100 thoughts on “How to Metal Etch Your Tools

  1. Hey Mr.Fix, you are very correct. This is an awesome video. I am passing on the wealth and definitely subscribing to your channel. Thanks!

  2. More than anything else I need to etch drill bits and fill with paint so I can see what they are. Any ideas for stencils?

  3. I learn something new every day, thanks for the video. By the way I hate your guts, do you have any idea how many hours for work you just made for me and my tools.

    LOL just kidding no hate here.

  4. If you etch the 10mm as a 9.5mm then you know it will never get lost. I would say etch it as 9mm but it would be a total pain checking 2 different sockets everytime you want to use the 10mm

  5. Borrow your friends tools when he's not looking, etch swear words into them, and then return them back to where you got them when he's not looking.

  6. Excellent videography , clear and lucid instructions = Excellent video . I'm sure you know about using reverse electrolysis for removing rust from metal . Thanks for your video my friend .

  7. Or body etch your Delorean. How cool is that…. I bet the majority of you are thinking flames… I was thinking of adding " Top speed 88mph"… Cause you know, car disappears after that. Maybe some flames on the nose of the car.

  8. I just use paint to color code my sockets and wrenches according to the resistor color code chart. It's cheap and I can see what size a socket or wrench is from across the room. It may not be pretty but it works for me.

  9. Hey y’all watch out using NaCl while electroplating, it produces gaseous chlorine. I gassed myself once and it was very bad, use something safe

  10. When using vinyl stickers for etching, if you are custom ordering a sticker, ask the person who makes then to send you one "reverse weeded". That will be the outline, then you etch and peel. No need for fingernail polish or remover.

  11. This is a great idea Im going to try this out and see how it comes out. Great way to figure out which tools are yours when you go help a friend.

  12. GOOD STUFF! When I was a machinist, we always had problems with other shifts stealing our tools.
    It was a daily event think of new ways to detour thieves 👽
    This is awesome.

  13. Hey great video, loved the concept. I only have one question, where did you make custom stickers like your logo? Any suggestions, diy, or place to get custom logos? I really would like my initials the way I write them but wouldn’t know where to start looking. Thanks for the video.

  14. What people would do to save a few cents. If you have to have etching then buy some proper laser etched sockets. Time is money for Pete's sake what a waste

  15. 2:28 — LMAO — I never actually noticed you wrote "wooder" on it
    I needed a good laugh after work today — thank you 🙂

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