11 thoughts on “How To Make Plumbago Auriculata Flower From Crepe Paper – Craft Tutorial

  1. Did u crepe paper or double sided crepe paper for such kind of punches …

    I mean i had punches but when i use them on crepe paper .. it got tear ..

  2. Is their any another way out .. coz i tried a lot but my paper always gets tear .. and folding again and again then use punch requires lots of energy ..

    Being a lever patient i am bed ridden was unable to put so much of energy in punching ..

    Can u please tell me another way out to make this beautiful flower…

  3. với đống hoa này, ad không cần tốn tiền mua hoa thật nữa. chỉ cần mua giấy thôi 😂😂😂

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