How To Make Your Own Roblox Paper Figurines! | Crafternoons

How To Make Your Own Roblox Paper Figurines! | Crafternoons

GEM: Hi, I’m Gem and welcome to our very own
GGSP Crafternoons! I am challenged by the elusive SANITA, GGSP’s
production co-ordinator, ruler of craft, sultan of scissors, corporal of cardboard to make
cool and colourful figurines, from your favourite video games! Today, our crafty challenge is… to make
these super cool Roblox-style paper figurines! How awesome is that? So I’ve been given these easy to follow templates
of GOOSE, RAD and little ME! Buuut we also have these really cool custom
templates for you to create your own character! Complete with various facial expressions,
hair styles and skin tones so you can mix and match to your liking. To get started, you will first need the following
items in your handy dandy Crafts-ernal. Get it? It’s like arsenal… but for crafting. This challenge is fairly simple and most of
the things we use, you’ll already have at home. But for this, you will need Paper or card Pencils, pens or crayons Scissors Glue Paddle sticks Plus any fancy bits and bobs to give your
figure some flare. But most importantly, you will need a standard,
factory setting, fresh out of the box, GROWN UP, when you need help cutting those tricky
bits. GROWN UP
Why haven’t you cleaned your room yet? Are you crafting around? GEM
If you get lost, you can visit our website here:
to download the handy checklist for this episode as well as any other Crafternoons we have
coming up Step 1: Cutting out the shapes How about we make a mini-me? Start with separating all the pieces into
segments Then carefully cut along and around each outline Next section the tabs After, group them into legs, arms, torso,
hair and head so they don’t get lost Umm Sanita! I’m missing an arm. Oh thank you! Step 2: Time to Glue! So glue is a little sticky, no pun intended.
So to avoid sticking hands to faces, and faces to desks. Ah… Sanita? Grab a wooden paddle stick. Before you glue, fold all the edges and tabs
down, but leave the head and hair til later Grab the torso, apply a small layer of glue
to the largest tab and connect it to the front Then apply glue to the smaller tabs, and connect
them too. And repeat these steps with your arms and
legs Step 3: The Head and Hair The head and hair pieces are a little bit
more tricky because they have these small corners and curves So, I think, it’s time we call in the GROWN
UP! Buuuuut, only if you need help… You’d probably
be fine It’s better to cut small sections, so there’s
less room for error. You can always cut more, but you can’t cut less. Measure it around the head to check, because
if it’s too tight it won’t fit around the noggin’ Next glue your folded tabs to connect the
base And finally attach your head to the torso And because this is my corner, I have interchangeable
hair colours, y’know, when real me gets bored of purple. Step 4: Body Building We’ve marked on the template with a dot, where
you need to glue each part to the torso. Like so… Then wait for each piece to dry thoroughly
before moving on to the next one, otherwise there’ll be dire consequences AND be careful not to over-glue because it’ll
make the paper all wet and gross and sad looking. BUT remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect,
as long as you’re having fun with it! Step 5: Go Wild Use the blank template to colour and create
figurines of yourself, your friends or family Here’s one I created of Sanita! You can also resize them to create miniatures,
oversized ones, or even titans! And that’s our own custom Roblox inspired
papercraft figurines! If you Spawnlings, or should I say Craftlings, make your own figurines,
why don’t you send a photo to our email: [email protected] Or send in your ideas for a crafty challenge,
then create it one Crafternoon! Bye!!!

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