How to make PomPom trees for cheap compared to the $20+ store price tags!

How to make PomPom trees for cheap compared to the $20+ store price tags!

hi everyone and welcome to hedgehog hollow
today I have another fun hack for you to save a fortune on your holiday
decorating now lots of you have asked me how to transition from core paper
crafting into doing more of your own home decor so today’s project is perfect
and we’re playing around with pom pom so you can do any color you want so I’m
doing a funky modern Christmas because I’ve got loads of the dr. Seuss things
from Hobby Lobby and it’s gonna match him perfectly you could do traditional
colors you could make your own pom poms if you wanted to as well but I’ve gone
for the easy option and of course links and everything in the description as
always so this is a 12 inch cone and my plan is to make a few of these I’m just
gonna show you one on film here and then throughout December you’ll be able to
see us decorating our home with these fun things and all we’re gonna do is
take this cone to take my glue gun this is Lynn Lily’s new glue gun that she
sent me put a new stick in it already so I’m ready to go and I’m just going to
put a line of glue around probably like three or four inches so you can see just
like this and then I’m gonna take pom-poms very randomly making sure I
don’t have the same color together at any point and I’m just gonna go around
my base so super super simple here just a few inches at a time of glue because
we don’t want it to dry on us and I’m just gonna pick up colors so I’m not
doing a pattern or anything that I need to really pay too much attention to and
I’ll add links to Lynn’s new glue gun as well she also has colored glue sticks if
you wanted to do something really funky where you could see all of those
different colors of glue that you’re adding on you could do that as well and
I’m doing the pom poms just fairly low towards the bottom because I want to
cover up most of that comb you can always add a piece of trim if you wanted
to as well I’m just going around pressing these on
and I’m going for the random idea because new dr. Seuss is all about being
fun you could make these four decorations for a child’s room they
don’t just have to be for Christmas and going all the way up so I meet back at
where it started so again I’m just pressing these in really really simple
and I’m gonna squeeze an extra one in here so it looks nice and full so that’s
your first round you’re just gonna press those on until your glue set so it’s
gonna set really quickly anyway particularly if you use hot glue as I am
and then I’m just gonna go all the way around we’re gonna speed this process up
because you don’t want to watch 20 minutes of me adding pom-poms on but
it’s really quite quick so I’m just gonna go around same deal just adding
another line of glue like this soon never cut them out and then I’m gonna go
all the way and there we have it one Finnish car
does it look super cute I sister say I want a whole forest of these
I can’t wait to decorate my account with all my dr. Seuss so stay tuned for
seeing that in December don’t forget to hit like subscribe all of those fun
things and you too can create your own pom pom trees I’ll see you again soon

5 thoughts on “How to make PomPom trees for cheap compared to the $20+ store price tags!

  1. Glue a coaster on the bottom for stability and weight. Styrofoam trees are easy to tip over. Can also easily weave those tiny BATTERY OPERATED lights throughout the pom poms which results in a very beautiful.glowing effect.

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