How to Make T-Shirt Designs : How to Sketch a T-Shirt Design

GRACE FRAGA: Chantelle is going to teach you
how to sketch some designs for your future t-shirt. CHANTELLE TIBBS: Alright. So let’s
get started. I’m going to tell you a good story ’cause I’m sure a few of you professional
folks out there are like, “Okay, this woman’s trying to tell me how to design a t-shirt.
She’s talking a lot about inspiration and all these other, like, hippy stuff here.”
But… GRACE FRAGA: Yup. CHANTELLE TIBBS: …let me give you a good sample of something
that I designed, that I thought was fantastic and it’s one of our number one sellers. The
name of the t-shirt is called “Socialists are good kissers.” How did I come up with
this design idea? Well, for one, I was kissing a socialist. And me and her sat down and we
were talking about it, and she was like, “You know what? You’re a good kisser.” I said,
“You know what? You are, too.” She was like, “I bet you socialists are good kissers.” From
that one conversation–granted, I was drinking as well. From that one conversation, I got
one of my number one sellers. So, yeah, I know. I’m not talking about any kind of higher
power inspiration, although you can go from that, too. It can just be an inside joke between
you and a few other people. Designed the right way, it could work. So I know when I say everybody
can design a t-shirt, I really mean it. And just to show you what I ended up doing, I
placed it on–or I started sketching up a few samples. So I told you I like spirals,
so I started off the “S” with a spiral. And in my own handwriting, I just wrote it out
like this, and there are a lot of curves to the font. That’s–I toyed around with the
edge– GRACE FRAGA: Why do you do a lot of curves? What is it about curves that attract
you to it? CHANTELLE TIBBS: Well, I just like the way that it flows and it just looks really
good on–it looks really good on the shirt. It’s not blocky. I’ve never been one too much
for a blocky font, but if you like a block font, then do a blocky font. GRACE FRAGA:
I’m kinda blocky. CHANTELLE TIBBS: Okay–but there you go. So you got it. GRACE FRAGA:
So you can design this also on a computer if you had a computer… CHANTELLE TIBBS:
Yes. GRACE FRAGA: …design t-shirt and then go from there. CHANTELLE TIBBS: Yeah. Look,
see how easy this is? Anybody can do this. This is just me picking a font. That… GRACE
FRAGA: Wow. CHANTELLE TIBBS: …entire design was based off of just a font choice. GRACE
FRAGA: And the bantering. CHANTELLE TIBBS: And a banter and an inside joke. GRACE FRAGA:
First step then, go ahead, get inspired, and take your inspiration from real life and go
ahead, write it down with your favorite font. That’s all it is.

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