49 thoughts on “How to make holographic 3d eyes for fishing lures. Free eyes designs.

  1. Hello again Maciej… a question for you. Have you done minnow lures with lips??? , or all lures you do are lip less? If you do , I would like to see your video (in case you have one)… Thanks again for sharing your tips for doing lures… regards form Peru, Antonio

  2. Panie Maćku Kobiety też czasami są zapalonymi wędkarzami i oglądają Pana filmy np. moja partnerka. Fajnie by brzmiało "witam was chłopaki i dziewczyny" Solar Bait też mógłby pomyśleć o Paniach. Pozdrawiamy.

  3. Panie Macieju gdzie pan kupił taki wycinak do tych oczek szukałem w internecie i znalazłem tylko do skóry.Pozdrawiam

  4. Witam wysłałem subskrybcję I na meila info czekam na odpowiedz pozdrawiam piękna robota dało by radę wzory płetwy jeszcze podesłać?

  5. Nice presentation on making the 3D Holographic Eyes!!!! Where can I purchase the eyes dipped in the water??? Thanks Robert Fern USA

  6. Awesome wish I had a printer that could print on that sticker material….Actually I don't even have a printer 🙂 really great tutorial have subbed

  7. This is a great tutorial. Thank you very much. Can you please name the paper that you first printed the eyes on? I also would like to learn if the holographic foil is self adhesive. The idea also helps to me find a way for making holographic head/gills. Thank you once again.

  8. Did you use an ink printer or a laser printer? I ask as on Amazon they sell decal paper printer for ink and laser printers. This detail is important in order to know which decal paper should I buy. Thank you.

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