99 thoughts on “How to Make Papier-Mache

  1. This reminds me how we use to make Easter eggs in school by pouring cooled melted chochlet (sorry about spelling dyslexic) over balloons. Always funny when it was too hot and the balloon burst sending it everywhere. Mostly in my face though. I would just stand there like nothing happened. Wipe a bit off my face with a finger and eat it saying mmmm nice

  2. ur supposed to take the balloon out?!?!?! i made the mistake of leaving it in there and just waiting for it to grow small. oops i guess i should go remove it now. hmm maybe howcast videos do come in handy.

  3. @maxious22 are you dyslexic, or retarded? Not hating, cuz this comment is funny as hell, but I felt the need to ask…

  4. @arachlyco then you certainly can't afford a computer or internet to watch this video lol

  5. step 1: go to ehow.com .
    step 2: find the instructions for paper mache.
    step 3 :follow the instructions in the ehow you find.
    step 4 :get ready to hear some ooos and aaas.
    step 5: tell howcast that they are stupid

  6. @MuSIkiSCoOl12 paper mache half of the bollon then put 1 layer of long strips let dry and add more strips to the bottomso its flat ish 🙂

  7. I am trying to make a fake cast for school so I don't have to participate in running because I have Asthma but I don't want anyone to know…

  8. I'm actually wondering the same thing, I thought I was supposed to substitute the flour for the powdered wall paper glue???

  9. In the fourth grade I made a Paper-Mache cast, and all the kids in my science class signed it. It was a lot of different colors and really pretty.

  10. retarded..ppl use public library for internet u know..but guess ur lucky enuf to not have to worry about poor ppl stuff

  11. We're talking about someone who can't AFFORD newspapers. That means it's beyond poor, it's pretty much homelessness…So I'm very sorry if I don't think a hobo's very concerned about how to make papier-mâché, internet or libraries what so ever.

  12. ok yeah newspapers are free all over. im not saying that part wasnt retarded. haha dnt get all butt hurt! plus i was drinking trying to paper mache last night!
    booze n paper machedo not go well btw

  13. I just made a big paper mache ball in second grade on accedent and when I showed my teacher she said it was paper mache and that's how I got my interest but I didn't do what she did I didn't make the ball hallow I got a bunch of paper in a Bowl put some water in the bowl put some glue in the bowl and muffled it all up into a ball and waited 2 months for it to dry but it was worth the wait cause it's super strong and is really cool and now I'm deciding to watch how to vids and I got to say I like my way better the only bad part was the time I had to wait which I don't really care about🙂🙂

  14. When do I add the wallpaper glue?  Do I add wallpaper glue instead of white glue in Step 1, or do I sprinkle it over the strips after the strips are placed in Step 6?  Thank you!

  15. Nice! I want to make some cool FNAF masks with papier-mâché, but that will be a while from now, I'll need to gather some experience, but I want to learn! And this will help me! I hope

  16. If you're using wallpaper paste do you just add it to the flour and glue mixture or do you use wallpaper paste on its own? I'm slightly new to making Papier mache

  17. Thanks! This was very helpful. I have a animal research project in school. I’m doing an anteater!

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