How to Make Elegant Paper Purse Gift Bag Easy Tutorial | Paper Bag Gift Box Creative Wrapping Ideas

How to Make Elegant Paper Purse Gift Bag Easy Tutorial | Paper Bag Gift Box Creative Wrapping Ideas

hello friends welcome to my channel
shimmery and glittery don’t you think unique packing makes your
gift extra-special today I’m going to show you how to make this stylish bag
from a chart paper let’s get started I’ll be using this as the reference for
the size of the gift pack you can take the gift you want to pack and
accordingly measure the paper three times in length and width should be
two-inch extra wide than the gift to be packed now cut the chart paper this is perfect
now to make the sides of this elegant gifting pack I’ll be using cardboard I’m
going in for the elongated shape at the top end and flat at the bottom any
other shape can be made according to your preference remember to keep the length one inch
longer and width two inch broader in accordance to the thickness of the gift
so that it fits in comfortably cut the cardboard according to the shape drawn I’m pasting two pieces of cardboard
together to give a little sturdiness to the bag so that it can hold the gift now cut the similar dimension from
glitter sheet and chart paper the side of the cardboard having glitter
sheet will form the outer side and the side to which chart paper is pasted will
form the inner side of the red elegant bag cut off the extra inches from the
cardboard in the similar way prepare the other side of the bag too we have to paste it like this on the
chart paper for which I’ll be using double-tape we will not be covering the elongated part
so that we are able to open the bag to insert the gift easily snip off the
tape a little across the Midway on the other side prepare the other piece
accordingly measuring from the flat side of the
cardboard folded place to mark the bottom of the bag to cover the open edge of the card board i will be using golden lace i will be pasting it with the help of double tape since the tape is broader than the list
I’m snipping off the extra edge prepare the other one similarly peel off the paper from the double tape and
paste the pieces on each side of the chart paper adjacent to the base mark carefully fold the paper and stick it
to the tape and gently give it the shape of the bag after leaving 3 inch from the top you
can give any shape to the lower end of the flap I’m using a narrow strip from glitter sheet
to hold the flap I’ll be securing this with a double tape an additional piece of double tape on the
edge would give it a lift and the flap can slide in smoothly Fold and make crease so that the flap
stays in the shape of the bag now comes the decoration part I’ll be pasting half-cut beads you can
use stones or anything of your choice our elegant gifting bag is almost ready
but for the decoration don’t forget to give a thumbs up if you
liked the video and subscribe for more updates Its almost done a bow made of golden lace will enhance
the beauty of the bag .I’ll secure it with a double tape for the sling of the
bag I will be using golden lace again I’m fixing it with a double tape to make the tape less visible i am again
going to paste a triangular piece of double tape which has three beads fixed on it it will add to the beauty too can’t wait to slide the gift in oh yes we can add a bead to the
bow too and another one ti hide the visible bit of double tape under the bow happy gifting with shimmery and glittery if you like the video remember to hit the thumbs up your comments and suggestions are
always welcomed do remember to subscribe for more updates thank you

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  1. Gift is very creative and the instructions provided made it super easy to create one by our ownself.

    Great work…………Keep Going !!!!

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