HOW TO MAKE Easy CROCHET FRINGE, trims and embellishments

HOW TO MAKE Easy CROCHET FRINGE, trims and embellishments

hi everyone this is Emi today I’m going
to show you how to make crochet fringe so let’s get started to make this
crocheted fringe I’m going to use a ballpoint pen as a measurement you can
use any length that you would like if you’d like longer fringe then just use a
longer measurement so I’m going to start by making a single crochet and then I’m
going to stretch the yarn the length of this pin and now I’m going to twist it
around the hook 20 times so 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 so
now this is nice and tight now come hold it with your little finger come back
down into that same stitch and slip stitch now you let it go, and it will
just curl upon itself like that so I’ll go into the next stitch single crochet
stretch which to the length that you’re going to use twist around 20 times hold it with your little finger come
back into the same stitch slip stitch and then just let it go and it will curl
upon itself and that’s how easy it is I hope you enjoyed this video thanks for
watching bye for now

53 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE Easy CROCHET FRINGE, trims and embellishments


  2. Great fringe and nice and easy to do. Thank you Emi for sharing and showing how to make it. Kindest regards from Australia 🐨⭐️

  3. Another great idea from the creative lab in Emi's world and as always she generously shares her secrets with the rest of us!! This would look really cute adorning the neckline of a plain old tee shirt! Oh the possibilities!!!!! Thank you once again, lovely lady!

  4. Wheee! Thank you, Emi! The first thing I've seen today, and it's another wonderful treat. Short and sweet! 💜

  5. Awesome! If I want to make the fringe twice as long, do I increase the number of times I wrap the yarn? Twice the length, 40 wraps?

  6. I 'm not a novice crocheter but I am so frustrated with the corner to corner granny square. Following instructions, I always get a triangle with a flat edge. You have a way of explaining and demonstrating that makes it clear and simple. I know you could do this. Help!? ☺


  7. this is so cool , I never thought of doing some thing like this with yarn , mind blown here . I always bought fringe all ready made and sewed it on my projects , this is going to look great on any thing I make . that you Emi

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