How to Make Waterproof Paper Pot | Newspaper Pot Making | Ceramic Pot making | Ceramic Clay Art

How to Make Waterproof Paper Pot | Newspaper Pot Making | Ceramic Pot making | Ceramic Clay Art

How to Make a Waterproof Paper Pot using ceramic powder This is a beautiful pot that can be used as a DIY Home Decor craft No one will ever believe that this pot is made using Newspapers! Things You Need… Scissors, Adhesive, Newspaper, Decorative Beads & Stones, Ceramic Powder, Craft Glue Plastic bag, Ball, Cello Tape, Glue Gun, Shilpkar Clay, Sand Paper, Brushes & Acrylic Colors Let’s start by taking a rubber ball and wrap a plastic around it Make sure to keep the puncture hole of the ball at the top To stick the plastic on the ball, use cello tape. Now take the newspaper and cut it into small pieces Prepare a solution of water and glue in a plastic bowl and stir well Apply this liquid glue solution on the surface and stick the paper pieces on it Make sure that the paper pieces are stuck properly on the ball surface by pressing them Let the ball with paper pieces dry completely Once it is dried, we need to take out the ball from this arrangement. Carefully cut the plastic and puncture the ball to remove it you will get a half curved shape of paper Remove the plastic from inside, we finally get a paper pot shape Now we will make a base of a paper pot For this take a newspaper and fold it as shown Wrap it around a circular cap of any bottle. You will get a circular shape ring It will form a firm base for a paper pot Using glue gun stick the paper ring at the bottom of the paper pot Now we will prepare a ceramic powder mixture in a small plastic bowl by mixing water and glue. Stir it well to make a solution Using brush apply the ceramic Powder solution on the surface of a paper pot as shown Let the pot dry completely Once the pot is dried Take a sandpaper and rub the surface of the pot carefully to make it smooth and clean Now we will make some decoration on the outer surface of the pot using Shilpkar clay as shown. Let’s make long petal shapes using this as shown Let’s paste these petals on the outer surface of the body Again using Sandpaper rub the surface of the pot to make it smooth and clean It’s time to paint our pot Apply white acrylic paint on the inner surface of the pot. Paint the outer surface as well and allow it to dry completely. Now Paint the pot with Pink acrylic color Let the color dry To decorate it further we will stick small beads chain on the outer design surface as shown Stick some pearls on the top. Wow!! Your beautiful paper pot is now ready. If you loved the craft video then please subscribe to our channel and hit the thumbs up icon! Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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  2. WOW, that's Beautiful and my favorite color too. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Wonderful,Fabulous..Arti Bowl!!..Just..Loved watching this..awsome video!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. wow, it's amazing. But I am very disappointed. Because I had tried many times. I have tried many times and wasted all the.materials. Still I m anxious to make one by me.

    What happened every time is that after making the half part of the ball, the papers don't get strong. When start applying the ceramic bond, paper collapsing. It is not strong. Why it happened. After this my work does not move forward.

    Please confirm …a plastic ball or rubber ball. Hope it is clear to you. Please advise me.

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