100 thoughts on “How to make your own paper Blending Stumps/ Tortillons | Step-by-Step Method.

  1. Did we need to make it over and over again or we dont need to make a new one because im afraid i had to make it many time

  2. I got the rolling part
    How in the world did u sharpen those😳?
    When i started to sharpen, stump just hot worst….

  3. Bro I asked every shop nearby for these blending stumps but couldn't get it. Now I can make my own. Thanks for this video.😊

  4. @2:22 I expected to see your finger tip flop onto the table! You push the envelope with that blade. Nice job. Good tutorial.

  5. Woww!! great..actually was looking for this . I am gonna try this out today 😍..Thank you!!
    Btw Me too a nailbiter 😛

  6. Thank you for offering artist's like me, with a very low budget, a way to create my own tools and save money at the same time.

  7. Thanks for this, Ali. Art materials are ridiculously expensive – as are any specialist products – and if I am to draw I need to consider the cost. Art should not be so costly that it excludes those with limited means. After all, many of the world's greatest artists were quite poor. More like this, please.

  8. Its $1.60 at hobby lobby for 10 of the tortillions.. I suggest just buying one, but good video anyway.

  9. I don’t know how to roll it that tight, nor can I tell the difference between the two types of paper you showed.

  10. The best ever blend stumb is a paper
    Steps to follow
    1. Take a paper
    2. Fold to your level of folding
    Then start blending

  11. When testing it out though. You used a circular motion to blend the graphite. It's much easier and better when you do that. But for the branded ones you used a to and fro motion which isn't much effective. In actuality, both the blending stumps do the same amount of work. None is better than the other.

  12. Oh!!! That's amazing!!! Economical & eco-friendly . You're one of the best teachers ! Thank you so much : ) Your videos are really impressive 👩‍🎨👍💪

  13. Thankyou very very much becoz now in September their is my intermediate exam and in that shading will come and i take to much time to blend colours but now it won't happen becoz i have watch your video now i can blend the pencil shades faster thankyou very very much once again 😀😀😀😀😊😊👍👍👍👍👍

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