How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : Tips for Applying Iron-On Transfer to Dark T Shirt

How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : Tips for Applying Iron-On Transfer to Dark T Shirt

Hi I’m Chris owner of Salon Teez for Expert
Village this is how to create your own iron-on tee shirt. Now we’ll be applying a transfer
to a dark garment using our dark transfer paper. This type of transfer paper only allows
the ink that is printed on the transfer paper to be removed onto the transfer so no need
to worry about having to trim the entire design out. This gives us a good amount of edges
and paper to work with. But what only want the transfer to be placed on the tee shirt
itself. So again, using a dark transfer paper, this will allow us only to use this part of
the logo or the part that has the ink actually on it itself. So we’ll place the transfer
where we want it, smooth it out and now begin to use our iron. Working the edges first,
and then I just gradually move the heat over the entire transfer and I can start to see
the transfer getting a little bit lighter through the paper so I know that it’s adhering
well. Continually moving the iron on the transfer for about thirty seconds making sure that
I get good even heat distribution across the edges and throughout the middle. I’ll continue
doing this for a few more seconds and then I’ll let that cool down because this is a
cold peel transfer, I’ll let that cool down and then begin to peel the edges up. Now that this has had time to cool for about
two minutes you’ll notice the edges start to roll up on themselves and that’s a good
indication that our transfer has adhered to the shirt. So we’ll just begin pulling that
transfer, the backing off the transfer paper revealing our art work. And now we have our
transfer and only the transfer on our dark shirt.

100 thoughts on “How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : Tips for Applying Iron-On Transfer to Dark T Shirt

  1. Then thats dumb on their part! Haha, i guess they dont understand. With the dark transfer paper, only the ink is printed onto the tshirt, not the white boarding as well! If you're using the standard transfer paper then yes you'll have to cut it.

  2. Can I use this transfer paper to put a white design on a dark grey hoodie? Also, I've got a design which has very small gaps between some shapes. All of it is white so I think it may join all the shapes together. Is this true and is there a waay around it if so? One more thing; my design on the computer has pixels visible around it. Will this show up on transfer paper?

  3. What brand of transfer paper is that? I bought a dark fabric transfer paper but it still says to cut it on the packaging…

  4. So exactly what brand/type of transfer paper did you use? I like the fact that you don't have to cut off the excess white area on the transfer!

  5. you put it in your printer and print out the design on that paper rather than normal printer paper. you can buy from alot of places

  6. I want to make a black shirt that has only white writing, i bought a black shirt and the special dark iron on paper, and then i realized you cant print out white ink. what could i do?

  7. Do you have to print the design on the paper backwards? please answer me soon i have to make the shirt today!

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  9. SWITCH the TITLE of your video bro CAUSE it is MISLEADING! This is how to apply an Iron on transfer design to a t-shirt not How to make and iron transfer design which would be the design that goes on the shirt and not actually putting it on the shirt. CHANGE THE TITLE

  10. Surely this man is not telling the full story. He cant be using a standard tshirt transfer with out leaving the film from the transfer..unless he is using plastiol transfer paper…and if so this is very misleading!

  11. You commented 7 months ago but I'm going to answer anyway! You take the picture you want to use and copy and paste it onto 'paint'. It should be in the 'accessories' folders in the start menu when you click 'all programs'. After you pasted it to paint you have an option to flip it (if you have the newer paint). On the bar at the top an icon should say 'rotate' when your mouse goes on it. When you click it, the bottom option should say 'flip horizontal', when you click that it turns the other way

  12. I know this is old. But do you have a printer that prints white? How did you get white on to the shirt in that method from a transfer paper?

  13. If youre going to give instructions on how to put on iron-ons, then how about giving all the information needed to do it….what temperature setting is needed for an iron-on…you just say to use an iron to apply the iron-on but dont tell us what temperature to use…if we're beginners, how are we supose to guess at it when we want it done right the first time?

  14. Avery brand makes tshirtiron on printing paper # 3275 is for light colored tshirts. for dark colored shirts use # 3279.. then i went to the Avery Dennison web site and down loaded their free t shirt printing software (design pro).. it uses their or your pictures. and auto prints in reverse

  15. I tried to use transfer paper a little while ago. I had to print it at least 3 times, I burnt myself, I ruined my mom's iron, and it didn't work to boot. Does anyone know what I can do to put the design on the paper?

  16. I'm not sure about the White Letters… How I can put White Stuff in the black Shirt when there is not white at all?

  17. you print the white on the transfer paper.. so just print your paper with the white on it and it should work perfectly

  18. I guess there is not white ink in my cartridge, the printer just leave that part without ink, so when i iron on the paper that part is not white in the shirt but the color of the t-shirt

  19. literally nobody fucking knows the brand of this self weeding hand-iron dark transfer paper, it's like it doesn't exist. sure there are self weeding transfers for dark materials BUT they are not hand iron compatible FUCK


  21. need to know the brand or where to get the type of tranfer paper that allows only the printed portion to transfer PLEASE???  (NONE of the papers I have bought at craft stores do that)

  22. For everyone looking for this paper

    Its sold at popular stores like smart office depot target and you can also juss google "iron on transfer paper" there are other sites to order from that are the same paper for less. Now I'm off to be creative 😉 hope the same for you!!

  23. Do you have to print it, can you just use a drawing? Please answer. Because I had a design all made and stuff.

  24. Although transfer paper is helpful, some people cannot find good designs.  For example, a tiger holding random item can be used as a garage sale t-shirt.

  25. To answer everyones question, you cant buy this stuff at michaels, it is super expensive paper and you need a printer that costs two grand to print on the paper to work correctly. Thats why the guy doesnt tell you. Spend a couple grand and you can do it too. Lol. If not buy the craft crap and cut around the edges. But good luck.

  26. for anyone interested in this type of transfer paper, just google "self weeding inkjet transfer paper for darks" and options will pop up for you. it's a bit pricey though. good luck! 🙂

  27. this is a laser transfer paper for dark…which is why it has white ink…some laser printers support white toner that can be used to print white

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