HOW TO MODEL A TURTLE IN CLAY – Free courses for you!

HOW TO MODEL A TURTLE IN CLAY – Free courses for you!

Hello my friends and welcome to another
Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we
will model a turtle in clay and I have good news:
this video is sponsored by SkillShare and therefore we have some goodies for
you! but I will tell you about that a little bit later. For this project, we will use water [correction: Oil-Based clay] clay… some wooden knives with wire or rubber tips, such as these ones, some wire and a styrofoam ball which I cut in the middle because we only will use half. Alright! To make it a little bit easier I pre-cut some
pieces of clay so that is more manageable. If where you are working is
very cold, it may be a good idea to warm it up a little bit so that it is not so
hard, to soften it up. Okay good! we begin by making the base a place where the turtle will stand on. Let’s see… we need it a little bit wider, so we add more clay on the sides. Let’s round the corners, and we can
actually give it a nicer shape once the turtle is on. Now let’s cover this half
sphere with clay. The reason I’m using this which it is totally optional is to use less clay, to use less material and also so that at the end it will be less
heavy. This will be the shell of the turtle. Good! it is covered. But the shell doesn’t have the shape of a perfect half circle, it is longer from the front to the back than to the sides so let’s do that. We add some more here… and here. This is really fun! I love the texture and the
feel of the clay! I smoothed it out a bit, and let’s see it looks alright as an
overall shape. And now we need the holes, the orifices, where the head and limbs
will be coming out. The front one is a really large one, as it is the same one for the head and front legs, while each of the back legs has its own. Above the back legs, the shell sticks up
just a little bit has like a little fender [laughter]. Something like this… let’s add some more. Okay good! and I lifted the front a little bit too I will use a spacer, in this case a little nail box, it can be anything, to lift it about half an inch or more. For the structure of the legs I twisted some wire… like this. Now let’s bend it, at the height we want
the knee, cut it to the right size so that it fits inside, and stick it in. Very good! Now the other one. like so… and we will do the same for the ones in the back. Now the head, we do the bending of the head and neck. and stick it in. And now we
cover everything with clay. Obviously, it is very important to have a wire structure because otherwise the clay will fall down. And by the way, if you
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unlimited access. I recommend you to join now before this promotion expires. Okay good! and now let’s go back to our turtle, who has been patiently waiting for us [laughter]. We build the legs with clay and as I mentioned in another tutorial,
turtles are a symbol of peace, they live in complete harmony with water, earth and the elements, they have a steady pace… and they are determined to complete their
journey, no matter what it takes and they enjoy the process. Let’s make the head
which is squarish in the back and a little bit triangular toward the front
and we start giving it some texture. They have some big nails or claws and we
should give some texture to the shell, as well, they have some nice design here. Of course, the legs are very wrinkly, as well as the neck. That looks very turtlelish [laughter] and with this wire tool we can give some texture. It’s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE! don’t forget to use the link below to join SkillShare… free for 2 months, and if you don’t find my ¨How to model an eagle in clay¨
course yet, check again in a few days because it is on approval lines and I’m
not sure if it will be ready by the time this video is released. Have a nice time learning, and I will see you on Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜‰ Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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