How to Make Fairy Dust DIY Fairydust Potion ♥ Pixie Dust ♥ Halloween Glitter Blood Tutorial

How to Make Fairy Dust DIY Fairydust Potion ♥ Pixie Dust ♥ Halloween Glitter Blood Tutorial

Happy Halloween!! It is mermaid phantom from and today I am taking you to a Gothic land of death, chaos and destruction… and we are going to make a beautiful dark bloody red mess of a sparkly glittery fairy dust. It’s gonna be a lot of fun! So let’s gather our materials, and we all get started. And by the way check out this cute spider. It’s just adorable? For this video you are going to need a mixing bowl… Or if you would like a Black Cauldron. You of course, need a glass vial with a stopper on it. You will want to make sure you have a spoon to mix your potion up with. You’re going to want a funnel of some sort. I made one out of paper. And then of course, you’re going to need your glitter you will need Two Tablespoons of Red glitter. Four Tablespoons of Black glitter. Three Teaspoons of Superfine Black glitter. Three Teaspoons of Superfine Garnet colored glitter. Three Teaspoons of Red sequins. Then I’m going to use Three Teaspoons of these glitter chunks in the color “Muse.” (I will link them in the description for you, so you can get this exact type glitter… it is so pretty!) The first ingredient you’ll be adding to your magical Black Cauldron is the Four Tablespoons of Black glitter. *** Magical Music continues to play *** Next go ahead and grab your Red Glitter and dump that into the Black Glitter. *** Magical Music Playing *** Next in your mix, I want you to grab your Superfine Black Glitter and dump it into your potion. Really slow because that’s very satisfying! Now, slowly pour in your Superfine Garnet Glitter. *** Magical Mischievous Music Playing still… *** And now, add together your “Muse” Purple Glitter chunks with your Red Sequins. Let’s mix it up! *** Enchanting Music Playing *** And now we are ready to bottle up our bloody dark magical vampiric fairy dust! So, pop the cork off of your glass vial… And pop in a paper funnel. Carefully pour your glitter into your funnel and into your vial. *** Magical music STILL playing *** Now, all that’s left to do is pop on the top of your cork, and you are all done! That is how you make a beautiful, Vampiric, dark, bloody fairydust of Black Magic and Halloweeness! Mwahahahaha! It’s actually quite easy, and I think it looks pretty cool. I especially like the way those Purple Glitter chunks kind of just have this really unique iridescent look to them. So, if you liked that tutorial Please give it a thumbs up and I’d be more than happy to make you some more fairy dust tutorials as the years go on. Thanks for watching, and I hope you have a magical day and a very happy Halloween! ♥ Be on the lookout for a creepy mermaid video coming soon! Lots of love! ♥ Good bye! TEXT READS: “Check the Description Box for more Fairy Dust tutorials.” “”

11 thoughts on “How to Make Fairy Dust DIY Fairydust Potion ♥ Pixie Dust ♥ Halloween Glitter Blood Tutorial

  1. Beautiful! HAPPY Magical HALLOWEEN!!Thank you for sharing The Magical Fairydust (look forward to more)!..Greetings from New Orleans Louisiana peace & music☆♡☆OpaL

  2. Ahhh! That's so Gothic! I love it.🖤🖤🖤 And I love your glitter videos and your spider is CUTE.🕸 Thanks for this haunting Halloween video! I wish you a wonderfully Gothy Halloween. 🎃🖤

  3. Is your little cauldron a coffee mug ? I just bought one that looks just like that it came with a package of mug cake , I bought it for the cup tho !

  4. This is video one. Video TWO of this Halloween celebration will be released tomorrow… Get ready for an evil mermaiding video!!! 😈💀👻

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