How to Make Pottery Salt and Pepper Shakers

How to Make Pottery Salt and Pepper Shakers

Welcome back to the studio everybody my
name is Jim and in this video we’re talking salt and pepper shakers. More
specifically, secret salt and pepper shakers. So if you’re curious get ready!
This secret salt shaker is simple effective and a crowd pleaser and
because there aren’t holes in the top you can glaze them however you want. The
secret however, is the bottom. That is the opening and the fill area for these
shakers. Here’s how it works. So your basic secret salt shaker. So you
have this kind of volcano shape or this funnel and this is where all the salt is
stored. When you shake it, the salt comes up the side and then it goes down through
that hole. So if this hole is really large
you’re going get a ton of salt. Maybe you want ton of salt if it’s for pasta,
boiling water or for cooking, a big opening is great. 1 or 2 shakes and you get a couple
teaspoons right there. If it’s for food though a small opening is better. You
don’t want to just drench your food in salt. Personally, I love these because you
can glaze the top different colors. Got some gold and silver luster. “Shake me” got
some mishima on there with two different glazes. Two that you saw S&P silver and
gold luster. A silly but a fun one, shake shake shake, shake your booty. So they’re
super fun and make great gifts. Let me show you how to make this. I’m using a
little less than half a pound of porcelain. Go all the way through the
bottom. Then I angle the opening so there’s
less clay for the bottom funnel. Split the wall. Now the taller your funnel is
the more salt you can hold before it spills over but if it’s too tall and you
can’t dome over the clay then it doesn’t work. Sometimes I’ll use the back of a
paintbrush or a chopstick to get this hole the exact size of what I want. Time to
close it up. When you collar the clay it gets thicker. So in order to kind of
close off the top of a form you can collar then pull a wall, collar and pull
a wall and then close it. If you leave a little bit of clay you can always cut it
off and usually having a little extra out lets you push it down and really
puff up the inside of your hollow form. I’m gonna cut off the extra maybe a
little bit of an undercut so I can grab it with my hand. Then a metal rib. A
little too much up there. I will cut a little bit off. Just a little. I try to add
spirally effects with the rib as I scrape off that layer of slip. That’s
it. What’s nice about these shakers is that they’re so small that once they dry they
kind of pop off of the board by themselves. The last step is to cut a
larger opening in the bottom so you can feed salt into the shaker. So take an
x-acto knife and I hold up my hand rotate the shaker. It’s much easier than
doing the other way around. I go easy on the first cut because you
can always cut more. The second time around I’ll make sure the cut is nice and flush
to the inside of the shaker. When you want to fill it you take your salt you
pour it through that hole in the bottom and you’re finished. You may have to kind
of roll it around to get the salt to feed in. So that is your basic “secret”
salt and pepper shaker tutorial. If you enjoyed the video hit that like
button and let me know what you think in the comments – I want to hear from you guys! My
name is Jim and whenever possible be sure to make do and learn. Oh. A lot of pepper in there. I’m saving all that I can

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  1. These are an amazing design. Thank you for sharing and being so inspirational – Now I just need to develop the skill needed to make one. (well two 😉 )

  2. That is awesome. Thank you Jim, I have seen a few videos on these and some didn't put the hole into the cone until later. I was totally confused

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