How to Make Puppets : Adding Wire to the Arms: How to Make a Puppet

How to Make Puppets : Adding Wire to the Arms: How to Make a Puppet

Hello, this is Paul from
You can find us on the worldwide web at Now we have a nice little puppet here but
you know what when he is moving around his arms are kind of dangling from the side. I
am going to show you how to make some arm rods and these are great when you want to
move the puppet arms. Basically what we are going to do is take a wire hanger. You have
to unravel the wire hanger so that it is nice and straight and then go in the middle of
it and start bending back and forth as fast as you can so that the friction eventually
breaks it into. I’ve two pieces here now. What I have done if you can see at the very
tipsy top I then bent it about a 1 ½ so that it is a very tight slim bracelet type of design
there. I want to straighten out the hanger out a little bit there. There we go. Now,
the bottom part of the hanger is a little bit rough and you hurt your hands here. Remember
the little piece of triangular foam that we cut out earlier. Okay we are going to use
it now. We are going to snip off the end like that and then cut it in the middle. Then we
are going to take the sharp end that is not bent of the rod and we are going to stick
it inside there just half-way through. Okay. So we now put a little hole in there. We are
going to take our hot glue and we are going to dab some hot glue inside that hole and
stick the end back in and pinch with your fingers. What we are going to do then is take
one of the hands of the puppet and we are going to insert this bracelet type of top
over the wrist. You want to do the same thing with the other side and bend it a little bit like that. . You
now have a really nice little moving mouth puppet with arm rods. Hello there! Haha I
am alive. Thank you Paul. Oh my pleasure. Now he does not have any clothes. Oh no, I
am naked. Yes, you are naked but you can easily go to any thrift store. I go to thrift stores
and I purchase infant clothes or very small toddler clothes and they fit really nicely
on the character and you can put a dress on the character if you want to make it a girl
and a shirt if you want to make it a boy. Also, you can add ears if you want. Just little
fabric…glue some ears on. We hope you enjoyed out puppet making video and again you can
reach us at On behalf of Expert, I would like to thank
you for watching. Take care and have fun with your puppet. Yeah, have fun! Bye.

55 thoughts on “How to Make Puppets : Adding Wire to the Arms: How to Make a Puppet

  1. Just wanted to say thank you!!! I have to make a puppet for our church's Vacation Bible School and have been sweatin' it! This helps me so much! Thank you!

  2. Haha, we use to make puppets for a reward for doing a Christmast kid's when I was about 13, but we call the "wires" Rod Arms. not Arm Rods..

  3. Great tutorial. It might just be a muppet show overdose, but I was really wanting to find out how to make puppets. So this was a great help. Thanks! 🙂

    Only thing: Why does it have to be snipped down to such tiny videos?

  4. Very well explained! I enjoyed watching it.. I can't wait to go to the store, purchase all the material and get started on making my first puppet for my kids! So much nicer than buying expenive toys from the store… Im going to involve my kids as well in making these…. Thank you!

  5. I was surprised to see this from expert village. I usually am let down by their videos, but this was charming and great. Thanks!

  6. I like to use gardening flags (and remove the flags), found at a hardware store. They are lightweight and a good length.

  7. OMG your Paul Lewis!!! I love u!!! Big Fan!!! This is really helpful!! All the other puppet videos have silly reticulated foam!!!! X <3

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