How to Make Sock Puppets : Supplies for Making Sock Puppets

Hi! This is Grace Fitzpatrick here on behalf
of Expert Village and I’m going to talk to you about how to choose supplies for your
sock puppet. Here I have laid out all my supplies. I’m just going to go through each one and
tell you why I’ve chosen that one. Here’s the material I’m going to use to for the mouth.
I chose to get a sort of thin foam material. It’s good because it’s quite pliable and also
durable so that I’ll be able to move the puppet like this and make a very effective mouth.
For the tongue, I’ve chosen a green piece of the same material. I thought that this
would just contrast very well with the pink. I wanted to pick something that was either
darker or lighter just so that the tongue would stick out when you saw the puppet. For
the ears, I’ve also chosen the same material. I picked blue just to get a little bit variety
in my colors. I’m really looking forward to having a colorful sock puppet. That’s just
my choice. You can do whatever color you want. Then we have the hair. I chose small pieces
of yellow yarn. Then I chose a purple pom pom for the nose. I have some googly eyes.
Again, these are things that you can buy at any craft store. Also some adhesive fake jewels
that I’m going to use for the earrings. Once you have all your supplies laid out and you
thought about how you’re going to attach all of them to your sock puppet, you’re ready
to start and you’re ready to start laying how you’re going to actually attach the things
to your puppet.

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