How to make pen stand

How to make pen stand

To make a pen stand
using paper tubes take an A4 size paper and cut it into four equal parts. Now roll paper
tubes using a needle. Now you can paint these
tubes to get colored tubes. Here I have made tubes
of five different colors. And I have made twelve
tubes of each color. We will use to make a
rainbow colored pen stand. And now to make the
base we take a cardboard and draw two pentagon on it like this. You can use a
pentagon drawn on paper and cut it out to
trace it on cardboard. And now we will
cut these out. Now take six red tubes. And we glue two
tubes at one corner like this and one tube each at the remaining four corners. Now we will glue this other
piece of cardboard above this. You can use pins to keep
it in place until it dries. Now take a sheet of paper
and outline the pentagon. And now we will cut this out. Now we paste this using glue. Now we will paint the base red. Now after this has dried
completely we will start weaving. At one of the corners
we have an extra tube. We bend it along the edge like this. And then we bend this
next one along the edge. And we continue
weaving in this manner. Now when the tubes become
small we attach another tube. Apply glue in this tube and then insert the new one inside. Now we continue weaving. Now to seal this we start
applying glue at the last row. And for this last pipe we
insert it in the pipe in front of it. And then apply glue over here. After it dries completely
we’ll cut off the extra tubes. And now our pen stand is ready.

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  1. its nice,this is our project we supposed to make right now but i cant srsly I left my paint at school but i can do it tho..

  2. Ya me estoy entusiasmado hacer muy bonitos de varios colores ya hice unos color moradito y verde. Con flores en redondos , gracias x compartir ,sus trabajos ,

  3. Making those paper rolls is a tough job 😓 i tried it.. Husshh!!! Couldn't get them as perfect as shown!

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