How to make Paper Flowers Marigold / Genda Phool (Flower # 73)

How to make Paper Flowers Marigold / Genda Phool (Flower # 73)

hi today I’m going to make Marigold a beautiful summer flower material required are crepe paper in yellow, green, a serrated edge scissors green floral tape and a thick wire take the yellow crepe paper and from one edge measuring about three centimeters from the edge just cut a strip from the whole paper so this paper should be around 75 centimetres otherwise you can measure the strip and then do it so this is how it looks now from one edge just cut a taper so leaving about one centimeter just cut a taper like this this is how it looks then fold the paper and using the serrated edge scissors just cut the edge so you get that those triangular edge on one side if you want and you’re more comfortable you can open the strip and then do it just cut it like this is how it will look this is how it will look and even on the slant side you cut the edge in the same way now again fold the paper to as thick that your scissors can cut comfortably and from this side just cut out triangles so leaving a little edge on the other side so cut out triangles like this when you open up this is what you get now leaving the slanted area again leaving that much and then you just take out the proper triangles that you have made like this so between each petal like formation just take out these triangles this is what you’d get so cut along the whole length of this strip this is how it’ll look with all the triangles removed now in the beginning where we had a slant don’t remove these triangles but just cut the strip make fine cuts on it about one millimeter wide including on the triangles this is the way it will look and what you do is just fold the paper twice or thrice the strip and then again then again becomes like a roll then just crunch up the petals just squish them up it like this and then twist give it a twist holding the base firmly so now the paper doesn’t tear just give it a tight twist when you open this is what the petals will look all squished off to do this on the whole strip so again we fold it again like this fold it from here and like that squish up the petals and then give it a twist remember to hold the base firmly so do this on the whole of the strip take the thick wire and the small yellow piece apply glue on it and stick this on top of the wire so just put the wire in the center and scrunch up the paper and twist it this is what you will get now take the paper the strip that we prepared for the petal and apply glue on the whole length then start winding the strip on the center that we made with the thick wire so start from the slanted area just stick it slightly above the center but keep the base of the strip at the same height just roll the strip a bit and then make one pleat and then stick do that on the whole strip so take a bit of strip make a pleat and then stick so make a pleat like this and stick don’t just roll the paper around the wire,you have to make a pleat in order to get that effect that marigold flower has so just make a pleat like this and stick this is how it will look after you finished the whole strip but I feel I mean it’s up to you whether you want this kind of a flower or you can make it bigger also but before doing that just sort of press the edge so that the flower opens up now I’ve made another strip in the same way as I did earlier but this one doesn’t have any slanted side on the edge because I’m just going to continue winding this on this flower so I’ll just apply the glue on the base and wind it around this flower in the same way and this is how it look after I’ve finished a slightly bigger flower than earlier I have made others which are smaller than this just to show you the difference between the two this is the size difference if you want bigger you can naturally increase the number of strips that you use now we will put the sepal so for the sepal take the strip the sepal strip and again using the same strip with the same scissors but before that just stretch the strip and then cut out one edge apply glue all over all around now take the flower first again press the flower base so it sort of opens up a bit like this and then take the sepal strip and stick it on the strip that is showing of the flower so just stick it, just below the petals like this then hold the flower and the sepal and twist the base this is how it will look now take the floral tape cut out a long piece from it as long as you want stretch it then wind this from the base of the flower till about four five inch this much and take the leaf and just hold it on the stem and wind the tape over now you can use as many leaves as you want normally a marigold flower has a lot of leaves on one stem but I’m just putting a single leaf this is how the flowers would look now just take scissors or anything and curl the leaf a bit and this is how it will look the flower and the leaf and before you finish just sort of open the flower petals out with your fingers to give it a more, stightly more natural and this is how it will look for the stencils all the measurements are in centimeter cut out a strip for the petals that is 75 centimeter by 3 centimeter cut one strip for one flower then for the sepal cut a green strip that is 2.5 by 5 centimeter cut one piece this is the stencil for a leaf this is 11 centimeter by 6.5 centimeter width and the leaf is 3.5 centimeter long cut as many as required then this is a small centerpiece this is 2 centimeter by 2 centimeter cut one piece

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  1. These flowers are beautiful,wonderfu.l As always very sweet work.I wish you and your family very happy days P.<3

  2. Hi Urvashi. I love watching your videos. I think I've seen them all. You totally amaze me with your talent. You make it look so easy. All of your stuff is so beautiful.

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