How to Make Paper Flowers in Cricut Design Space — All 10 Flowers!!

How to Make Paper Flowers in Cricut Design Space — All 10 Flowers!!

– Hello everybody, my
name is Jennifer Maker, and today we are making
Cricut paper flowers on The Great Maker Show & Tell.
(cheerful ukulele music) I love, love, love paper flowers! My very first designs for the
Cricut were paper flowers. First I made a peony, and then
a rose, and then a carnation. I’ve designed so many more
paper flowers since then, because I just love how we
can turn regular cardstock into these beautiful works of art. I believe I’ve designed over 25 paper flowers at this
point (chuckles), in fact! But did you know that there
are 10 paper flower designs right in Cricut Access that
you can use any time you want? They are part of the
Flower Shoppe Cartridge, and it’s included in Cricut Access. So today, I’m gonna show you
each of those paper flowers, there’s 10 of them, and
how to assemble them. Now, to make paper flowers, you really just need some cardstock, a way to roll your flowers, and something to keep them all together, like glue, or something, right? And I’m gonna show you the kind of paper that works best for paper flowers, because there are some
things to keep in mind and watch out for, when
you’re choosing your paper. I’m also gonna show you three
different types of tools that you can use to
assemble your paper flowers, so Cricut’s own quilling tool,
my homemade quilling tool, and a reverse-action set of tweezers. And finally, I’m going
to show you how to use both tacky glue and hot glue, so you can decide which
one works best for you. So let’s head on over
to Cricut Design Space, so I can show you exactly
where to find these 10 flowers, and we will get started
cutting them right out. All right, so there’s three ways to find these flowers pretty easily. The first and easiest
way is to actually go to my blog, at, and find the Cricut
Paper Flowers blog post, because once you’re in
there, I have a super easy, easy easy link, that will
take you right to all 10 of the Cricut paper flowers. You just scroll down to Step 1, and click on that link right there, it says, and when you do that, it takes you right to Cricut Design Space and loads all 10 flowers for you. See, easy peasy! But, sometimes you need
to actually add a flower to another project, so let me show you two other ways that you
can find these flowers once you’re inside Cricut Design Space. So let’s go ahead and click
New, so we have a new canvas, and then click Images, over on the left, and up at the top, you’re going to type in the codes for the flowers. There’s 10 different codes, and you just type in the code
name and press the Return key, and it takes you right to that image. You can do this for all 10 of the flowers. I actually have all 10
codes in my blog post, so that you don’t have to go
look them up or hunt for them, but there is another way I
think is simpler than that. If you go into Images
and click Cartridges, and search on flower, and locate the Flower Shoppe Cartridge, which is included free in Cricut Access, at the time of this video, then click on View All flowers, now you can see everything
in that cartridge, and then you can just click
each of the individual rolled flowers that we’re
going to do in this video, and there’s 10 of them and they’re all in this one cartridge. Again, this cartridge is
included free in Cricut Access, so we’re just gonna go ahead and add all 10 of these onto our canvas. And there they are! Now when they come in, by default, they’re not very big,
they’re about three inches, and that’s going to make
a pretty small flower, as you’re going to see
later in this video. So a more typical size, the size, in fact, that I’m going to be using for my paper flower in vases project, which I’ll be talking about
in my next video after this, I’m starting with an eight inch flower. So if you wanna resize
all of these flowers, what I recommend that you do,
is select all of the flowers, just like I’m doing here, go to the Align menu and choose Center. Now they’re all on top of each other, and then we can change the size right now, up here at the top, to eight inches wide, and all of the flowers will
resize to eight inches. And this is an excellent size
for making paper flowers. I recommend this, and
this is what I will be cutting mine out for my paper flowers in a vase canvas project. And of course, you can change the colors and everything like that if you’d like to, but really what matters is what piece of paper you cut it at. All right, so I’m gonna go
ahead and click Make It, and here’s all of our flowers, we can change it to 8 1/2 x 11 paper, because an eight inch flower does fit an 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. Under Materials, I’m going
to choose Medium Cardstock, and I’m going to go ahead
and set my pressure to More. Now let’s talk about
what kind of cardstock, because this question
comes up quite a bit. And really, this is Step 2 of our process, finding the best cardstock for, the best paper, really, for our project. So here I have a stack of papers, and I’m gonna go through this stack, and I’m gonna point out
the things that work best, and the things that you want to avoid. Let’s start with the things
to avoid first, okay? So this paper I got from Jo-Ann’s, this is a white core paper. That means the inside is actually white, and it’s usually labeled, but not always. You can spot it because
when you flip it over and look at the side of it, you’ll see that the paper
isn’t as vibrant on the edge as it is, you know, the actual paper. You don’t wanna use white core. White core will not look as good. Here is a pad of 12 by 12
paper, you can see on the side, it’s lighter than the paper itself is, so even though this one doesn’t
say that it’s white core, on the front, it is still
not going to work for us. Now here is some glitter paper. Glitter’s pretty, but
usually is only on one side, and that’s also not going
to work well for us either. So these three types of paper,
you wanna avoid if you can. Okay, what you do want to look for are papers that are the same
color all the way throughout. So this paper here, I got at Jo-Ann, and it has the same color
inside as on the outside, and you can tell it’s just really vibrant when we look at it on the side. This paper here is from Michaels, it also, nice and vibrant on the side, and this is a good paper to use as well. Now this shimmer paper, I really like it because it’s got a lovely sheen to it, which is great for paper flowers, it makes it look perhaps a
little bit more realistic, not as flat, however, it’s
still a white core paper, but, because it’s so light
and pastel, it’ll still work. All right, our next step
is to cut out the flowers on our Cricut, so got
my mat loaded up here with an 8 1/2 inch sheet of cardstock, I’m gonna go ahead and load this in. You just wanna use your regular fine point blade to cut out cardstock, and one of the awesome things about these Cricut paper flowers is how simple and quick they are to cut. There’s not a lot of fine details, and they’ll go really quite quickly, which is good because we’re gonna cut a lotta flowers out today, (laughs) so that I can show you how
each one of these go together. But something I wanna show you is the mat. The mat I used here was a brand new, nice, super-sticky mat,
which normally I really like, but you can see here how hard it is to get the paper off,
and in fact, it tears. So, super-sticky new mat, not a good idea. So instead, I went back
and I used an older mat, that wasn’t anywhere near so sticky, but certainly sticky
enough to cut my cardstock and not have it slip around, because the detail on
this is really quite fine, you don’t need a
super-sticky mat for this. So, you will see what a
huge difference it will make when I take off the
cardstock from this mat. All right, so there is our cut flower, and I can so easily remove
this cardstock from the mat, because it’s not anywhere
near so sticky, see? And it comes right off, and
it’s so much easier and faster, ’cause you don’t have to sit there and pry off each little bit, and worry about it tearing and everything, so use a less sticky mat
when you’re cutting out these paper flowers, and
you will be so much happier. All right, so let’s
assemble these flowers. Our next step is to roll
up our paper flowers. There’s three different tools
that you could use for this. The first is the Cricut quilling tool, which looks like this and
it’s got a little slot in the little metal tip here. The second is my homemade quilling tool. I have a whole tutorial
on how to use this. It’s just a dowel and
some electrical tape, and there is a slit at the
end as well for this one. And the third’s a simple pair of tweezers. These are reverse-action tweezers, which makes it a little easier, but people use all kinds
of tweezers for this. So I’m gonna show you how it works to use all three of these tools, and you can decide which
one works best for you. All right, so let’s start
with our first flower. I have got all 10 of the
Cricut flowers right here. You wanna put it in this
orientation as you begin, just as I’m showing here, and then you put the end of the flower into the slot on the end of
your Cricut quilling tool, it slides right in there, and
then you start rolling it. I like to roll it towards me,
just as I’m doing right here. You just hold the paper in one hand while you roll your
tool in the other hand, and if this is your very first time, just go slow, be patient, you may need to restart it
a couple times, it’s okay. This is definitely a muscle
memory sort of thing. I’ve been rolling paper
flowers for a long time, so I’m pretty used to it. Now, the further along you get, the harder it’s going to get, so you’re gonna wanna be really patient, as you roll up these flowers, because it’s gonna wanna kinda
slip down on the tip there, and that is going to
happen, and it’s normal. The things you wanna avoid
are accidentally having it come out of the slot of the tool, or having it unravel as you’re working it, that kind of thing, so you’ll note, I’m holding the bud as I’m rolling it, because at this point it’s
getting harder and harder to roll it up, but if I hold it, I can kinda keep it into
position a little bit better. All the way to the end. At the end of each of these
flowers, there is a circle. You wanna stop when
you get to that circle, hold the bud, and gently
pull the scoring tool off of the bud, you might have
to wiggle it a little bit. Once your flower is off the scoring tool, you need to hold it and allow it to unwind just a little bit, as I’m doing here, not all the way, just enough
so that it looks good to you. And make sure you’re holding it, right? You can decide how much you
want it to be open or closed, and at the bottom, we need to glue it. So let’s first experiment
with using tacky glue. Tacky glue is mostly what
I used on my early flowers, so it’s totally viable, and
what you’re gonna wanna do is hold the bud, and so that
you can see most of the layers, and you wanna put the glue
in the rolled-up section. You want to try to get glue on all of the edges of your rolled flower, and then, when you’ve
got enough glue there, you fold your circle down onto it, and you press and hold everything into position while it dries. Now tacky glue will take
a little while to dry, so you’ll wanna hold this,
and while you’re holding it, you can arrange your petals,
so fold them outward, or do whatever you’d like to
make this flower look good. Generally speaking, with these flowers, you wanna fold the flowers outward. You’re not really folding, so
much as rolling them outward. You’ll want to experiment, find the look that works best for you. And here we go, that is
what your flower looks like. All right, now I’m
gonna speed up the video while we go through the
other nine Cricut flowers. So for this daisy, I am
going to switch from using the Cricut quilling tool
to a pair of tweezers. These are reverse-action tweezers, so we don’t have to squeeze them shut, you just put the end
of the flower on there, and then you turn your
tweezers towards you, holding the flowers, so that they roll up onto the end of the
tweezers, just like this. And you just wanna guide
the flowers on there, and try to keep the base
of the rolled flowers, more or less even, to
the best of your ability. It will get difficult
as you get further down. Then take out the tweezers,
and if you need to, you can open them up a little bit. With the daisy, you don’t
have to open them up hardly at all, you can keep that bud, the rolled part, tighter, and then you put glue on the ends, and then you put that circle down, and then you hold it in your
fingers while the glue sets. You can push out petals
so that it looks more like a real daisy, just
as I am doing right here. There we go, that’s our daisy. That’s a nice, easy one. I really like the daisy. Now, for our third Cricut flower, I’m gonna switch to using
my homemade quilling tool. So this is just a dowel
with a slot at the end, and some electrical tape. What I love about this tool is that the electrical
tape acts as a guide for the bottom edge of the rolled flowers, so it can make it easier when you’re rolling up your flowers. They’re less likely to slip down on you. When you get to the end, you’re gonna wanna take
a look at your flower and see if it needs to
be unrolled a little bit. In this case, it looks good, so I’m gonna go ahead and glue it up, and it’s really too tight. (laughs) And that’s one of the problems
with these flowers is that, I think it’s either too
tight or it’s too loose, until you get used to
how to make these, right? So it’s okay to, if it seems too tight, it’s okay to go ahead and arrange that, get it to where you like it. I’m trying to get the center a little bit more tightly
wound right there, by using the tweezers. All right, so here’s our fourth flower. I’m gonna keep using my
homemade quilling tool, because I really like it, I really like how it helps the flower not slip down quite so readily. Yeah, so I’m gonna roll this right up, and we’re going to get to the bottom, and pull off the tool, just like before, and we’re gonna take a look
at the bud and let it unroll just a little bit so
it looks more natural, and put that glue on the rolled edges, and try to get as much
glue as you can on there without it being everywhere. (laughs) And hold the flower as it sets, and while it’s doing
that, roll out your petals so that it looks like a natural flower. One of the issues I see with flowers is that folks aren’t rolling
their petals outward, and it really looks so much better when you can arrange the petals out, like a real flower, ’cause even buds, the flowers aren’t completely flat, right? They’re still curved, and everything. All right, so with this one, I’m going to go ahead and roll it up, but you can see I’m struggling
a little bit with it, because it looks best when it’s
completely not super tight, but it’s way too loose on the bottom. I’m gonna have an issue
getting glue in that. It’s just so loose there, right? I can only get glue in a little bit, and the rolled section is
bigger than the circle, so this is an issue that
you might run into as well. If this happens, you
don’t have to throw it in the trash can, you
don’t have to do that. You can go ahead and try
to glue it, like I am here, and then roll the center in tighter, so that it looks okay,
but if that isn’t working, something else that you can do is switch from using tacky glue to
using hot glue, right? So the hot glue will allow it to set much faster, and it’s thicker, so it’s going to coat
the rolled edges better, and it’s gonna allow you to
create your flower quicker, and get it into position. So, let’s put away this tacky glue and get out our hot glue gun. All right, so we’ve got the glue gun. Now, remember, be careful, (laughs) that glue is very hot, and
because this is a small project, and you have to hold it in your
fingers while the glue sets, you’re more likely to burn yourself, okay? So please be careful. I’m gonna get this flower rolled back up, so it looks decent. Remember, everything is
fixable, it really, really, I almost never throw anything away. I can fix almost
everything, and so can you. So we’re gonna get this
rolled up into a good, so that we can actually
get the glue on it, again, there we go, that looks good, now see, the hot glue
is just so much thicker, and we can get it right on there. Again, be careful with your fingers, if it’s too hot, it’s gonna be a problem. While the glue is setting,
roll the petals outward, so it looks more natural. There we go, there’s our finished flower. All right, so now let’s do this red one that looks a little bit like a mum. And this one is nice and easy to roll up because it’s all straight edges, and we can keep this bud pretty
tight because it has petals that we can push outward pretty easily. Unroll it just a little
bit, so it looks natural. You wanna hold it as you’re allowing it to unroll a little bit,
control it with your fingers so that it doesn’t just go,
poof, and open all the way up, and then you’ll see how I’m
using this surface here, I’m pressing down on the center, so that I don’t burn my
fingers on the hot glue, and that really helps a lot. Okay, so let’s do our pointy flower, pointy pointy petal flower, and we’re gonna roll this one right up, again, I found this is
the best way to roll ’em, when you roll it towards you like this, and because this has nice, long petals, we don’t have to unroll it too much, we can mostly just keep it tight
and get that glue on there. Make sure you get all
the edges, there we go, and use your surface, and
press it against there, so that you don’t burn your fingers, and open up all the petals. If you’re struggling with this at all, remember, practice, practice, practice. I’ve been rolling flowers for a long time. My first flower did not look very good. It takes some time, so don’t be discouraged, just keep trying. Now this cabbage rose is a
little tricky, in my opinion, because while it’s really
pretty simple to roll up, it’s kind of a lot of paper,
so at the end, it gets unruly. And also, it’s a very wide flower. If you look at that circle there, it’s a pretty big circle
compared to the other circles, which of course is our clue that it should be opened up bigger. So naturally, you’re gonna
wanna open it up bigger, and you’re gonna find it’s
a little bit harder to do, because it doesn’t necessarily
wanna open up evenly, right? You’re gonna have some parts that are rolled more than the others, and I saved this one towards the end because it is a little harder to do, and you’ll see I’m struggling
with it right now, right? It’s like, this one needs a happy medium between too tight and too loose, but if you can’t get it right in there, then you’re gonna wanna get it too tight, so that you can at least
get the glue on the ends. I don’t make this flower very often, so I’m not well practiced at it. But I want to show you all the mistakes, so that you can see what to
do when you have an issue, as well, and I will show you, we’ll go through all of these flowers one more time at the end of the video, so you can see how they should be done properly from the start. So first we do the mistakes,
and then we do it right. Because you know, it’s
great when we have a video with perfect flowers,
or a perfect project, but that doesn’t help when you can’t see how to fix a mistake, or what
to do when there’s an issue. And even now, I’ve got this one glued, but it’s just really really tight, it’s really just too tight, so, whatever, certainly not my favorite flower. (laughs) but I did it, all right? So another mum-type flower, so we roll this one right up. I think that rolling is the easiest part. It’s the gluing that I
always struggle with. But again, the more you do, the easier it’s gonna get, really. All right, so we need to
get that glue on there, right in the rolled section,
and then push down on the rose, and press it against your surface to avoid burning your fingers, and then press your petals
outward, there we go! Now, this next flower, which is a rose, is the trickiest, and it’s
why I saved it for last. So you really need to curl your petals before you ever start rolling it up, because otherwise it’s gonna
be really difficult to do, and it’s also not gonna roll very well. A lot of people, when
they make this flower, they don’t do this, and it just doesn’t look very good at all, (laughs) it looks like some weird
piece, bit of rolled paper, with bits sticking off
of it, not like a rose. But when you curl your
petals first like this, or do something to distress them, and relax that stiff paper,
it makes a huge difference. So I’ve gone through and I have curled each of the petals inward,
and now I’m gonna roll it up. And because I curled it, it
rolls up a lot easier, too. Now, your petals are
still a little bit stiff, and they might want to
sort of stick together, like group together,
when you’re rolling them, and if this happens, just keep
squeezing the bud as you go, and it’ll keep it curled up into a bud. That’s my best advice for
how to prevent your petals from all wanting to be on the wrong side. The advantage to this
flower, while it’s finicky, it’s the most beautiful
of all the flowers. If you can master this one, you can have some gorgeous roses. So we’re just gonna
get that glue on there, and press it against our surface, and get those petals curled in there, and if you want, if you
need to arrange them because they’re kind
of all stuck together, this is the time to do it,
before your hot glue sets. And then press your petals
outward, just like a real flower. And there we go! So, that is our 10 Cricut flowers. I think that they’re
super fun and awesome. So here’s all 10 of the
Cricut 3D paper flowers, along with their shape,
their finished look, and their code, in case
you need to put them into projects that you already have. This diagram is also available over on my blog, at, in case you’d like to
bookmark it or print it out. One of the biggest questions I get is, what size should I cut them out at, to get the finished size that I want? So let’s talk about that now. So I cut out 10 flowers
at 10 different sizes, everywhere from two
inches, what you see here, all the way up to 11 inches, so that I could show you the whole range. So this two inch size, it rolls
up into a half-inch flower, which is great for things
like cards and stuff, but probably a bit too
small for home decor, or a shadowbox, unless it
was a really small shadowbox. This is the three inch size,
and the three inch size rolls up into 3/4 of an inch. This is just the next size up, and we’re gonna just go
through the whole process, so I’m doing this very quickly now, because you don’t
necessarily need to see me go slowly through this. This is the four inch size,
and the four inch size rolls right up into one inch. You’re still gonna wanna arrange your petals and stuff so they look good. The five inch size rolls
up into 1 1/4 inch. This is a good medium size, still a little on the
small side, but again, it depends on the size of
your project or your canvas. This is the six inch cut size, and the six inch size rolls up into 1 3/4 of an inch sized flower. Our next one is the seven inch size. Seven inches rolls up into 1 3/4 of an inch sized flower. Here we have our eight inch size. Eight inches rolls up into
a two inch sized flower, now the eight inch is my favorite size, because it maximizes the paper, of like a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, and it looks great in most
home decor applications, so like on a canvas, or a shadowbox, or as a gift topper, so
eight inches is a winner, and that’s what I’m
doing most of my flowers for my next project in. All right, this is the nine inch size. The nine inch size rolls right
up into 2 1/2 inch flower. You know, nine is great,
but it doesn’t really fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, so it’s a little bit
tricky in that regard. But let’s keep on goin’ up. This is a 10 inch size cut flower, and this rolls up into
a 2 3/4 inch flower. But I really think, if you’re
not gonna do eight inches, and you want bigger, you
might as well just go for the 11 inch size flower, because the 11 inch size will
maximize your 12 x 12 paper, and it rolls up into a beautiful
three inch size flower. If you need to go bigger than this, then you need to actually start looking into giant paper flowers, of which I have a whole
lot of, including roses. So if you want bigger than three inches, then check out my giant paper roses, and other things like sunflowers, and poinsettias, and all
those sorts of things. All right, so here’s our sizes, and here is the size chart. If you wanna refer to this, I will also have this over on my blog if you wanna bookmark it or print it out, so that you have it when you need it. So there are the 10 sizes
of our paper flowers! You can see how you can use
these in different ways, just by changing the size of the flower. Now I am going to actually
use all 10 flowers to create a project, so
if you wanna experiment, with creating different size
flowers, go ahead and do it, because I have a project for you, and I’ll be talking about
that in my next video. But you’ll still get a
sneak peek in this video. Let’s go through all of the flowers one more time, the right way. I’m gonna use the Cricut quilling tool, because I think that this
works best for these flowers. The paper that I’m using
here is a shimmer paper, so that it gives this a pretty sheen, and we’re gonna roll these all up, and you’ll notice as I unroll these, I’m holding them to control them, so that they don’t open up too big, just enough so that I can
get them looking natural. And then I hot glue them, and I press the flower
down against the mat, and as the glue is setting,
I fold out the petals. And that is how we do all of our flowers. So we’re gonna go through, and we’re gonna do all 10 right now. (cheerful ukulele music) So there we go, there’s all
10 of the paper flowers, in shimmer cardstock, don’t
they look really lovely? I have a project in mind for these. They’re going to be amazing, I’m going to put them in a vase, and I’m going to show
you what that looks like, and we’re gonna go over
it in another tutorial. Now, if you like Cricut’s paper flowers, I have more flowers for you to try. I try to make my flowers look realistic, and I trace each petal
carefully from real flowers. I have a peony, a rose, a carnation, a tulip, magnolia, mum, marigold, gardenia, cherry blossom, lily, and I think there’s more, too, yes. And they’re all over at One of the biggest questions I get about paper flowers is,
what do you do with them? I mean, they’re pretty and all, but what is their purpose? (chuckles) There’s a lot that you can do with them, from making cards and gift
toppers, to home decor, but one of my all-time favorite things to do with paper flowers
is make wall decor with things like these two canvases here. You can create a flat
vase from vinyl, paper, even transparency film,
and then glue your flowers above it in pretty arrangements. And I’m going to show you exactly how to do that in my next video. If you have any questions at all about making Cricut’s paper flowers, or my paper flowers, please
leave a comment below, or post over in my awesome Facebook group, at And that’s it for today. Remember, if you can tell
me what you want to make, I can show you how to make it! Until tomorrow!
(cheerful ukulele music)

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