day.Peoples are coming there with mantra " ram nam satya hain" and burn dead body and take ashesh of his body and travel to the ganga for asthivisarjan called after crimation process.
    I see every facr with sorrow and crying , while some peoples blaming on himself that he cant fullfill dead person's wishesh.
    But from my perspective i learned one thing from guruji advice on crimation ground.That when i asked some of relatives of deadbody , some peoples are blaming on each other or some peoples said , " this dead person havung 5 sons and 2 sisters .They are from middleclass family , but no one is ready to take care of granny .And under pressure of economical co ditions , this will happened.I told her , thats so sad to hear.While asked to the 6 or 7 persons in his family group and i found that , that lady was lying.Because of all family members told that , she was first son's wife.And his son is living in australia and second son in UK.They have lots of money and they are first persons that ignored to take care of granny.And granny moved to 2 nd son's home.
    So i learned 2 things over here.1.) Dont believe in peoples toungue or nature , untill asking his family members.Almost this is kalyuga and everyone is lying and there is no truth in nature.See our indian king , he is the best example.
    2.)Controll your emotions everywhere.If you failed to controll your emotions , some clever evil minded peoples taking advantage of this situation and take your money in name of emotion.I see 2 peoples came near sons of the dead person and asked money for she(dead person) bought jwellery from his shop and he need to pay 78,000rupees at that time.Now that was time of burning body ans he immediately gave him that money by card swiping.And after one of the family member called son and told him that person got already paid by your mother , i have invoice bill.Why you paid him again 78,000rupees? So dont get emotional anytime.
    3.)Peoples on crimation groud are believe in pundit and gave them money like 15,000rupees for antim sanskar and all kther things.And in the last , pundit told his son that either buy silver cow or take here real cow and bath her with milk for completing process of 11th day or 12 th day ritual.
    That was time of winter and i found that pundit was chewing tobacco and i told them he is not good person.Because of pundits never drink alchohole , chew tobacco or take cigrettes.And time of the pooja antimvidhi was fixed.So we finished kriya with him and felt like we deal with not good person.

  19. Swami I want to come with you charge feel like only one you are la I want to gods in my life please call me jaan with you

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