37 thoughts on “How to Make DIY Mini Note Books From One Sheet Paper !!! Easy Paper Craft Idea By Aloha Crafts

  1. I love my books. I really do. But since we've moved I'm having to surrender at least 2/3s or more ok my collection. I'd like to make these miniatures for the ones I have to get rid or. Would like a smaller but still legible copy of my book. I can get an ebook yeah but the memories connected are still ingrained. I have sections I still love skimming. And when I skim, I can remember the day I bought
    The book, where I got it from, whether I tucked myself in an out of the way corner
    And read it right
    There whether the book made me cry. What I was drinking. What cat laid on me while reading. Ebooks don't connect me to that so yeah I'd be happy to get those but can I miniaturize the book well enough to have my miniatures collection to connect me to those
    Memories? Those scenes?

  2. I love your tiny books! So small! When you showed the cover being embroidered, I was blown away! So clever! ~Janet in Canada : )

  3. Hey can you help me? Can you send me what dyd you wrote in your tiny book. Or can you show page by page? Plss I need your help!!!!

  4. I love your mini books I would want one of those I have a collection of mini books I can't wait to make that book it would fit perfectly in my collection!!! Thanks for inspiration

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