How To Make Luminarias- Christmas Candle Lanterns- Easy Christmas Crafts

how to make a luminaria hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you’ve ever traveled in the Southwest
you may be familiar with a paper bag lantern called a luminaria or farolito you can make one
from a paper bag a votive or tea light candle and sand make a little lantern so what you need to do is
take a plain paper bag and make fold over the edge about an inch you want to crease it down at the top to create a line
around it open up the bag carefully want to fold over and make a cuff around the bag where the fold line is then crease it completely this will help the bag stay open now take sand and want to pour an inch or two into the bottom of the bag now you need a little votive or tea light candle set it into the middle of the sand make sure the wick is not touching the bag and you want to
take your lighter and light it up then you will have a little lantern luminaria or farolito this is the reason you want to have a nice long lighter so you
can reach into the bottom of the bag your luminaria or farolito is not going to give off a lot of light it has a nice little
glow with just a paper a candle and sand you could have a nice little lantern called a luminaria or farolito
you could use it in your yard or you can even use it in your house
because it’s just a candle and you can use them outside because the bags is going to keep the wind from blowing it out it’s so simple to make and they’re a lot of
fun let the kids decorate them if you like please subscribe to the
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