How to make GLITTER SLIME & GALAXY SLIME! | Arts and Crafts at Cool School with Crafty Carol

How to make GLITTER SLIME & GALAXY SLIME! | Arts and Crafts at Cool School with Crafty Carol

Well hey there boys and girls! Crafty Carol here with a brand-new craft for you, right here at Cool School. Today’s craft is super-duper amazing, super-duper awesome, and it’s gonna be super-duper simple! And only a little bit very messy… Drumroll, please! We’re doin’ glitter slime!! Aaaaah, sliiiiime! Every person in the whole world requested it. I even got a couple of requests from, like, some astronauts that are out there in orbit. And I got a few satellite signals from some some aliens ALSO asking for glitter slime! Well, they called it galaxy slime, though. So what do you need to make this craft? Well, you need some glitter glue (I’ve got pink and multi-colored), laundry detergent, a bowl for mixing, and a plastic spoon for stirrin’ it up! So let’s get started makin’ this slime! Got my bowl here. Got another one here in case I get hankering to make some extra slime, I don’t know… I’m going to empty my glue bottle here, going with the pink first. That is lookin’ awesome! Let’s add some of this multi-color That, dare I say, looks like some unicorn snot! That’s right. Unicorns when they sneeze is just like glitter slime! [drum beat plays] A good ratio is about 10 to 12 ounces of glue and then just a couple of spoonfuls of your laundry detergent. But you’ll see, we’ll measure that out as we go to see exactly how much we need. Let’s talk about what kind of glue we’re using! So, this is your standard, school glue. It’s Elmer’s And it’s a clear glue with the glitter already mixed in. Well, I imagine that some of you might ask me “Well Carol, can I use the regular white glue, and then just add my own glitter?” Well you certainly can! Absolutely! Uh, the only thing is it’s gonna look a little more milky. I’m likin’ this ratio. So the laundry detergent I’m using is Tide Free and Clear. That means it doesn’t have any fragrance added, doesn’t have any dyes, and it’s not as harsh as some detergents might be. So, I’m gonna use that Just add it, first of all, one little spoonful right there. You don’t want it to be, like, too stringy, gluey. And if we add too much soap, we can add a little more glue. Whoa, sliiimey! I think it’s time to just get my hands dirty here. Whoooaaa. Oh. Ah. Ah. Ah! Aah! I’m a monster!! I should get up and wash my hands, but for now I’m just gonna Aaah… Look at that! Look at that. Oh, got another little gibblet! You know, I got a comment from one of you guys saying “Why do you throw your stuff back there? You should put a trashcan there! I know. I agree… When you get it to this consistency, where it’s kind of solid, doesn’t stick to your hands too much. So what can you DO with your slime? You can just stretch it, and play with it, and plop it, smack it, mold it into the shape of a heart and pretend that you have a heart made out of glitter. Just hold it here and go and pretend that you sneezed this glitter out there. Oh, d-do I have somethin’ in my nose? Oh, thanks for tellin’ me… It’s… that would’ve been embarrassing… You can stretch it out like you’re makin’ a pizza pie! Break it into two bits of slime… And if you wanna learn how to make slime or oobleck with cornstarch, stay tuned because after this video that’s comin’ up. So, you get 2 Crafty Carol slime videos for the price of 1. And that price is free, so It’s a pretty awesome deal! Alright! Now before we move on to our slime video number 2, I wanna give a super, super, super, super, special shoutout to my friend Rachel Rachel, I got your letter. And I got these amazing pictures you drew for me! Oh my gosh! I love them! I love the colors, and the heart I mean, I love hearts, come on… I think that… I think that might be me at a table crafting! There’s some Elsa paper. Nice, nice taste. I love it! Happy crafting, Rachel! Thank you! Reena, You said “Primus make slime Galaxy with glitter pretty pretty pretty pretty pleeease? slime slime slime slime slime slime slime slime.” Alright Reena, we get it! Glitter world: “Plz can you make slime without cornstarch.” Yes, and if you stay tuned, I’ll also make it with cornstarch! Ooh, Qandeel says she’s my biggest fan! And called me the Sparkling Queen. Definitely, I’ll make glitter slime for you, girl. Glitter flower girl Love: “Do cool slime” and this is pretty cool slime. Sophie Swanger: “make pink slime with glitter a lot.” It’s kinda purple-y. Yeah, it’s started pink though! Thank you so much for your comments! I love ’em so much! Keep ’em coming! Let me know what craft you wanna see next. Or you can send a letter to our mailbox. Here is our address. So, I can’t wait to see what you write us! And by the way, we’ve gotten a lot, a lot, a LOT of mail. And Ms. Booksy and I are planning a super-special craft with all those letters. So, keep ’em coming! And if you make your own slime, I wanna see how it turns out! Have your mom or dad take a picture, post it to Instagram, tag me, tag CoolSchoolShow I love seeing your Instagram posts!! Oh my gosh! They make my day! Enjoy the next vid! Slime! More slime comin’ up! Well hey there, kids! Crafty Carol here at Cool School with a brand-new craft for ya. You might be excited about this one, you might not, you tell me. But today we’re makin’ Sliiime! Mwahahaha! It’s aliiiive! You requested it in the comments. I got maybe about, oh, 2 billion requests for it! Marybel M said “Slime plz plz plz plz” 4 times please, that’s good And Margaret says “Pls make a DIY slime… ya i know SCIENCE… pls… thnx…” It is pretty scientific, you’ll see… Leah is beautifulforspaciouskies, very patriotic “Make slime. and pour it over someone it will be so funny.” Oh yeah. And then she says “PS don’t show the second sentence.” Oops! Too late. So what do you need to make this craft?? It’s so super simple!! First of all, you DON’T need borax! I heard all you in the comments who said make slime without borax. All you need is some corn starch, some food coloring, and water! Could it be any simpler? Well, you need a bowl to mix it up in, don’t forget that… You can’t just throw cornstarch in the air, throw some water at it, and make slime instantly. Because there would be a mess, it would come crashing down on your head. Like that. Oh my…. gosh! Stop it with the slime up there! Okay, let’s get started makin’ this craft! So here you see, I’ve already got cornstarch in a bowl. This is a 16-ounce container. I just poured the whole thing in here. And then, I need… HALF of that amount in water. I filled this 16-ounce container halfway, so that’s 8 ounces of water. So let’s make some orange water here. Gonna pop in some red there. And now let’s add some yellow. Pretty simple, no? Now I’m gonna pour it in here, I’m gonna be real careful, though. Make sure I don’t make a mess. So you just–yep–mmmix it up with your hands there. It’s gonna feel pretty awesome, squishin’ around like awesome mud! Oh yeah! You wanna make sure you REALLY get it mixed in there so you can get the dry cornstarch nice and wet. Okay, so one of the super-awesome things about this kind of slime is that it pours like a liquid. Watch that. Whooooaaaaaa my gosh! But then, when you play with it, in the bowl, it feels almost like a solid! Look at that. Just… smakin’ it. And you can make as many colors as you want. And the good this is, it’s all safe! It’s just cornstarch. Well this was so much run! I wanna make another kind of slime right now! I got a comment from someone named Tenngis that said make slime. And then ten hours later, he got back online and said make GALAXY slime! Alright, let’s put this slime away. I’m gonna wash my hands and then we’re gonna mix more slime! Alright! Okay, well that was so much fun makin’ the orange slime I’m gonna make some galaxy slime! So what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna make it a little bit blue and purple, and put some glitter in there! Got starch in here. Got some water in here again, you know how I do. I’m gonna put in some blue, shake it up to mix it. Pour some of the blue in there. Let’s make it a little purple. Squirt some red in. Gonna add in the purple. Then, we’re gonna put in some glitter! Now we’re just gonna mix it all up! Yes, we’re makin’ a little bit of a mess here, so make sure you do better than me and put some newspaper underneath, and wear some messy, play clothes that you can get slime on. But it washes right off your hands! It’s so easy, put it under the water and it just melts away. So that’s awesome! Sorry about the mess on the table, moms and dads, but… it’s not the worst mess! Gonna add a little more… a little more blue… You know what? I’m goin’ for more glitter. That should be enough! Wait, nope. Okay… Look! It’s a ball. And then it just turns to slime in your hands! You can smack it like a piece of ham. I don’t know why I would smack a piece of ham… Don’t mind me… And there ya have it, boys and girls! DIY slime without borax! Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness… Oh, just promise me that you don’t make too much of a mess. I don’t want moms and dads to be mad at me… I love this craft! Thank you so much for all the awesome ideas, guys! So get down there in the comments… and tell me what to do next! I made slime, so, that’s crossed off the list. So, leave a comment. Click right over here. Can’t point because I’m too busy playin’ with my slime! Uh, but right over here! Subscribe! And click right here–let’s see. Yep, I’m pointin’ with my bun Watch some more crafts! Okay, bye kids! Byyyye! See ya later!

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