How to Make NERIKOMI POTTERY with a Plaster Press Mold

How to Make NERIKOMI POTTERY with a Plaster Press Mold

if you’re here for nerikomi pottery
you are in the right place so stick around what’s up everybody my name is
Jim and welcome back to the studio Eric G says hi Jim thank you for another
great video thanks here I would love to see some finished pieces using the
nerikomi clay you’ve just created Eric I’ll meet you halfway I can’t make
the pieces and fire them the time that I want to put this video out but I’ll make
some pieces and show you how I’m gonna make this new body of work and I’m
really excited about so nerikomi pottery slab cups as you know a couple
weeks ago I’ve made three different nerikomi blocks here’s one of those
blocks there are a lot of ways that you can use nerikomi blocks I’m gonna show
you one way it should be a quick video got a block of clay rolling pin torch
super excited to use this a couple other tools like I said there’s a lot of ways
you can use these nerikomi blocks I am using a mold that I made from some
wood that I cut with a chop saw I’m using this mold here we’re gonna roll
some slabs and lay them in here this gives me the ability to add some really
sharp edges without distorting these designs unless you chip off plaster in
your nerikomi block so I’m using half of a press mold for this cup with the
size of this block the way that is it’s only big enough for one piece so I have
a trick to save you some clay we’ll cut a quarter inch piece by far the best
part of this now this size like I said is about big enough for you know one and
a half pieces are laid in there but that eats up your nerikomi block really fast
so here’s my trick to get you more out of all the work you put into these
blocks I take some porcelain clay and I roll a slab that’s a quarter inch thick
and make sure it’s as long as the narrow me piece that I roll out this way
because this piece is a quarter-inch and this piece is a quarter-inch if I stack
them and then roll them out I should get a piece that’s twice the size of this
that’s a quarter-inch thick if that doesn’t make sense it will soon this
board is really wet I’m gonna switch boards look so boring and bland no
contrast when you’re rolling on top of your nerikomi make sure you clean
your roller then I have a t-shirt this will help me keep my designs clean so
I’m gonna roll from the middle forward and the middle back tell you what I’ll
take off the shirt so you can see what’s happening it’ll be okay if you roll all the way from the front
you’re gonna overlap some of your designs you get a little bit of
distortion but it saves you a lot of clay and cut this directly in half put
half away for later decide how you want your design to go sink it in here a little
bit almost like a taco fold it rest it down in there first I’ll cross my
fingers and make sure it’s worked into most of those seams I’ll take my sponge
and I’ll press and really kind of squeegee that clay into the sharp edges
knife I’ll show you what it’s happening save it for the scrap pile what I’ve been doing is for the top rim I take my sponge and I kind of press a little bit of an angle onto here this is
the rim you don’t want to have a really sharp rim it’s not pleasant to drink
from this rounds a little bit softens a little bit and I actually also do the
bottom and that’s for a different reason now this clay with soft and I added
water to it so get the torch this isn’t the best practice to be honest with you
you want to let it dry on its own but I’ve done this a lot I’ve practiced and
so I kind of know what to do just a little bit all that did was just take the extra
moisture out that I added with the sponge some potters use this for
throwing to to stiffen up things on the wheel before they throw more really
domed bowls and vases you’ll see people using torches or you won’t see them
but they will use them this should pop up pretty easily one trick I can tell you is if you take
take it a little bit away from the wall and then can totally work a compressor
with air works better or you can use your mouth there we go
half of my cup is finished that looks nice you really can’t have too much slip
I mean you can but it’s better to have too much I’m also gonna do one more
rescore people don’t do this it really helps work the slip into your square
marks make sure they fit kind of work the edges together taking my funding
knife and I’m just knitting the inside together normally you would have two
halves but it hasn’t difficulty with this mold I’m just using half of it when
that’s finished you can take a brush and kind of wiggle back and forth to smooth
out those lines remember the trick to get this out at one side still there we
go my plan is I’ll knit this together
smooth it out a little bit yes that will distort my design I think I’m gonna
glaze over this area with an opaque color that looks messy but it’s gonna be fine
don’t worry I know you’re all worried don’t worry
I’ll sand it down when it’s bone dry we gotta have a bottom for this right this
I made from rolling scraps together kind of the thing I’ve been doing just kind
of experimenting with different ways to make work as an artist never stop
experimenting because that’s when the work gets dull doing the same thing over
and over and over again sometimes you have to do it but that’s when the work
can really get boring my advice never stop experimenting with
your work I might hate this at least I’ll know taking my finger in and kind
of doing some finger beveling here kind of press and wiggle this down into place
fits pretty nice and lastly I’m just gonna work this into the seams I let
this dry slowly inside of a wood cabinet and the next day I kind of cut off all
this extra and smooth it out that’s everything thanks so much for
watching if you haven’t subscribed yet you should do so you will not regret it
there is a giveaway coming soon I promise there is I just have to finish
this work so I have some really cool pieces to give away my name is Jim and I
will see you in the next video

9 thoughts on “How to Make NERIKOMI POTTERY with a Plaster Press Mold

  1. These videos are excellent! I have watched most of your colored Clay videos and I was wondering if you do colored slip as well with the scraps. I can't wait to see the cup out of the kiln!

  2. I think a cup like that would also look nice with the bottom white and the Nerikomi pattern facing up in the bottom of the inside of the cup So when you look down into the cup with the white porcelain interior you can see at the bottom of the nice design.

  3. i love your works… its amazing… i watched videos of potters doing thier masterpiece … and now… watching yours.. 😊 i like pottery even though i dont know how to make one… by the way i'm a newly subscriber of yours … hope to see more of your masterpiece.. 😊😊

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