How to Make Stickers of Your Art for Redbubble in GIMP

How to Make Stickers of Your Art for Redbubble in GIMP

Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you how to make stickers of
your art for Redbubble and other print on demand sites. So, this isn’t about printing your own sticker
sheets, it’s just editing your traditional artworks for sticker designs to upload to
these sites that fulfill the order, do the manufacturing and shipping for you. We’re concentrating on art that has a portrait
or a character and a background in it and things like landscapes. So, what I used to do and what I think many
other artists do as well is just upload the rectangular or square artwork to pod sites
and it’s not a great sticker design. So, let’s go through a few options as I update
two of my older designs on Redbubble. I’ve already scanned or taken a photo of these
paintings and adjusted the contrast, sharpness and saturation on GIMP, which is the free
open source image editing software I use. So, let’s start with the deer painting. I’ll make 3 different versions of it. I’ll cut out the background first using the
free select tool because the background has a lot of colors and abstract shapes and the
color select tools wouldn’t work and I don’t think scissor select tool that uses intelligent
edge-fitting would work that well either. But you can definitely try those first, because
they can make this part a lot faster for you if you have a big difference in color or contrast
between the background and foreground. Make sure to add the alpha layer before deleting
anything you’ve selected by going to layer – transparency and click add alpha layer if
it’s not grayed out, which means that it’s already on. Once you’ve selected an area, press ctrl X
to delete. And you can undo with ctrl Z. If you make a mistake, you can move any of
the selection points by dragging them or you can also delete the last selection point by
pressing backspace. I like to remove the background in sections
instead of doing it all at once so that if I accidentally undo the whole selection or
something, I won’t lose that much work. The time this takes depends on how intricate
the outline of your character or portrait or object is that you’re cutting out. I had some annoying areas here like round
berries. I also decided to keep the fall leaves since
they’re more in the foreground. So, I selected around the leaf and then inverted
the selection by going to select – invert and then used the eraser tool to erase around
the leaf. While I’m removing the background, I also
wanted to quickly mention, that if you haven’t yet heard about the FTC’s COPPA regulation
that’s about to kill all art and craft and family friendly channels on YouTube at the
moment, I’ll post links below where you can find out about the regulation and sign the
petition for FTC to make the rules clearer and also write them a comment about it by
December 9, 2019 whether you’re a viewer or a content creator yourself. Back to the video. Once I’ve cut out the background, I’m checking
that there aren’t any stray pixels left by adding a background color. So, right click on the artwork layer. Click New Layer… You can choose to fill with transparency or
a color, I went with transparency and then selected black in the color selector and filled
the new layer with the bucket tool. Now I can more easily see, if there are any
areas left I should cut out. So, this is one option you could use as a
sticker. Hide the colored background with the eye icon
beside the layer and just export it as a png file. But I don’t like the way this bust shot is
cut off in a straight line at the bottom. So, I’ll do another version, where I round
off the bottom. I’m taking the ellipse select tool and I have
the fixed aspect ratio box checked and the ratio is set to 1:1 meaning a square. Then I’m going to view and checking the box
snap to canvas edges. This way it’s easier to place the circle,
since it snaps in place to the bottom of the canvas. You can change the size of the circle and
move it around to get the best placement. You’ve now selected what’s inside the circle,
but again you need to invert the selection in select and invert. And now you can erase the bottom of the image
that’s outside of the circle. And you’re left with a nice, symmetric rounded
off bottom edge for the sticker. I’m also making a version with a white outline,
but you don’t need this for stickers on pod sites unless your design is white and you
want to add a dark outline, but it’s more for other products like t-shirts, because
you can make the design stand out on different colored backgrounds. I made the outline by using the select by
color tool to select the transparent areas, inverting the selection and then growing the
selection in select and grow and filling the outlined area with white. The third option is to just use the head so
I’m cutting out the neck part. And for the next sticker alternative, if you
have a landscape or an abstract painting or something that doesn’t have a clear character
or object you can cut out, a simple way to make a sticker is to just cut out a circle. So, again go to view and check the box snap
to canvas edges. Choose the ellipse select tool and make sure
the fixed aspect ratio box is checked. After placing the selection, make sure you
have alpha layer added at layer – transparency, invert the selection at select – invert and
erase the edges by pressing ctrl X. You could also cut out some other shape like
a diamond or a heart, but I’ll save that for another video. Now, let’s go edit the Redbubble listings. So, click edit below the sticker and replace
the image with the new sticker design. If you have problems uploading png images
made with GIMP on redbubble, open the image in another image editor like Paint 3D that
comes with Windows and save it as a new png file and use that on Redbubble. I also went ahead and added the sticker designs
on some of the other products like t-shirts. If you’d like to see more pod and image editing
tips, click on the playlist on the screen. Thanks for watching! Bye!

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