How to Organize Articles, Clippings, & Notes to Read Later (Part 8 of 10 Paper Clutter Series)

How to Organize Articles, Clippings, & Notes to Read Later (Part 8 of 10 Paper Clutter Series)

If you have magazines, newspaper articles,
journals, bulletins, notes, quotes, any kind of literature stacked up on horizontal surfaces
around your house and you’re saving these things to one day read, this video is for
you. My name is Alejandra Costello, I’m an organizing
coach, and in this video we are talking about how to organize all these things so you can
find them easily and actually be able to read the things that you are saving. So before we get started, if you have hundreds
of magazines, thousands of magazines, instead of focusing your time and energy on organizing
all the things, a better idea is to focus on letting go, to make space, to make your
life easier. Now I realize you may be holding onto these
things because you don’t want to miss out on any important information that you may
need some day. If that is the case, I totally get it. I totally understand. I recently hosted a class on how to let go
of clutter when you cannot let go. And I share a very easy five step process
for getting yourself to mentally, to emotionally be able to detach from your physical possessions
and eventually let go. So I will put a link to that below if that
interests you. All right. So the first thing is to gather all of your
articles, all of your literature, anything that you have printed out to one day read. And I don’t know about you, but sometimes
I just put flags in magazines. Like for example, here’s a magazine, and just
flag an article that you want to save. So if you’ve already identified the article,
go ahead and pull it out. If you have not identified the article, then
you kind of have to flip through and figure out where the article is. The next step is to take all of your articles,
all of your literature and begin sorting by high level category. So I say high level category, because if you
get too specific, you get too granular, you’re going to end up with so many different piles
and it may feel overwhelming. So just keep it high level. So take the first article, figure out what
it is, high level. So this is, let’s just say it’s travel. This looks like a recipe. This looks like a recipe. This is recipe. This looks like health. Now, now that I have like three categories
and I have more sorting to do, now is a good time to begin putting labels on your piles
so you can eliminate any confusion. Because once you have a lot of piles, it can
be confusing. So this we said was travel, so I’m just going
to go ahead and write travel on a scrap sheet of paper or a sticky note just like that. And then this next one we said was recipes. So just go ahead and write recipes. Sticky note, scrap sheet of paper. This is health. There we go. Now I can be nice and clear as I continue
to sort. All right, next thing. Travel. This looks like a recipe. This is travel. This is all travel. Health, health, recipe, travel, recipe. This was travel, health, travel, travel, recipe. And as you’re sorting, look for things you
can get rid of. Maybe there’s like, you don’t have interest
in traveling to New Mexico anymore. Get rid of the article, only want to save
the best things. Travel, health, health, health. And if you feel like, “I don’t want to let
go of this, I want to consume the information one day.” If you’re watching this video, then you probably
have access to the internet, which as we all know is like a wealth of just free information. So just have comfort in knowing that a lot
of information you can find again. All right, now that I’ve sorted by category,
the very next step is to organize all of your piles into a system. And so that is what I’m going to share with
you right now. Here’s how I’ve organized all of my articles
to one day read into a binder. So once you have all of your piles, what you
can do is look at all the categories that you came up with. So when I did this for myself a couple of
months ago, I looked at all my piles and I’m like, “Wow. The common denominator between all these articles
is that they’re all related to personal growth.” So spiritual growth, physical growth, mental
growth, emotional growth. And so what I did is I created a binder and
I called it Growth right here, because that’s what they all had in common. So it just made sense to call it growth. So I found a one and a half inch binder to
put all of the articles. I would recommend looking for a binder that’s
like one to two inches in size. Anything more than two inches is just too
heavy. I feel like the papers are hard to turn because
the rings are so big. So if you can stick to one to two inches,
start with one binder instead of setting up … Like if you have a bunch of articles,
you don’t want to set up like 10 binders. Pick one binder. If there’s one category that you want to expand
on, then maybe you set up a second binder, but just err on the side of keeping the best,
letting go of the rest. All right, so I put scrapbook paper in the
cover to personalize it, and then inside … So I found a set of 24 dividers, so I could put
all the different categories inside here, and I just went through and I labeled all
of the tabs on the dividers with my high level categories. Some of them are more specific but I erred
on the side of keeping it high level. So now, behind each of these dividers is all
of the articles, all of the printouts that are related to that category. Nice and easy to find. And when I need to reference the information,
I just come here, very simple. In the front of the binder there’s this gusseted
binder pocket that’s built into the binder for anything small that doesn’t have three
rings. If your binder does not have something like
this, you could always add a gusseted binder pocket just like this. Again, for anything small. You can also add sheet protectors for different
size pieces of paper. But just get creative, have fun with it, keep
the best and yeah. It’s just easy to find what I need now. Now, if you don’t want to add another binder
to your life because you are trying to downsize, minimize, whatever it is, you can set up the
same system using a scanner. Take all your articles just like we did here. Scan in all the articles. If you use a great scanner like the Scansnap
IX 1500 that I talked about recently, that has something called OCR technology, meaning
it’s going to recognize all the characters, all the words, and so then once your articles
are scanned into your computer you can just search for a keyword and it’s going to automatically
find that article, nice and efficient. And then going forward, if you are receiving
a lot of magazines, limit them to like two to three per month and just keep your favorites,
and then be mindful of all the papers that you choose to print out, the papers you choose
to bring home. Because anything that’s physical inside your
house has to be organized, it has to be maintained and eventually it has to be gotten rid of. So just be mindful going forward. Again, if you need more support on letting
go of clutter, there’s a link below to check out my course on how to let go of clutter
when you can’t let go, so you can learn my five step process on getting yourself to mentally
and emotionally detached from your possessions. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you for being here and I’ll see you
soon. Take care. Bye bye.

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