How to Model a Cougar in Clay – Sculpting a Puma – Mountain Lion

How to Model a Cougar in Clay – Sculpting a Puma – Mountain Lion

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will model a puma. I will use this clay bar which
I cut in half, one part will be for the base, and the other one for the beast [laughter]. Let´s start shaping the base,
which will be a rock. And we cut two sections of the other half, one is to make base longer, …like this. Let´s round the corners. And the other one will be the puma
or the mountain lion, or cougar… however you want to call it. The hind legs will be like this
because he will be crouching. Actually, they are a little bit
too wide, lets cut them. I´m cutting them with a straight
painting spatula, which is very handy for this type of slices. And let´s shape the back,
a little bit more rounded. Let´s redo the hind legs which
are pretty rounded on the upper part and then down here we have the ankle
and the foot. We can smooth it out a little bit with a color shaper. Here is the knee and the leg pulls back. Like this. I´ll add a little bit more clay for the back and let´s build the scapula or the shoulder
blades. Those are pretty characteristic in cats. The front legs will be like this… in a resting position in front. Let´s draw some muscles of the leg and shape a little bit the ribcage,
the belly, the shoulder and the arm. And we begin working on the face. For now just a general shape. Remember, first do the general shapes, the big masses and once they are done,
then refine them and add more and more detail. Some people ask me if they should use
more the tools, or more the hands or what is correct? And the truth is that there is not correct
or incorrect answer to that. I have known some sculptures that preach that you should use the tools as much as possible and others that use their hands, almost
for everything, and the tools very sparingly. so there is no rules, whatever works for you is fine. My puma is looking like a bear,
by the way [laughter]. He is a little chubby. For me, I think I use both, the tools
and my hands, but I don´t really think about it. That, I mean for modeling, when
I need to take material off, then I definitely use a tool. We give the shape to the leg and foot
on this other side, and also to the front leg, the elbow, etcetera. I will definitely not finish this sculpture
in detail very realistically, but rather I want it to look lose and with character, more like a sketch, a sketch in clay. I will leave the tail for the end, so that I
can model the body. I like this little wooden tool to work the clay. The neck of the cougar is pretty wide,
practically as much as the head. We mark where the head begins and then, it is pretty rounded, so we add clay. Like so. And we shape the snout. At the height of the eyes is where
it comes down toward the snout, but just a little, and that is where the bone
of the nose begins. Below the cheekbone there is a recess. And as I told you, the head of these cats
is pretty rounded. Let´s shape a little bit better the snout and give more detail to the nose. Then we add the ears, which are small and triangular shaped,
but with a rounded tip. I lift our kitty with
the painting spatula to measure the base. This will be the top of the base only. I want it to be slanted, it will be
like the top of a big rock. We add more clay and put it together
… something like this. Alright. We make some slices to
get it to the right shape, and then, with the wire side of the tool we make the rocky texture. That fits pretty ok, but I will modify a section here,
because I want the mountain lion to have one arm down… to give it
more movement. And the other paw will also come down
in this fashion. Good! and let´s add the tail. We shape some leg muscles,
and then give it a rough texture with the wood. And with the shaper, we can smooth
it down a little bit as needed. And also give more detail. All right! We should also roughly shape
the eyes… and by the way the list of materials for this project is in the information below the video. We added the deltoid, and triceps muscles on the arm. And it´s ready! If you enjoyed it please give it a LIKE!
let me know if you want me to make more sculpture tutorials, share it to your friends. And subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you,
on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

57 thoughts on “How to Model a Cougar in Clay – Sculpting a Puma – Mountain Lion

  1. I've always been much more comfortable working 2D than 3D, but the few times I tried sculpture, it was just with my hands. I never liked the results that way, but maybe things would be different if I used some tools.

  2. Wow! That looks so easy! But! I know it’s NOT! I work with polymer clay and it requires as much practice as sketching!! You did great! More would be awesome! Thank you.

  3. This turned out pretty good, especially the head. But this puma could really, really use a wire skeleton. Now, back to my attempt number 458 at making rubber duck in Sculptris…

  4. Your art is stunningly expert, yet you remain so humble and unpretentious. Thank you for sharing your time, likeable personality, and experience with us.

  5. what's a different between pen and ink sketching and cross hatching techniques?

    If I draw textures I m not able to draw shadow n light and vice versa what should I do?

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