How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : How to Make a Rhinestone Iron-On T Shirt Transfer

How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : How to Make a Rhinestone Iron-On T Shirt Transfer

Hi. I’m Chris. Owner of Salon Tee’s. For Expert
Village this is how to create your own iron on t-shirt. Now we’ll create a rhinestone
transfer. As you can see I’ve mirrored the image or the phrase that I want to use. Just
on a regular sheet of paper. I’ll be using my Mylar paper which has a sticky side and
a white blank side. I’ll be wanting to use the sticky side of this paper so that it holds
my rhinestones. I’ll make sure that the sticky side of the paper is actually up and facing
me. And just simply lay that across the design that I want to create. You can use tape to
hold this down or a staple. But I would prefer to actually bend the ends so that it sticks
to the paper a little bit better. We won?t need the ends at the end anyway. Now I’ll
be using a regular pair of household tweezers. And I’ve got my rhinestones that I bought
at a art supply or art and craft warehouse store. These come in various sizes and various
colors that you can use and it’s all up to your discretion. Making sure that the glue
side is up facing me, I’ll pick up the rhinestone and simply place it just over where I want
that rhinestone to be. And I’ll continue in that manner until I have all the rhinestones
in place. It’s important to know that this does take a lot of time and it’s very, very
tedious in doing it this way. There are a couple of other items that you can purchase
at the art supply store. One is called The Bedazzler or rhinestone machine type thing.
It actually helps pick the transfers up a little bit easier than using the tweezers
like I’m using here. So we’ll continue on our design. As you can see the rhinestones
are starting to lay in place. I’m just following the design and outlining the design. Making
sure that the glue side is up and once I complete I’ll actually end up putting the back of the
paper on to our back and pressing that down so that all the rhinestones are in place.
Now the design of our rhinestone is complete on our Mylar paper I’ll take the back of the
paper and just simply place it over that and rub my finger across it. The stones are attached
to the sticky side of the paper. So this just helps smooth out any rough edges and make
sure that our rhinestone is now ready for transfer.

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  1. My school is setting a movie day and i dont know what to wear but till i was going to make a sonic movie and it will be perfect to put it on my shirt it suppose to cover from the top to the bottem of the shirt and i might see if i can do it

  2. Not clear what paper he is using at the end to stick the rhinestones to….also not clear how to iron onto the tshirt…

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