How to Make Puppets : Cutting Out the Puppet Pattern: How to Make a Puppet

How to Make Puppets : Cutting Out the Puppet Pattern: How to Make a Puppet

Hello, this is Paul from Puppets and Stuffed
Puppets. You can find us on the worldwide web at So we have showed
you our supplies, we showed you how to draw a pattern for your puppet and we have shown
you how to sew the pattern out. Now what we are going to do is actually cut the pattern
out. This could be tricky too because you have drawn with a magic marker a pattern over
here. You don’t want to view this side of the pattern when you are cutting it out because
the black lines may not be exactly on the thread that you have sewn as earlier. That
could be a little misleading. What I like to do for safety, I like to cut on the other
side that way I know I am not cutting into my thread. So that is what I am going to do
right now. Again, you may want to take your time with this. You don’t want to rush.
The beauty of building a puppet like this is that your puppet could be any size that
you like it to be. This is a pretty good size for my arm. I am an average sized man. I don’t
have a very big arm or hand size so this puppet is just right for me. And again, through trial
and error, you will find out which pattern works for you and which does not. Also, if
you really want to get creative and give yourself a challenge you can make this pattern really
tiny and perhaps make it a finger puppet. Now, we have sewn out our little character
here. Now what we are going to do is fold this inside out. That is pretty easy. What
you do is reach in and just pull out and reach in again and maybe straighten out the seams.
Now, the arms are inside out. So what we are going to do is pop this out like this now.
I like to use a little pencil here and I reach inside and I just poke the arm through. Now
the arm is through but the fingers are really not popping out yet. What we are going to
do is get in there and try our best to pop out each little finger. Now I like to build
puppets kind of like the way cartoons are. You know how cartoons have four fingers. I
don’t know why that is but it seems like traditional for cartoon characters to have
always four fingers but any way, I kind of like to do same thing with my puppets and
it seems to be universally accepted to have a character with four fingers. Nobody even
questions that. Okay. So, we have turned our character inside out

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  1. Thank you so much! I'm a big Muppets fan and I've always wanted to learn to make hand puppets 😉

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