How to make paper cherry blossom from facial tissue

How to make paper cherry blossom from facial tissue

This is a tutorial to make these paper cherry blossom… from facial tissue and drinking straw Cut the straw into 70mm sections Use a lighter to burn one head of the straw section Color that head with yellow paint Cut it as an eyelash shape with the scissors Glue it to a wire gauge# 26 to make the stamen Color the inner with limegreen paint Cut the facial tissue to small squares Fold and cut the flower petals Gently twist the petal to create the veins and ridges separate the thin layers Insert those thin layers to the stamen Glue the stamen and the petals together by glue gun Insert a small sepal will strengthen the form To make the cherry blossom bud… Insert a smaller layers to a bead head and glue the petals together glue with some limegreen paper sepal color the bud with a lot of pastel chalk powder Color the leaves with orange… glue with the wire gauge 26 Make different size of the leaves Wrap the buds and the flowers into small groups And attach all together to a dried branch by brown floral tape

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  1. What's great about this tutorial is that you used some items that can be easily found at home and the results are so realistic. 🙂 Thank you! I'm excited to try this. 🙂

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