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  1. Okay so I tried this recipe, and when I creamed the butter, there were many granules of sugar in the butter. And I mixed it for about 30 minutes

  2. I tried this it's very good and I even didn't put on eggs, cause we didn't have any, the only thing that I would say needs a bit of fixing up is the thickness, it was a bit too thick for me. BTW, I am eleven years old.

  3. Honestly is it just me or is it hard to watch these videos? Like the person who's talking just sounds annoyed, like she doesnt wanna be there. Idk, it's just hard to listen to

  4. idk who's christmas they're describing at the end but i literally have never made cookies during christmas. ive only ever set out cookies and milk once. i guess its bc my family isnt from the us so we like…dont give a shit. sounds cute though :/

  5. Why does the hos have to specify to scae the scraps twice. Do people really throw away the scraps from the rolled out cookie dough

  6. "We recommend cracking your eggs into a separate bowl to prevent the egg shell from-"
    Cracks egg into the bowl and the egg shell gets in it and THEY DONT TAKE IT OUT

  7. I spotted a piece of dirt or blood in the egg at 1:12 watch closely and remember to always check your eggs before you add them straight to the bowl of ingredients

  8. I was raise on a softer cookie with butter cream frosting.

    To achieve the softer cookie powder sugar replaces the granulated surgar. Not at a one for one ratio. The dough us harder to work with. Keeping it chilled is very important and the use if a marble slab us also important.

    The cookies have a crisp edge and a soft center


  10. Thank you to the one who posted the amts of the day recipe. The video was good. But itbgotva thumbs up cause of the post of measurements.

  11. Made these and they turned out great. I froze half of my batch and am currently unthawing to make more cookies. Everyone loved them

  12. You cant dissolve the sugar in room temp butter, even after it's creamed really well it will still be grainy unless youre using powdered sugar. Its fine that way too 😊

  13. I actually tried this recipe and it didn’t work out well. The cream cheese made the cookies really bitter and they didn’t bake evenly. It could just be how I made it but ya


  15. Here's a 3 ingredient sugar cookie recipe

    3/4 cup butter
    1/2 cup sugar
    2 cupflour
    Bake at 350°F for 30 min
    Place on parchment paper
    TIP! Make butter room temp or heat in microwave for 10 seconds

  16. I'm trying to get ideas for Chrismas gifts. But knowing me I will be exhausted doing that and I always get the icing wrong. Maybe I shiuld just dunk it in that sound easier and spinkle something on top.

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  18. Why is the beginning (or zero) of a wooden (or metal, or even plastic) ruler so far from the edge It is because rulers of various materials get dinged, wear down (especially wooden rulers) or nicked during use and storage. That little space ensure that you're not losing any measurement. Those rulers are NOT for measuring dough. If you want to ensure a thickness and you don't have the rolling pin bands, go to a craft store or a big box home improvement store and pick up 1/8, 3/16. 1/4. 5/16, 3/8. 7/16. and 1/2 inch square dowels (they have round ones, but they'll roll around on you). Have them cut in half and you will have a lifetime supply of thickness ensurers that will be longer/wider than any pie crust or cookie dough you'll be likely to roll out. Mine were 36 inches, cut to 18 inches. I've had mine for decades. Oh, by the way, THAT was something my father, a carpenter, taught me. He made a set for me when I was in the clay rolling and cutting stage of childhood.

  19. 1:56 Cream of tartar is actually what's leftover in the barrel after wine making…
    So wait… does that mean cream of tartar contains alcohol?! 🧐

  20. I’m well I pressed that you whipped the icing by hand that’s a good wrist work out. Will be making this recipe from now on

  21. If anyone here lives in the UK (like me, hi!) for the Royal Icing you can literally just buy Silver Spoon Royal Icing Sugar -it’s already mixed and works the same way as normal Icing Sugar. Just add water.

  22. Nooooo! Royal icing is not supposed to be so runny! That icing definitely needs to be mixed longer. I can share all my recipes and tips and tricks with anyone who wants to learn how to decorate! Just please don't follow these instructions 🙁 not trying to be mean, I love tasty videos, I just wished they asked a cookie decorator to do this kind of videos.

  23. I'm allergic to almonds. Can I substitute or get rid of the almond extract? If you know anything about it please answer.

  24. This is cool and all, but I think the BEST sugar cookies are the imperfect ones. The ones with love and joy worked in. Not this exact “perfectness”.
    The ones you make with your grandmother or great aunt in my case. The ones where the angel wing snaps in half and you make it into the Virgin Mary. The one where the snowflake turned into a circle and you make it into a jingle bell. The one where the icing is a bit to runny, or your sister sprinkles WAYYYY to many sprinkles on the the Christmas tree. Those are the best.

  25. So beautiful! and lot's of work! I would really love to do the same at Christmas time, but with a 5 years old?:)))) Maybe when he is 18 and I have a bit more free time 🙂

  26. Made these for the first time last holiday season and SO MANY PEOPLE asked me for the recipe. Definitely making them again this year for sureee

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