How to make Shabby Chic box. Transfer image. Decoupage on wood tutorial – DIY.

Paint the surface with brown acrylic paint. After drying apply a thin coat of wax. Paint the surface with white acrylic paint. Paint the surface with beige acrylic paint. Use the abrasive paper to emery to get Shabby Chic effect. Print a motif on special paper and cut it out. Put the paper into the water in 30-90 seconds. Put the paper on the surface and pull the back paper away. Carefully smooth the motif out by plastic card. Dry it by hairdryer immediately. After drying apply glue for decoupage and acrylic varnish. Apply the texture paste using a stencil. Paint with acrylic paint near motif. Draw the points with white acrylic paint by toothbrush. Draw the points with orange acrylic paint by toothbrush. After drying apply acrylic varnish and stick the detail of design to the box.

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