How To Make Pokemon Detective Pikachu and Avengers Gauntlet!!

– There’s $10,000 on the line In today’s challenge, I have to make a 3D model of Pikachu. Carl’s like, do you wanna
lose an art challenge today? – I gotta have a (mumbles) (screams) Carl! – I’m gonna try and do
Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. I gotta start over! Oh no! (laughing) – It’s time to find out who’s
the world’s greatest artist in an extreme 3D art challenge on the Carl and Jinger Channel. Are you guys ready for this? Welcome home. We’ve got this Model Magic Crayola. Uh, what is this stuff? It’s like … – It’s like a modeling clay. – Squishy modeling clay, and it dries out like over night. – It’s for artists, Carl. You probably don’t know what it is. – Well, I know. – Because it’s for artists. – I don’t know if you’re an
artist who knows, or whatever. – I probably am. – All right, so, here’s the challenge. – There’s $10,000 on the line, and you guys get to
decide who is the winner of this challenge on the
YouTube community page here on Carl and Jinger. I’m so excited, Carl, because my natural artistic
abilities are just blossoming this morning. I’m ready to create! – I’ve never seen her do art, ever. – In today’s challenge, I have to make a 3D model of Pikachu in celebration of the Pokemon
Pikachu detective movie that just came out, and I need all the yellow. – You’re probably going to have to use most of the yellow, right? I know, so I’m going
to have to get creative because I’m going to try and do Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. – [Ginger] Whoa! – Complete with … I’m not gonna try and make
it move like this or anything or light up, but this is some … Oh, whoa! – [Jinger] Oh! – Cool! I’m not sure exactly how this works, but this is awesome. I’m gonna try and make one of these out of the modeling clay. – [Carl] I say we just open up all the packages and
divide up the colors all up and stuff, and see how much we have
to work with, first of all. – There’s a lot of modeling clay here. I think we’re going to have all the colors that we need, but I’m just worried about volume for Thanos’ uh … – I know. I’m gonna actually try and build it around my arm, so we’ll see. I don’t know! Here we go. We’re about to do the
extreme art challenge. You guys need to vote up in the poll on the community tab, and you guys decide who
you think is gonna win a $10,000 check. You ready to do this? – Oh, yeah. Let’s do it! – All right, let’s make today awesome! Here we go. Ready, set … (rumbling) Oh, yeah. I’m feeling the
power of the Infinity Stone. – Go! – Go! I’m gonna have to mix, and maybe, my own kind of gold. – Are we racing, Carl? – How do I make … Oh, I don’t know. I’m going to have to take some red. – (whispers) I’m racing. – How do you make? – What color are you making? – I need to make brown kind of, or gold. I’m trying to remember what
two colors mix together. (laughs) Oh, no! – Okay, you could make … – I think it’s red and green. – Ohh, okay. – I’m trying to go back
all the way to like junior high art class. – I don’t think that’s
the right color of green. – No, it’s not. (laughs) – It’s definitely not
the right color of green. – You might have to
add a little more blue. – Are you going to be upset if I like take all this red? You’re doing like Pikachu, right? – No, that’s fine Yeah, I’m workin’ on that. I just need a little bit. There’s plenty in there. – You got all that? – Okay. – Okay, all right. I’ll be nice, if you be nice. (laughing) (grunting) – Oh my gosh, this is
like harder to work with than I thought. – This isn’t gonna mix into brown. What am I thinking? It’s gonna turn into a
big neon swirly thing. – Wait, will it mix? It might … – You’re trying to trick
me into mixing it, now. – You should try to mix it, Carl. – I’ll try to mix it. – Carl’s gonna try to mix colors. – It’s gonna end up looking
like Power Ranger crazy, and maybe if I just start twisting it. – He needs a fatter tummy. – Look, I’m actually mixing it. It’s not turning brown, that’s for sure. Oh, wait, look! Look! – Whoa that’s kinds cool. Sorta? – I’m just workin’ it like pizza dough. – That is not turning brown. – Wow, I’m sliding this whole counter top. – Carl, that’s not turning brown. – Wait for it. I’m not done. – Waiting. – What are you doin’ there? – Buffering. – Making an egg? Making an omelet? – Look at that. – Yeah. – I’m getting the shaping right. (laughs) Carl. – It looks like a marshmallow. It looks like a Easter
Peep, roll it in sugar. (laughing) – I got all my Easter Peeps, so I made myself a snack. – Right. How can I make this brown? All it did was make it
a lighter pink color. That’s gonna have to do. That’s not nearly enough. – You could make a white one. That would be cool. (grunts) – You could spray paint it. – I’m gonna try to make it work. Ah, I wish I … – Go for it. Go for it,
Carl, just go for it. – Now, I need like a pizza roller machine. (growling) Those pizza sheet machines. – There might be a pizza roller in there. (rumbling) – I have to try and spread this clear out. – Okay, you guys, so far, this is where we’re at. – That looks pretty good. – We just had the arms added, which I think looks pretty good so far, so we’re gonna put the head on, and then, we have to
do his lightning tail. – I have a giant, basically, roll of red dough. – It’s lookin’ good, Carl, lookin’ good. – But, I have a plan. (humming) That’s my plan. – We’ll see. – Yeah. I’m ready to come up with
one of my final strategies, here, which I don’t … – Do you know what that is, Carl? – That’s a Pikachu head. – That’s right, you could
identify it quite easily. It’s called art. – Okay, I’m gonna have to go for it, now. I’m pulling out my secret weapons, which is this vase, a
softball, and my arm. – Whoa! (laughs) – And some butter-flavored cooking spray. – What’s your plan there? – Uh, this. – Wow. – So it doesn’t stick to my arm. – Okay. (whack) Like this, and then, it’s just gonna wrap. It’s gonna be a big
Infinity Gauntlet, right? – That looks like the most … – Shh – … unartistic art – Shh – … I’ve ever … – This is my moment. Okay, here we go. – Okay, my turn. Wait … – This looks terrible. I’m going for it. I’m just wrapping it all in. – Carl, don’t doubt yourself.
Just go with your instincts. – I am. (wrapper opening) – Oh, gosh. It’s stuck to the counter. – And I’ll – Wait, wait, hang on. – Uh oh. – There’s potential, kind of, kind of. Wait for it. I just gotta mold it. Molding the gauntlet. – (gasps) Whoa, that looks
like a real gauntlet. – It’s so thin and drippy. – Carl. (laughs) – If you need any help, just let me know. – I don’t need any help. I’m good. – Okay, I’m just offering. – Thank you. I appreciate it. (cackles) – I gotta get this off. I’m gonna have to do this over this thing. Here we go. No, the trick is can I slide my arm out, and then, get it over the base. (laughing) Hey, it looks just like it. – That looks real. – Oh, my gosh! It totally looks like it. – Doesn’t that look real? – You know, it looks as
real as it might get here. All right, I just gotta deck it out now that I got the shape. – Hey, guys. What’s up? (laughing) – Oh, hi guys! – Okay, um, first of all, see if you can guess what I’m making. – Um, Pikachu. – Okay! – All right. – And Dad’s making the infinity Gauntlet. – Yeah, that’s only ’cause
you can see this, right? – Yeah. (squeaking) – Right now, it just
kind of looks like … – It’s just in pre stages. – Thank you. I got to try and somehow change this up, so it looks like … – An actual Infinity Gauntlet. (hisses) – I was gonna say fingers. (laughs) – Carl, come on. – I feel like I need to almost start over, but I’m not going to. – I feel like you need some luck. (Squeaking) – I’m just gonna start
trying to make knuckles. I gotta start over. (screams) No! No! – And I’m gonna crown my
Pikachu head on his body. – What? – Check this out. – That totally looks like him, Jing. – Oh, yeah. You never see me do art. – I never have. – That’s ’cause I don’t need to practice. – All right, I gotta double-time, now, if I’m gonna catch up. – You better hurry, I’m getting close. – Here we go. (intense music) – Oh, my gosh. This is terrible! I’m making fingers. (wheezing) (laughs) One, two, three, four, five. – Those are good fingers! – Here’s an extra finger
if anybody needs one. (laughing) This is terrible. Here we go. I’m pretty good at making
the fingers I think, but … – Those are good. They look like fish fingers. – I’m also really good at making steaks. (laughing) – Just put that on Carl’s resume. (laughing) – It’s fallin’ off! – Look at that! – It’s fallin’ apart! I am the master of the clay. – (grunts) – Do not be defeated. – Okay, here we go. Here’s one finger. (laughs) – That’s realistic. – That’s the pinkie. – That’s looking nice. I like it. – Shut up. I looks like someone who
just got done at the salon, like when they, like wow! When they go with the
claws, like (laughs), you know what I mean? Okay, here we go, just wait ’til get the Infinity Stones on there. Oh, my gosh. (laughs) Okay. – I need a butter knife. – Gem stones, here we go. Looks like we got a green.
Did I lose the green? – This is the part I’m not good at. – Okay, here we go, I
got a green gem stone. – The actual artwork. (laughs) – Here you go, right? (grunts) Green, purple. Okay, we’ll do … I’m gonna mix a little bit of blue. What have you got over there? – Nothing. I don’t have anything. – Blue, pink. We’ll mix some blue and pink and make purple here, kinda. – Oh, boy. – I’m starting to put together
the Infinity Stones, Jinger. It’s lookin’ pretty awesome. – Wow. – I might make an epic come back here … – Pikachu! – I’m gonna get some votes
whether you like it or not! – Pikachu’s tail’s
coming right along, Carl! – I love you guys that
vote for me ’cause you know what it’s like when life
is kinda hard sometimes. (laughing) – Like when you get… – Don’t give him pity votes. – You get in over your head. – Come on, this is a competition. Pity votes! Come on, Carl. – Yeah, you should vote
because my art’s better. Great. – Your art usually is a lot better. I just think I deserve to win one every once in a while, Carl. – I just think you’re actually surprising the heck out of me, and I can’t believe
you’re pulling that off. Okay, here we go, there’s that. – Carl’s like, do you wanna
lose an art challenge today? (screams) Carl! – I told you I needed a
chunk for the Infinity … Oh, wait, wait, wait, sorry. There’s still a bunch in the tub. I didn’t mean to do that. – My Pikachu tail. – Here. I’m sorry. Oh, really? Look at that. – It looks like brand new. – Wow, maybe … – Wait! – … give him a diamond ring. – I’m putting one on. – Too cute. – I’m putting one on right here. – Give him a diamond ring. – Wait. (laughs) Back off! – Oh, my gosh – I literally thought, in that moment, that you had stole all
the yellow for a second. (laughing) – And then, I looked up there
and felt terrible. (laughs) – Yeah, right. Okay, here we go. – Anyway, okay now I
gotta do the decorations. Here we go, because so far, I mean, the gauntlet’s like done, right? – I have to start over. – That’s done. On your whole Pikachu? – No. – How am I passing you now? How am I pulling into the lead on time? How is suddenly the art
just flowing through me like it was meant to be? – Oh, my gosh. – How come? I’m not even doing it. – It’s a mystery. – Look, it’s happening on it’s own. – It is a mystery. – Art is just happening. – Yeah, just right now … – I’m not even looking. – … it’s just flowing
through all your body. – I’m not even looking. – You are the art, Carl … – It’s done. – … and art is you. Oh, my gosh. – I’m gonna go get the kids. Ah, man. Here they come! – Oh! – You guys see what we got here? – Ohh, I like mom’s. She did good. – Whoa! – Oh, what was that? Say that again. – Mom’s looks good. (laughing) – Okay, we have to vote. – All right, so first,
Jinger are you done? – I am done. We have Pokemon … – Pikachu – … Pikachu. – Oh, my gosh. – That looks pretty good. – Look at that. What do you guys think? Okay, what’s your opinion on Mom’s um … – Uh, I think it looks pretty accurate. – From one to ten, I think
I would give it a five. (ding) – Solid five! – I give her a solid … – Yeah, I’ll take it! High five! – You totally got ghosted
on the five. Yes! (laughs) That’s gotta count for something. – I’m a zombie. (clap) – Clap your hands! – There’s a couple things. You missed the nose, there’s no nose. – Oh, no, it’s there. – Oh, there it is. – Oh, no, it’s a mouth. (laughing) – So, you missed the nose. – So, I would give it, uh,
about a six out of ten. (ding) – Ah! – That’s pretty good. – Okay, Gage. – And also, why I gave you a five is because you don’t have
the back part on the tail or the stripes. – Or the stripes. – Okay, okay. – So, I can see, they’re
all about the details. Wasn’t that exactly what I was saying. I was like, it’s all about the … – It is all about the details. – But you nailed it! – All right, let’s see,
Gage, what do you think? – I’m gonna give it a three out of ten. (ding) – Ah, ouch! – Okay, here we go. Don’t bite! – Okay. Okay, so total I
have 11, 12, 13, 14 points. – I know, but it’s also up to the poll. You guys have to vote as well. – I know. – All right, so here’s
my Infinity Gauntlet. – She loves it. She gave it a 10. – It’s a little bit droopy. What do you guys think. – Uh, looks like a salami fist. (laughing) – Salami fist, okay, wait though. Wait. – Lunch meat arrives. – Okay, Caden, your vote, ready? Wait, wait, wait, wait, before you vote, this is my secret weapon, ready? I’m gonna try and pull the Ulta Maneuver, like you know, on Cake Boss. You know when they try
to maneuver the cake? Let’s see if we can do this. (laughing) Wait, I forgot to spray the jar. (laughing) – Oh, no! – Okay, wait. What are
you trying to do here? – I’m gonna try and prove that this is the Infinity Gauntlet, but I forgot to spray
non-stick spray up in here. – Oh, I think I know what you’re gonna do. – Do you wanna vote first or after? – Start voting, guys. Start voting. – Let’s vote after. (gasps) Oh, you got it off! – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I forgot to spray the softball inside too. This is … Okay, I’m just gonna have to hold the softball in there. Ready? – Carl, you’re just …
This is just so good. – Okay, ready? – Yeah. – Okay, start voting right now, please! Start voting, right now! – Five out of ten. (ding) – Um, uh, that … – Wait. – A solid three … (ding) … out of ten. – Um, two. (ding) – Two out of ten, a three out of ten … – Five. – Five! Gage gives it a five. – The fingers are like so curled. – Shh. Shh. Well, look, look, it’s like … – Just destiny rocks. – It looks exactly the same. – Okay, guys, you have to
vote up in the poll above. We did extreme art challenge 3D … – Duh, duh, duh, duh! – … with Crayola sculpting clay. This was awesome. If you liked this, you’re gonna love the other
videos that you see on screen. Make sure and check ’em out! And we’ll see you guys in the next one. – [All Together] Bye! – Go follow us over on Instagram. We’re gonna do an awesome scooter race. (gasps) Don’t miss that. Yeah!

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