How to make old plate decoupage tutorial DIY

How to make old plate decoupage tutorial DIY

Apply Primer transparent degreaser to the surface. After drying stick the adhesive film on the center of a plate. Apply a glue for metal leaves MIXION. Leave it to dry for 30-40 minutes. Put gilding leaves CAD202G onto the surface and smooth them . Remove excess gilding leaves by brush. Pour coarse sea salt over the entire surface of the plate. Moisten a fabric in the cider vinegar, wring it out and put it on the plate for 30 minutes the salt corrodes gilding leaves. Remove the fabric, rinse off the salt by cold water quickly. Apply a solvent base or alcohol base varnish VPLUS. After drying paint the gilding leaves with brown acrylic paint C7575. Remove the adhesive foil. Draw the points by contour KAD5. As a rule a napkin has 3 layers. Use the top one. Put the napkin on a regular film. Pour water on the napkin. Carefully smooth the napkin out by fan brush. Lift the film together with the napkin to let water flow down.Put the film together with the napkin on the plate. Carefully remove the film. Apply glue to the center of image immediately. Spread glue from the center to napkin borders. (Water down glue 1:1). After drying paint the napkin with white acrylic paint C200. After drying paint the plate with brown or gold acrylic paint.

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  4. Svetlana …this is beautiful as all your other work , could you pls tell me what is the primer transparent degreaser that ou used here? thanks a lot for sharing XX

  5. There are English subtitles on all ours videos. Ci sono i sottotitoli in Italiano. Our online store Materials: Glue for metal leaves MIXION, Gilding leaves CAD202G, Varnish Vplus, acrylic paints C7575, C0200, Contour liner gold KAD5, napkin S492 or rice paper RP818, glue for decoupage CPLUS.

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