How to make Origami  Flower. Origami for Beginners

How to make Origami Flower. Origami for Beginners

Good afternoon! You are on the channel “Origami Cat”. That such an origami flower we will do today. See how bright flower! Make 5 squares of green and 5 orange squares. The square of 7 x 7 cm. Fold it diagonally (from corner to corner). Lift the right corner to the top. Lift the left corner to the top. Good smooth out wrinkles. Straighten the triangles to the sides to the edges of the square. Lift and open triangles. Fold the small triangles to him. Tuck edge figure, as shown in the video. Apply glue. 1 minute is enough to paper stuck. Expand the figure. This is the first tab! If you turned the petal, place the thumbs up! This is one of the modules of the flower. Make 4 more orange module. And make 5 green modules. Apply a thin layer of glue in the fold petals. Attach the second module and hold until the glue dries. Glue also has 3 petals. The work requires accuracy! Use a cloth to wipe away excess glue. Hands must be clean to avoid contamination of the flower. I used the orange paper flower. You can use paper of any color. After all, flowers can be any color! I love origami modules, because the hack is done quickly. That’s what beauty has turned out! If you also let me know, put your finger up! We stick the leaves. Apply glue between the petals and attach the sheet. The remaining leaves and glue. Who first on the channel “Origami Cat”, be sure to subscribe. And click on the bell next to the subscription. If the bell is on, you are 100% able to see my new video. When gluing the modules do not need to hurry. Let the glue dry well. Glue the last module. Origami flower is ready! This is a 3d flower made of paper. Look how beautiful it is! We need to think who gave it! Thank you all for watching! Standing and waiting for new viewers to your channel! Beneath the video please write, we got you a flower? How do you call it?

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