How to Make HOLLY with Polymer Clay

How to Make HOLLY with Polymer Clay

So, today we’re going to make some miniature
holly leaves. I’m just going to make three small circles
to start with. And I’m going to use this round cutter tool
to create the pointed aspects of the leaves. That’s a nice leaf shape, I might keep that
for tomorrow’s project. So, each leaf will need six goes with the
little round tool there. And once you’ve got your leaf, you can use
your needle tool just to create some vein details. So, I’ll just create another leaf in the same
way. And now I’ve got three of them, I’m just going
to attach some little red berries that will really make the leaves pop. Once these are baked, I think they’d be a
really nice little embellishment for a Christmas card or something like that. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you again tomorrow. Bye bye!

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