How to Organize Scrap Paper Storage

How to Organize Scrap Paper Storage

Hi, everyone. This is Ann Clemmer and Stamper
from And I’m in my stamp room – oh, yes!
And spring is almost over and it’s time to really hunker down
and get some control on that card stock. We’re having a private discussion on our private
Facebook page for the 24/7 Stampers about this one subject.
Here is my answer to Bobby’s question. But first, I think Stamper’s not in the mood
to work (laughter). Okay, now that I got all the dog hair off
me – Anyway, we are having a discussion on our
24/7 Stampers private Facebook group and it’s all about
what to do with all those little pieces of card stock.
You know, I’m an avid stamper and over just maybe three days
I can have at least this much scrap paper. And what to do with it?
As you can see right over my shoulder here, I’ve got a couple
of paper towers and that’s what I use for my full size paper.
And some people use other things. They have some really good ideas, too,
because it all depends on what your workspace is.
Let me show you what I do with my scraps. First of all, I have a cutting station and
it’s right here. And just to the right of it I have a scrap
basket. And it’s just about ready to be redone for
one reason or another. In each of these folders – like here it’s
a two-sided folder, it’s sealed on this side, sealed on this side
and it’s open here and I’ve got all my neutrals.
So those I probably keep down to smaller sizes. Some of you keep every little bit because,
to quote one of my 24/7 stampers, Well, actually a couple of them –
even a little piece of scrap can make a flower. However, when you stamp a lot, why, I have
to have room for my bed and to sleep, so you know, I can’t keep everything!
What I like to do is here I’ve got one of these
and here’s all the blues together. Now you notice that’s not how I keep my regular
paper. My regular paper is alphabetized because that
makes sense to me and maybe that makes sense to you or maybe
you have a different plan. But when it comes to scraps, I just put all
the blues together. Now usually I only keep down to maybe a half
page size and smaller than that I’m donating to the
church Sunday school or the battered women’s shelter that we have
locally or someone who can use it more than me.
Don’t hold on to every little scrap. Give it to someone who can use it.
It could be a little daycare center by your home.
It could be anything. But until you do, you can put them in something
like this and just get a basket . . . this was just
a basket that I got at some discount place.
You want to make sure – see, here’s all my pinks together, right?
And it’s usually just the larger stuff because I could just get
inundated with the little ones. So there’s the big towers, here’s where I
cut, and then this is where the scraps go.
The garbage is right behind me and then just the other side
of this one is where I put the ones I’m going to give away.
And it’s a great big box and when I get it big enough, I donate it.
Be open to sharing the love of stamping with your friends.
And drop by some time and share with us.
Think about becoming a part of our 24/7 Stampers. We have a riot. We have our own personal blog.
We have our Facebook group where everybody chats and shares.
We have webinars once a month. And hey! A bunch of us are going to convention
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So come with us some time and see what it’s like on the other side.
This is Ann Clemmer and – well, wherever Stamper is – from, trying to put a
little ink, paper, and fun into your day. Oh, Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?
Time for a bath!

15 thoughts on “How to Organize Scrap Paper Storage

  1. Wow I m doing just what u r doing the only thing I was not separating the colors but I will now great great great thank you I left facebook for a while hubbie was real sick but he is better now I shall return soon and check it out thank u so much!

  2. Wow, do I need help with my scrap paper. Thank you. I will definitely use several of your suggestions. I totally enjoy your personality!

  3. Thanks Mary. Hope EVERYTHING is better now. This method sure does save filing time. It just goes in the save, donate or trash immediately. You humans save too much stuff!

  4. I donate scraps, too; otherwise, it gets to be too much to handle. I usually like to start FRESH with each project or card. Those tiny scraps cause too much stress to keep organized.

  5. Thanks sweetpo11. I keep them for a while, but I'm dumping the ones you saw into the donate pile. I may split the donation this time because there's a lot in there. And I realized today that we're working with the colors of our project and making MORE scraps while we make it! but this is just one idea. The main thing is that people's process works.

  6. Guilty! I save all scraps that can make a flower. I love paper punched flowers. The only problem is, I can't make that many flowers. HAHA

  7. Thanks for asking, erika348. I have a drawer just under my cutting area that I put medium to large parts of DSP. I sometimes put them with the original DSP pack depending on the size and what it is. I try not to donate small piece of anything because I don't want to just pass off something that they can't easily use.

  8. Love stamperdog and your help. Can you share where you get your paper stackers in the background to hold you 8 1/2 11 sheets of paper. I would love to have something like that. I have mine in binders and it just does not work for me.

  9. Jackie, those were made by a man who has since passed away. My set was one of the last ones he made and I cherish them. When picking out a holder like this, you want to be sure where your outside light source is. My friend had a set of open wire holders in an open room with lots of outside light. Lots of her card stock faded.

  10. Thank you for getting back with me so quickly. Your tip on the light source will be kept in mind. Lord knows we all want our precious paper safe. Appreciate your help deeply.

  11. Glad you're donating also. I'm reorganizing my area presently and was amazed how many duplicates I had. Check out the App " Craft Cabinet"

  12. I didn't even know you could donate your paper. I'll check into it; we have several schools around and a shelter for women too (and one for men). Good idea, Nicole (Canada)

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