How to Make Embellishments for Junk Journals – Altered Paper clips

How to Make Embellishments for Junk Journals – Altered Paper clips

hi it’s Susan welcome back to my channel
I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to spend some time with
me this is the okay this is first of all let’s just say this is about the fifth
time that I have tried this video and have ran into nothing but headaches so
I’m back in my little cubby hole here in the closet I tried moving it out to my
gluing place so that I could work and film at the same time and that was so
not happening it’s I can’t get the lighting right I can’t get anything to
focus right I’m using my Android phone I really want to find another webcam why
do I want more anyway welcome to the first episode of a new series that I am
calling make Ahead’s and the poor series went through a series of name changes
before it even got off the ground started off it was going to be Monday
make Ahead’s and then I decided I didn’t want to confine myself to only uploading
on Mondays even though I know I could film ahead and send it out every Monday
but I just you know I wanted to be free to do two or three day if I felt like it
hahaha like I have that kind of energy right
now but then I talked to a friend and she suggested morning make a heads and
that seemed like a good idea because it’s always morning somewhere except
then I realized I am so not a morning person and that just sort of felt like
not quite authentically me I get up in the morning I gotta have a couple cups
of tea and a couple cups of coffee I got a goof around on the computer I
got a goof around with the dog and then I get down to work and it’s always like
11 or 12 o’clock so anyways here is first in a series of make Ahead’s you
are not going to find anything brand new nothing earth-shattering nothing oh my
goodness I never thought of doing that before these are all ideas that are
floating around all over YouTube but I have a bad memory and I make notes and I
can’t find my notes my pieces of paper but I can find my playlist on YouTube so
I’m making this for me and then hopefully it will help some of you with
some ideas of things that you can have made up ahead of time like the basis of
things so that when you start a project say you’re starting a new journal and
you’re going to do a journal about dogs okay that would be me maybe that was
going to do a journal about dogs but if I was going
to journal about dogs but I wasn’t ready to start it yet I could start making
some of the ephemera I could make envelopes that weren’t decorated I could
make pockets that weren’t decorated I could get all the prep work done so then
when I knew okay it’s time to start the dog book I could take all those bases
and then work with them you know on whatever theme I was doing so the first
one of those that I wanted to share today was altered paperclips and several
of the other videos I was actually making the paper clips on screen but
when I looked at it later everything was just it didn’t want to focus right so I
moved my setup back into my little closet hole and that’s where I can get
the best lighting even though it’s not ideal so these are already done but I
can tell you what I did and like I said this is nothing new the first person
that I saw do this was I think Paulo for der but if you google or youtube search
for altered paperclips you’re going to get all kinds of really great ideas of
ways to do this but as far as a make-ahead goes these out of the way
this is what I have going all the time is I have a big basket of basis for
these altered paper clips and all I do is take book pages fold them in half and
then slide them my little paper clip in there and then you would glue around on
the inside close it and then you’ve got a base of something that you can
decorate I’ve been using art glitter glue to glue these things down just
because I like the little skinny nozzle that I can I can put them in these other
bottles that I found but you can use whatever glue works for you
but just imagine you have a nice big base this is something you can do in
front of the TV you have these ready and then you’re ready to make a journal you
can take out however many paper clips you want to make for that journal and
you’ve got the bases ready to go you don’t only have to use book pages I have
found that ribbon comes in a great size for these paper clips and you you know
the art glitter glue I don’t see it you see a little bit of the outline of the
paper clip but once you put something on the front to cover it you don’t see that
same thing with fabric you can use little pieces of fabric just fold it in
half and once you put some decorations on it you won’t see it here’s another
thing I use this is one of my um but I can’t tell if you can really see it
looks like it’s still dark in here this is one of my wipe up paper towels from
paint and I just cut a long strip and folded it and I can decorate that up and
then I found some of these coin wrappers at the thrift store the other day and
they’re just great if you fold them in half and put your paperclip in there and
decorate them lately I mean you can use anything to decorate your paper clips I
always have a basket where as I’m working on a project I throw my scraps
in it so that’s something that I can use to add to the paper clip and then I use
little pictures that are about the size of postage stamps and if you don’t
already know this trick you can in Windows I don’t know what the equivalent
would be on a Mac but in Windows you can print a contact sheet when you’re
choosing your photo sizes and you get 35 little pictures that are on one page
that are all about the size of a postage stamp which are perfect for making paper
clips so these are some of the ones that I did today my journaling process
process progress and they’ve just got little snips of paper or lace or threads
and then I put a piece of sorry silk see how the paper clip kind of sticks up
across the top I do that on purpose so then I can put my sorry soaked through
and it hides the paper clip I cut it’s usually about three and a half to four
inches of sorry silk and then I cut it in half again lengthwise so I get two
paper clip pieces out of one length of sorry silk and that seems to work for me
and then one of the other things I do is I save up my threads when I sew if I
want to add a little bit of something else I’ll just put a little dab of glue
down and then I’ll pile my threads on top of it or this is some of the frames
from some burlap so that’s it that is number one in the series of make it
heads altered paper clips and let me know if you like this idea I
have some more make-ahead that I like to do and I will share with you until next
time thanks so much for stopping by I’ll see you around bye for now

22 thoughts on “How to Make Embellishments for Junk Journals – Altered Paper clips

  1. Well done!!!!!!! Ok I burst out laughing on the morning reference!!!!! At work I referred to myself as a Timex girl…best from 10 to 2 I'm not a morning person or a night owl!!!!! Small window I'm working with here!! I really liked the little pics idea will have to check that out for sure!!!!!! Keep em coming , I'm starting a playlist!!!!!!!!!

  2. Most excellent! I hope I remember this when I start making journals again. Oh yeah I should do a playlist lol

  3. Love it. I like the idea of NOT decorating till your ready. I have tags & stuff I have made up but they don't go with what I am making, those will be my REMAKEOVERS

  4. LOVE these so much! I too just wrote down everything so I wouldn't forget, complete with diagrams and all. Tfs❤!

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  6. Love your idea of the base, I have made a few Altered paper clips but mainly with the tickets! Neat idea to use ribbon as well as coin envelopes! Great, great, great, you are easy to listen to and it is very clear cut what to do to make them thanks!

  7. Love your channel. Fairy new to the junk journal world. I watch so many wonderful crafters that I want to make them all! So my head is always spinning! I really like your short n sweet videos! Great ideas! Thanks so much!

  8. Hi Susan – great ideas, thank you! Can you explain further how you get the stamp sized images? Microsoft Word contacts? Where do you see that option and where did the images come from? Not sure I understand, but love the idea and tip.

  9. Your ideas are so fun and easy! I love that when I am looking for making something for a project I have now. How do you attach these paperclip embellishments to the page – as the paper clip is tucked in between the paper? Thanks Again!

  10. Thank you, I'm always looking for things that I can start without making to much mess, like in the car or watching tv, thank you x

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