How to make Ice Cream Sticks Lamp || Popsicle Stick Craft

How to make Ice Cream Sticks Lamp || Popsicle Stick Craft

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you enjoy our videos Here is a great idea for home decorations projects
We have focus on a Ice Cream Sticks lamps Ice Cream Sticks or popsicle sticks are easy to use in any projects, you just need the motivation to start Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell icon for notifications, we are going to post every week The main materials you that you will need
to be able to complete this project are: Ice Cream Sticks(popsicle sticks), wood glue or a plastic melting gun and wooden cubes for the lamp legs The first step in the project is to create square shapes from the ice cream sticks as you see in the video Repeat the steps you seen earlier until you will have a total of 16 squares For the base of the lamp, we are going to create an octagon shape from ice cream sticks Stack the ice cream sticks on top of each other until the octagon shapes start to get smaller You’ll be done with the base when you’ll reach the top and forms a square shape On the bottom of the base glue the eight small legs to support the base make a square base for the light bulb support and glue it to the base of the lamp Use a LED light since it will not get to hot Start building the top of the lamp by glueing to the base the square shapes you made in the beginning Arrange them in a star formation pattern and try to go up as straight as possible You can use a pencil to mark on the lower part of the square where the top on is going to go So you’ll know where to put the glue Hope you enjoyed out video and we are looking froward to create more interesting crafts that you’ll be able to make at home

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  1. Someone tryna count how many popsicle sticks? I need a number and i don't have the patience to count

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