11 thoughts on “How to make Fish of Paper? Origami Koi Fish (Riccardo Foschi) for Children

  1. Interesting! Thank you for sharing! I am grateful for our friendship, I wish that would be in your life has become even more love and kindness, that would be in your life, the triumph of the rule!

  2. Классные рыбки. Всё хочу поучиться, да руки не доходят

  3. Love your channel, I liked and subbed.  Come by and check us out, we love to have new friends!  Let's be in touch!

  4. Хороший канал, отличное видео, предлагаю взаимную подписку.

  5. Good video but I think it would be better without the transitions and all the animations. Maybe just one or two at the beginning would work. 🙂

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