How To Make Origami Balloon?!!?!

How To Make Origami Balloon?!!?!

So You Decided To Turn On The Caption. Great ! The Paper I am Using Here Is 15*15 Glossy Craft Paper. Flip The Side To Non Coloured Paper So Then When You Finalised You Get Coloured Art Fold It Side ways And Repeat Over Other Side make sure You Make Crease Exactly Without Any Hassels Do The Same Over Other Side. Again ! Make Sure You Make Crease Properly. Now Fold The Paper Into Half. Fold It Tightly So Unfold It (We Only Wanted The Crease ) And Now Make 3D Triangular valleys . Now Take The flaps That You Just Made And Fold It Towards The Point Upwards. Flip It And Do The Same On The Other Side. So You Got This Diamond Figure ? If Not You Have Done Something Wrong Just Go Back And replay It . If You Got This Diamond Type Structure You Are Going Completely Well And Carry On. Now Fold The Inner Flaps To The Middle Lining . Do The same With All Four Flaps. Fold It In Half And Don”t Worry Too Much About This Step . Now You Have 4 Folded Flaps And Now The Target Is To Put All These flaps Into The Pocket You Made In Last Step. I Was Taking About This Valley Like Pockets. Secure It tightly And Lock It In Place. Do The Same With All Four Pockets. I Know Its Hard To Put These Things Into That Pocket But Don”t worry Just carry on Even This Step was Not Perfect. Secure It Super Tightly . Now On The Two Extremes Point On The Major Axis You Will See Two Pointed Ends One With Hole And One Without Hole. Blow It With Enough Pressure And Just Give Some Wiggle With Your finger. YAH !!!! You Just Made You Own Art. Congratulations. You Can Make Whole Bunch Of These Using Different Coloured Paper. Here I made Two Another Balloons As You can See With Pink And Yellow. Let Me Show It To You. Here Comes The Blue One. And Here Comes Yellow. Please Thumbs Up This Video (like) And Share It With Your Friends And Family. Subscribe The Channel.

6 thoughts on “How To Make Origami Balloon?!!?!

  1. Ma meilleure amie savais en faire mais au bou d’un moment elle ne savais plus quoi faire alors quand j’ai regardé cette vidéo j’ai sus comment en faire et j’ai dit à ma meilleure amie l’étape qu’elle avais oubliée. Bon je t’ai écrit un roman mais bon 😁😂

  2. Thankyou I had instructions on how to make it but I didn't get it at all so thankyou please do more

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I struggled to make a balloon for so long, but your video helped me significantly and it was so easy to follow! I can now make origami balloons thanks to your help! My first one came out perfectly!

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