How to Make: FNAF Paper Pals!

How to Make: FNAF Paper Pals!

(eerie music) (energetic electronic music) – Hello my friends, my name is Tommy, I got my birdies here, this
is Bella, and that’s Chico. So today, we will be making the Five Nights at Freddy’s Paper Pals. Alright, let’s get started, shall we? (energetic electronic music) Alright, so to make the Paper
Buddy, you’re just going to need to paint on two
eyes and a big smile. Now you’ll need to cut out three circles. Just a reminder, scissors
are very sharp and pointy, so you may want to get an
adult to help you with this. Each circle should be
smaller than the other. Alright, so with those three cutouts, we are going to paint them
a nice bright red color. (gentle music) Oh yeah, let’s not forget to dot the eyes. I’m using 3D paint for
this, but you could use regular paint if you
want, or you could use cardboard cutouts, whatever you prefer. But honestly I think 3D
paint is a lot of fun. Alright, so now, let’s paint
that styrofoam ball red, and we are going to use that as a nose. (gentle music) Alright, so now open
up your book of colors, or as a like to call, this is
actually construction paper, so we’re gonna be needing a red
sheet of construction paper, and a blue one, so you’ll need
to tear those two sheets out and set the book away and
we’ll use it again later. Okay, for the arms, we will
cut out two strips of red. The arms should be shorter
than the legs, okay? (gentle music) Okay, so now we’re going to
fold the arms into a zigzag, so what you do is you need
to fold over one side, flip it over, and fold it again,
flip it over, fold it over, until you completely run
out of paper, and, voilà. You’ll need to do that for
both arms and the legs. (gentle music) Okay, and for the gluing, we
will not be using hot glue, but we’ll be using school glue. And kids, I know it’s so tempting, but please don’t eat this stuff, okay? (gentle music) Look, I already got my
hands all covered in paint! Awesome! Okay, to attach the arms
you are going to need to make a hole on each side
of the plate, two on the top, and two on the bottom for the legs. Just like that. You’re going to need an
adult to help you with this, because you are going to be
using some very pointy scissors, or you can use a hole punch
or something else instead. Now I am taking a brass fastener, and you can see, and you’re going to slide it
through the hole, turn it over, and you’re going to open
the fastener just like that. And the arms, move! So yes, that is how we
are going to be attaching each arm and leg on these Paper Pals. Here, I’ll show you one more time. So, poke a hole, take a brass fastener, put it through the arm or leg, like that, then you’re going to put the pin through the hole you made on the plate, turn it over, and open the fastener. And, just like, that, congratulations, you are turning into a
master crafter my friend. Cut out two strips of construction paper, and fold them into zigzags, (gentle music) Alright, remember how to attach them? Okay, so first, you’re gonna poke a hole. Remember when using
scissors, be very careful get an adult to help you,
they’re very sharp and pointy. Okay, now you’ll need a brass fastener. Put the fastener through
the construction paper, put the pin through the
hole, and open it up, just like that, that’s
how you attach the legs. (gentle music) Alright, glue the nose on. And then, once the glue is dry, it is time to attach the head to the body. So use a generous amount of glue, and set the plate on top of
it, and set it aside to dry. And congratulations,
you have just finished one out of three Paper Pals. (gentle music) Okay, so let’s make Paper Freddy next. So, in order to do that, use
some brown paint to paint on where you want to attach the
eyes, and set it aside to dry. Alright, so now you will need to cut out two large circles and two smaller circles. (gentle music) Take the larger circles
and cut out the middle. You should have two large
rings when you’re done. (gentle music) You will need two of
those cardboard rings, so go ahead and make yourself another one. This is a little tricky, so you might want to get an adult
to help you with that. (gentle music) Alright, and you’re gonna
paint those cutouts brown. (gentle music) Alright, to make the muzzle, draw a figure eight on a sheet of cardboard. Alright, so once you’ve
drawn your number eight, cut it out, and that will
also be painted brown, so go ahead and paint the muzzle. (gentle music) Set that aside to dry, and you will need to cut out two more small circles, however, these will be painted white. (gentle music) Okay, to make Freddy’s nose, you will need to cut out a cardboard oval. You will need to paint this
black and set this aside, this will be glued on top of the muzzle. (gentle music) Okay, to make the ears,
you will need to cut two small squares, and you’ll need to cut the corners off, so
they’re nice and rounded. They should look like the shape
of a bean when you’re done. Paint the ears brown. (gentle music) Alright, so now take
another sheet of cardboard and draw the shape of a hat. Once you have drawn the hat,
cut it out, and paint it brown. (gentle music) Phew! That’s a lot of cutting folks! But, you know what, we’re just about done. So, to make the bow ties,
you will need to draw two triangles, cut it out,
draw a shape of an oval, and cut it out and paint it brown. (gentle music) Alright, so let’s attach the eyes, so start by gluing the rings onto where you want the eyes to go. (gentle music) And now, glue the muzzle
just below the eyes. (gentle music) And glue the nose right on top of the muzzle, just like that. Okay my friends, now you’re gonna want to glue the hat right
on top of Freddy’s head. (gentle music) And now, glue the ears on
just right beside the hat. (gentle music) Now before we attach the eyes, I want to give it a good
spray of glow paint, my favorite color. (gentle music) I want these puppets to have glowing eyes. Alright, so all we need to do
is paint on Freddy’s smile. (gentle music) Okay, to make the bow
tie, what you need to do is to point the two triangles together, and glue the oval on top of
the bow tie, just like that. So just take the oval and glue it right in between the two points,
and you have a bow tie! (gentle music) And now, glue everything onto his body. (gentle music) Alright, so grab your book of colors, or your book of construction paper, and rip out the brown color. (gentle music) Alright, let’s put our
book of colors away. Okay, so to make the arms and the legs, we’re gonna do it the exactly the same way we did as Paper Buddy. We’re going to cut four strips, fold them into zigzags, and we’re going to attach them with brass fasteners. Alright? Alright, so let’s have some fun. (gentle music) Alright, now you’re going to
attach the arms and the legs the same way you attached
them on to your Paper Buddy. Just remember to get an adult
to help you with the scissors. (gentle music) Okay, let’s make Paper Bonnie. So you will need to draw two triangles, and another oval to make the bow tie. Cut it out. (gentle music) Alright, and then cut out
one more small circle. (gentle music) Cut out two large circles, and you will also need to cut out a half moon. (gentle music) Alright, once everything’s all cut out, let’s put some paint on these things. You’re gonna want to paint one of those circles white,
and another one black. (gentle music) (xylophone rings) (gentle music) Alright, so once you
have everything painted, let’s start gluing everything on. (gentle music) Alright, so if you want
Bonnie to look really spooky, you’re gonna want to take the purple paint and make it run right down from
the eyes, like he’s crying. (gentle music) Now for the arms and the
legs, you’re gonna want to cut some strips of
purple construction paper. So open up your book
of colors, and pull out the purple sheet, and put it aside. Cut some strips, fold them into zigzags, and attach them with some brass fasteners. (gentle music) To make the ears, cut four
squares and round them, like I am right now. (gentle music) Now, attach the ears
using brass fasteners, just like that. So you’ll want to have a brass fastener through both of the ear cutouts. (gentle music) Alright, well that’s it for this video, I hope you enjoyed that project, and I will see you all next
time, thanks for watching. (energetic electronic music)

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