How to Make Spooky Bottle Art | #ChooseToCreate | In Hindi

How to Make Spooky Bottle Art | #ChooseToCreate | In Hindi

Welcome, guys.
I’m Rob. Welcome to my channel. Alright, just curious. Did you watch my last video… …where I used Asian Paint’
Trugrip cr8 nontoxic glue.. …to make a black panther
bobble heard. If you haven’t watched it, please
watch it after this video. You guys will absolutely love it. I shall use the same glue to make
a very interesting project. Before I tell you what
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these are my instagram handles. You can follow me here too. Get ready. It’s time for some DIY. Why? Because I love it. Alright, let’s get started. Now we are going to do bottle art.. recycling an old bottle. I have here an old bottle. I have picked a greenish brown bottle… …because my design
is dark and spooky. That’s why I wanted this
dark colored bottle. You may pick a bottle
according to your design. I am going to make
this design on the bottle. As I told you my design
will be dark and spooky. Almost like a magic potion bottle. I have drawn a skull over here
as I want to make a 3D skull. This is a rectangular diamond
shape design around it. I shall cut and stick it to
the bottle so it looks like a label. It will appear like the bottle label. Let’s cut it. Alright.
I have cleanly cut the label. I shall stick this
using Trugrip cr8 glue. I like the design on this bottle very
much as it is pretty small… …and pretty playful. As you can see it is shaped
like a ball or an orb… …which makes it very easy to grip. Let’s apply. As I told you before, it is easy to
make straight lines with this bottle. I love this bottle. Now I shall spread the glue
and stick it to the bottle. There you go. The label is stuck to the bottle. Now I shall give this skull a 3D form. Basically I make small
balls or shapes of clay… ..and place them on the sketch
or skull that I have here… …and mold it into the final shape. This makes your sculpting easy… ..because you have a reference
shape underneath to follow. So, this is my simple hack. Even you can follow it. You can join all the pieces
once you have them in place.. ..and you can merge them together. As you can see here.. skull has easily taken a 3D form. Okay.
There you go. My skull is ready now as you can see. The form is pretty good. It becomes very easy to
mold these forms with clay.. ..but as this is clay it could
dry up and come off. So, I shall stick a layer of
tissue paper to prevent that. That way it will get stuck to the
label and it will get strength.. ..also the tissue paper
will give it a nice texture. So, let’s do that. I shall prepare a mixture
of glue and water.. ..which we shall use to stick
the layer of tissue paper. I am using the other
bottle of Trugrip cr8. It is shaped like a missile. It is a big pack and so
it contains more glue. We need more glue to
apply the tissue paper. We have our glue.
Now let’s add some water. Now we mix it properly. Okay, our solution is ready. I have cut the tissue
paper into small pieces. Now we shall stick a layer
of this on the clay skull. First I shall apply a coat of the
glue and water mixture.. ..on the skull and the label. Then we shall stick small
pieces of tissue to it. You must do it cleanly so the form
of the skull doesn’t get ruined. I won’t apply too many layers but
just enough so it is covered… …and remains stuck. Just keep overlapping
the tissue paper pieces. Continue sticking them on this. And as you can see we have
a nice textured pattern… …because of the tissue
paper, which is good… …as it will give
our bottle an old look. Which I want. Okay. As you can see, I am done. I have covered it nicely. I shall leave it to dry now. Meanwhile I shall show you the
design I am going to make around it. So, let’s do that. I shall add snakes to design
the remaining area. I am drawing a snake
on this foam sheet. Then I shall cut
it and see how it looks. Then we shall multiply the same design. Alright. So, the snake is ready, as you can see. Now I shall create a pattern on this. To create the pattern I shall use this
small bottle of Trugrip cr8 again. With Trugrip cr8’s odd shaped bottle.. ..makes it very easy
to make the dotted pattern. Because the shape of
the bottle is very unique. The bottle is quite small. This way you can easily
hold the bottle… …and control it easily. Did you see how easily
I created a dotted pattern? Thanks to the unique,
fun and playful design of Trugrip cr8. So, choose this glue
and choose to create. The design of our bottle
is coming together pretty well…, I feel we should also
modify our bottle cap a little.. that our bottle looks
a little more interesting. I shall stick this to the top. This is a strip of foam sheet. I shall wrap it around and stick
it and cut the extra sheet. Also, I shall stick one
more piece on top of it.. that the bottle
cap looks a bit thicker. So, let’s do that. Alright.
As you can see.. ..I have stuck the strip of foam
sheet around the bottle cap. Now I have cut this
round shape for the top. I shall stick it here with glue. And as you can see the size of the
bottle cap has almost doubled. It’s looking nice. Alright, let’s stick this in place. Okay.
Let’s put this aside for drying. Alright. As you can see the
layer of tissue paper.. ..that I applied on the bottle
is dry and ready. It’s looking nice. I shall stick the snakes on it now.. ..but before I stick the snakes I feel
I should give our label a border. Again I have cut these
thin strips of foam sheet. I shall stick it here with glue,
so, our label has a nice frame to it. So, let’s do that.. As you can see, thanks to the small
size and unique design of the bottle… …you can make straight lines
easily even on curved surfaces. Alright. As you can see, the frame is in place. Now we shall stick the snakes to it. Okay, I’m done with snakes. I don’t know if you can tell that I
have made a symmetrical design. I have made the same snakes
to design both sides. I know it’s looking a
little jumbled up right now. It looks quite intricate but it will
look much better when it is painted. Specially the dotted pattern. It will stand out very nicely. Let’s paint it. Frist I am going to coat the design
nicely with black acrylic paint. Once it is painted
completely black and dries.. ..I shall give it a metallic finish.. ..which will give this
design a very good look. Alright. As you can see it is completely
coated in black. It’s looking nice. In fact,
by the time I finished it dried. Acrylic colors dry very fast. So, this is done and we’re
ready for the next step. Now I shall give it a metallic finish. I shall this for the purpose. I have this metallic
acrylic copper color. I shall give it a dry brush effect which
will make our design stand out. Let’s try it. Alright. I’m done with my metallic finish.. ..and I am super happy with this. You can see it looks pretty good. It looks quite metallic. It does not look like we have made
it from clay and tissue paper.. ..and pieces of foam sheet. And the pattern of
glue dots on it looks good. I am super happy with this. Using the same technique I gave the
bottle cap the same metallic color.. that it looks
like a part of our bottle. Let’s put on the
cap to see how it looks. There you go. Our bottle art is ready. It looks super nice. Let’s place it in a setting
and then see how it looks. What did you think of our project? I thoroughly enjoyed making it. In fact, last time I used the
big bottle of Trugrip cr8.. ..which was shaped like a missile
but I used the small bottle today… ..which is shaped like
an orb or a bulb or ball. And it is such a small
and colorful bottle. You can finish it by using it
on two or three projects. Mostly you bring a big
bottle and you store it. Later it dries up and goes to waste. That won’t happen with this. In fact, you can buy a pack of ten. And it is a very bright
colorful packaging. In fact, the super saver pack
is a great return gift. You can gift it to
any person who loves art. You can buy it as a gift for yourself. It’s so cool. I can go on and on
because I love stationary.. ..but all in all it was great fun. If you guys enjoyed the video
and found the tutorial helpful.. ..give me a big like and if possible
share it with your friends. You haven’t done it as yet? Please subscribe to the channel. Come on! What are you doing? If you make it, please share
the pictures with me. Here are my instagram handles. If you tag me, I too shall see them. And tell me in the comments section
what else to make with Trugrip cr8. I will see you soon. Till then, like I always say. Do good and be good. Peace.

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