How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : Tips for Making Iron-On T Shirts

How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : Tips for Making Iron-On T Shirts

Hi, I’m Chris, owner of Salon Teez for Expert
Village, this is how to create your own iron-on t-shirt. There are a few tips we need to remember
when creating an iron-on for our iron-on t-shirt or transfer. First thing is, is make sure
that we have a software imaging program on our computer. This could be something as simple
as Microsoft Word if we’re using just typical phrases or just regular pictures. If we want
to create our own picture then using a Dolby Photo Shop or some other type of image creating
program such as Corel draw is also a good program to use when creating your own type
of image. But just to put a image into the computer and put it into the Microsoft Office
or Microsoft Word is one of the best ways to go about creating your own iron-on transfer.
We also want to make sure that the iron is pre-heated before we actually use it and make
sure that there is no water in the iron as well. Because we don’t want to use steam when
creating our iron-on transfer. Another great hot tip to remember is that most transfer
paper is used for white garments only. There are transfer papers that you could find at
art supply warehouses that are for dark garments and make sure that you are using that right
type of transfer paper for the garment that you are going to apply your transfer to. Also
remember when printing out your transfer, a transfer paper will have two sides just
like any other type of paper. However, one side will have a line or a dash line or something
indicating that this is the side of the paper that needs to go into the iron the printer
first. So, make sure that the line is facing up. So that the actual transfer that the logo
will be placed on will be on the bottom side where the plastic sall is and this will help
make sure that you get great results when creating your own iron transfer. Always print
a preview image before you actually print to the transfer paper. This just helps in
knowing that the transfer that you created and that you want to put on the t-shirt is
actually going to be printed on the transfer paper correctly and by printing out a test
page first this ensures that your transfer is actually going to be the way that you want
it to be on the transfer and we’re not wasting transfer paper. Just following these simple
tips will help ensure that your transfers will be a big success.

11 thoughts on “How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : Tips for Making Iron-On T Shirts

  1. cool. giving it a try now for my @webmindset logo for a photo shoot tomorrow. If it works out, you get the credit, amigo!

  2. I tried this and I must have used the wrong kind of iron on because it did not last long at all, It just pilled off!!!

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