How to make Money Printing Machine

How to make Money Printing Machine

Print money anytime!! Use only the main body of the marker Roll the coloured paper over the marker Connect another marker with motor Roll the open end of coloured paper over the other marker as shown Insert a real bill from front end Insert the paper from rear end and get the real note out Like and subscribe to DIY Ocean

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  1. thanks God leting me fine world money as blessing be allah as right …I hope you will going get me card core of all my bank accunt Name is manafshaibu ……….we all blessing as this morning as right
    I hope you can fine all world money made … Afircn .fist West Ghana …as right …please

  2. Bhai ya logon ko pagal bana raha Hain ya Jo note andar dalte Hain pehle woh hi bad main wapis nikal jata hai😎😎😎😎😎😎

  3. Pls is there any specific carbon for that or any ordinary carbon paper can do it ?pls reply to me for better and Clear understanding

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