How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : How to Create a Transfer for an Iron-On T Shirt

How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : How to Create a Transfer for an Iron-On T Shirt

Hi, I’m Chris owner of Salon Teez for Expert
Village this is how to create your own iron-on t-shirt. OK, as you can see we’ve down loaded
the image we want to create for our transfer. I got this in a Microsoft Office picture manager.
And I’ve scaled it to the sized that I believe that I want, so I get the best resolution
as far as the pixels are concern. Once I have in the Microsoft Office picture manager, I’ll
come over here to the flip horizontal because I want this picture to be mirrored so it turns
out backwards as I print it out. Once it’s backwards when it’s printed out that makes
me know that it will actually look like this on t-shirt. So, hit the hit the flip horizontal
button. As you can see it’s now in a mirror type of form. I’ll simply click on the image,
copy the image, and then I’ll go into my Microsoft Word and just simply paste the image into
the document itself. Now I could do a print preview to make sure that the image is the
size that I want. If it’s not, I’ll close out of this and then I could use the image
editor or the image editing box and just simply increase it to the size that I want, that
I want the image to be. Once I got it to the size that I’m looking for, then I will just
simply go to the to the print preview making sure that it’s the size that I want. And then
just go up here and click my print button so that I can print it out. Making sure that
I’m actually printing this out on a test piece of paper, which is just a regular blank piece
of paper rather than wasting a transfer paper. Now we’ve got our transfer on a on a blank
piece of paper and I’m ready to print this out on my transfer paper because I like the
way this is looking so far. So, I’ll print this out on my transfer paper. I’ll look my
transfer paper making sure that the green line is facing me. So, as this goes through
the type of printer that I’m using it will actually print on the blank side of the transfer
My transfer paper is loaded up and I’ll just hit print again. And now we have the transfer that we want
on our transfer paper. And notice the green line is on the back. I can see the transfer
through the transfer paper. So, this allows me a good idea of what this transfer will
look like on the t-shirt itself. But all of the ink is on this side. We want to make sure
that we don’t touch the ink on the transfer just yet as soon as it’s printed out because
the ink will tend to smudge a little bit and we don’t want to create that on our t-shirt.
So now we’re ready to put this on our t-shirt. We’ll just to do a few little things like
trimming the excess out and we’ll be ready to apply this.

79 thoughts on “How to Make Iron-On T Shirt Designs : How to Create a Transfer for an Iron-On T Shirt

  1. what happens if you want to make an image thats lager than the paper? do you have to print multiple ones and transfer them close to each other

  2. THANKS for this series. You took the time to show exactly how it is done, step by step. This was exactly the information I, as someone who's never done this before, needed. It's sad that some people have criticized you for showing every step, or for using the equipment most people will actually use. Don't let the remarks of a few jerks get you down. This series is VERY GOOD and very useful. Again, thank you.

  3. Now, I'm assuming that the green line doesn't come on the transfer paper when you buy it? That being said, it looked to me that the line was applied on a laminated-looking surface, and the transfer was printed on the regular paper side, correct?

  4. Hey, the microsoft word idea is a pretty good idea as far as the image size goes. I would have never thought of that. Thanks.

  5. I am guessing he got it off the internet and opened it in Microsoft Office Pixture Manager. I already had that software on my computer when my dad set it up so im not sure about how to get it.

  6. Most heat transfers should be used within a day of printing them for best results. Check out my videos for tutorials on screen printing tee shirts. Questions welcome. There is a link on my channel page for my website which has a Tips & Advice page with many resources in the Forums section.

  7. It can't be a Lazer printer cuz you iron the image on. A lazer printer uses heat thats why the paper comes out warm right after you print it…it will melt the transfer paper. You need an inkjet printer.

  8. Walmart sells "transfer paper". I think you need one of those ink-jet ones, not a "laser". I did it once long time ago and needed a reminder by watching this video.

  9. what kind of paper are you using?…. please reply cause need it bad hehe……can you put some subtitle so that we can understand clearly thnk you

  10. @Over9000Gingers
    1. skrew your computer
    2. try GIMP, i find it alot more simple to use + it's free and a smaller program

  11. @highrapture actually, you don't even need it. This guy has some stupid ass transfer paper, i didn't have to mirror the image at all!

  12. Do you need certain ink for the heat transfer paper? And what would be a good software to create an logo or design image?

  13. do you have to use a transfer paper printer? or is there a way to get a regular print fom a regular printer onto transfer paper?

  14. Hey! Can go to my channel and vote for my T-shirt Design! Plz and tell your friends to vote for me too. Thanks.

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  16. The paper is called "Light Transferre Paper" they are made specifically for inkjet printers, you can buy them at a site called onlinelabels(dot)com

  17. The paper is design specifically for the purpose of transferring an image to cloth. Any regular paper won't work and if it does the results will be terrible. They also have something call "dark transfer paper" but is mostly used for darker clothing.. if you shop around I'm sure you can find a good deal.

  18. Thank u so much! U see, im a BBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGG fan of Ariana Grande and instead of buying a shirt with her face on it, ill just make it 😀

  19. (i didnt even watch the video yet bc usually they're all a waste of time/dont help) but ok question i want to buy transfer paper and the first thing i want to use it on is a black shirt but i also wnat to use it on other colors so would it be ok if i just used normal transfer paper for the black shirt?? would the results be low quality?

  20. Light Transfer Paper is mostly used for white shirts or white cloth. When using different colors (other then white) its best to use Dark Transfer Paper because it shows up better then the Light Transfer Paper. You can still use the Light Transfer Paper on color shirts, but from my experience it doesn't show up as good as Dark Transfer Paper. I am going to upload a video to show the difference between the 2 papers and how to use them when I get a camcorder.

  21. hi im back again with another question or 2 what specific brand/model/whatever of transfer paper do you recommend (since you've already had experience with using transfer paper? for dark shirts and for light shirts? (hopefully theyll be available on amazon so the shipping can be free)
    also another question- if you make your design on photoshop and its a .png and the background is transparent, is it ok to not cut out the white background when u iron on the shirt because it wont show anyways?

  22. or really i just want to make sure that it wont show up as white ink. which it shouldn't since its transparent right? im going to cut out the white background anyway but if i miss a spot i want to make sure it doesnt show up on the shirt

  23. The brand really doesn't matter tho certain brands are cheaper then others but your most likely paying for the brand then anything else. I also use photoshop to print my designs. The downside about printing images with transparent layers onto transfer paper is the white background is still going to be there no matter what, So unless your printing on a white shirt you pretty much gonna end up cutting the white BG from your image. I use and exacto knife to cut my images but they have machines too

  24. Most designs that are available on CD do not match certain tees.  By using a customer design, your t-shirt will stand out.

  25. Great video. Is the ink quality from the printer the same as if you order from a company? What printer do you recommend for this?

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